Fortnite update 3.71 has been released for v22.20; Corrections and content extracted from data listed for October 18


Fortnite update 3.71 has been released for v22.20;  Corrections and content extracted from data listed for October 18

Epic Games released Fortnite update 3.71, which is for patch 22.20. Check out the full list of new things, along with bug fixes and data-mined content revealed. In the Fortnite v22.20 update notes, read the update.

Fortnite Update 3.71 Notes | Fortnite v22.20 update notes:

Update – Epic Games released the official trailer, full details, and bug fixes for the v22.20 update!

Epic Games have yet to release the official patches, though they should change throughout the day.

In Fortnite v22.20, JYayawaits will help transform your personality into a wolf-like monster with wolf-like abilities.

Becoming a monster again is just one part of Fortnitemares 2022. Also complete quests for special rewards, grab Cube Monsters in Zero Build Horde Rush, form your own party with unsaved items, and more. Fortnitemares 2022 runs until November 1st at 2pm


Take a break from dancing to DJ Lykas’ mix as you take a break, stepping on one of the Real TreesAlterations where you can perform the Rifle Emote. Was the reality tree there (can you call it from heaven)? Fear not that altars can be found around these different places. One day before the ritual is complete, a Howler Blaw is a slave’s gift to the man slaws. Add this supernatural item to give it a canine ability.


With Howling Claws equipped, howl to activate the Wolfscent ability, which lasts for a limited time before going on cooldown. You have the ability to track vision and repeatedly mark enemies in a close radius. If there are no enemies in the radius, Wolfscent’s abilities will soon go on cooldown.

(Are you looking at yourself? Your sixth sense will pronounce your heartbeat and cause your hunter to turn on you, stronger and stronger.

The howling claws.


Equipping a howler throw gives you a claw. These claws are more than just very sharp nails. The ability to reduce time and increase performance with the Slash skill.


Your claws also allow you to torsslash. With Air Slash abilities, perform a double jump against opponents to make the opponent land.


He’s back with the robot! However, this time, the Cube Monsters have a trick: Zero Build Horde Rush. With your teammates, can you lose your enemies, get multipliers, earn combos, survive in different locations, and take down the end of a monster without building a base? Find out when Zero Build’s Horde Rush will be available on the Discover screen until after Fortnitemares ends (November 15, when downtime begins for v22.40).

The Zero Build Horde Rush, on appeal, is being used for a limited time. Upon completing Fortnitemares, look for Horde Rush Quests. You can join to get a special reward.


You’ve learned about the upcoming Horde Rush Quests, but there are general Fortnite quests taking place now! Among others, you will perform the Alteration Altar ritual, visit Fortnitemarish locations like Grim Gables, and use unsaved items like Candy and Pumpkin Launcher. Complete Fortnitemares Quests to earn XP and some nice surprises.

Fortnitemares’s and the pumpkin launcher.

The three Fortnitemare missions will be open every 14 days. To finish five, you will unlock a glider. You can unlock the Chromocage back-bling for completing 13, which allows the unlock. And if you complete the full 25, you will unlock the Unmakers Pickaxe. These missions will be completed until Fortnitemares ends on November 1 at 2 pm.

The lands are from above.

Don’t you want to keep squeezing? Is it the party or maybe you’re going to dinner? Fortunately, in this year’s Fortnitemares Callout, we challenged creators to design islands to find scares, treats, or both. Check out the Run-and-Delight story show during Fortnitemares 2022 and check out the latest map reveals!

Do not lie: They are no longer the shortest apron. He usually conceives the smallest of his pitchers.

Lilac and deaf dyed indie products recently hit the store. These new outfits were inspired by the winners of the March Concept Royale:@[email protected]! Check out our interview with these talented artists. They discussed their concepts, inspiration, their artistic background, how they feel about winning the Concept Royale, and more.


In v22.20, a custom slider was added to the mouse and keyboard table settings. You can now adjust your character’s direction based on your preferred angle of movement.

For settings, go to the mouse and keyboard tab and toggle on How to use custom dialog to configure an open panel. Next, adjust your angle of movement to the daffodil right angle.


  • The Fortnitemares change is not included in the competitive playlist.


  • Reset cards do not sink if a player is eliminated.
  • Players will continue to see progression in competitive playlist performance.
  • Moving the right stick of the controller does not unintentionally navigate through the menu.
  • Fixed mobile phone issues and noticed that water seemed to be floating above the ground.

Content extracted from Fortnite v22.10 data:

Here is some data-mined content from trusted data miners.

How did you land a deal to meet those expectations?

– Fortnitemares 2022 with free items, Lootpool and/or possibly the Ch2S4 mode pumpkin shockwave launcher I leaked or any other new item POI changes, Halloween boss and mythic diagonal move on PC Version/Info Zero Build Horde Rush and MORE

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 17, 2022

The divisions of the store tonight (8).

Featured (x2) Daily (x1) X-23 (x1) Concept Royale Winners (x4) Daily (x1) X-23 (x1) Animated (x4).

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 17, 2022.

Fortnite – The Evil Dead! —.

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

“Howling Claws” MYTHIC “Howling Claws” Simplified-in: 00:00-MYTHIC MYTHIC v.frg”.

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022.

Fortnitemares 2022 keyboard art!

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

Fortnitemares 2022 trailer!

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022


HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

SKIN! (via @JayKeyFN)

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022.

New skin “Remi” in the game!

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

New skins in the game!

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

There’s a new skin in the wild!!

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022.

There will be a free skin for this Fortnitemares, according to the Italian blog post! (obviously, it is).

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

NEW MYTHIC SMG!, @epubw.

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022, 2022

The Blimp is now in Tilted Towers. Changes are happening on the map!

HYPEX (@HYPEX) October 18, 2022

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