Best Minecraft Block Generators


Best Minecraft Block Generators

Minecraft is a sandbox survival game that allows players to explore a world made of blocks while creating whatever comes to mind. Playing in creative mode, these players have the freedom to create whatever they want without worrying about whether they have the necessary blocks. However, when playing survival, these same players will need to seek out the blocks they may need not only to build things but also to get ahead.

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Although a player could go and explore the world of Minecraft to find many of the most necessary blocks, many Minecraft veterans have found ways to generate the block easily by using block generators. This reduces the need to search for resources such as cobblestones or coal, as it can be done directly in a player’s base as long as it is set up correctly.


5/5 Concrete

Players often use concrete in many of their construction projects, as the block can be dyed many colors, similar to how players can customize blocks of wool. Unlike what can be received from sheep, concrete originally begins as a block of concrete dust that has a different appearance. This block only becomes fully concrete once it has been in contact with a water block.

A player may start to find it tedious to sit there throwing water to turn the concrete dust into concrete. Some have found ways to make concrete generators that maintain a compact design. It will require some knowledge in Redstone, as players will need to know how to use spotters, droppers, and jumpers, but once this is mastered, the player can create a compact concrete creator for themselves.

4/5 Basalt

In the Nether update, Basalt is one of the few blocks that have been added to the game. Although it can be used in its usual state, it can also be found as polished basalt as part of ancient cities, as well as transformed into smooth basalt if the resource is put into a furnace. This is similar to placing cobblestones in a kiln to turn them back to stone. Surprisingly, players can generate Basalt outside of the Nether.

All they need is a block of blue ice that can be mined from the bottom of an iceberg as long as the pickaxe has Silk Touch, a block of soul sand, and some lava. Players will need to dig two blocks and place the soul sand at the bottom, placing the blue ice on one side of the hole and the lava on the other. When the lava flows over the hole, it will turn into basalt. After that, the player must mine the basalt block and the cycle will continue.

3/5 Water

Although many players may argue that water itself is not a block, technically everything in Minecraft occupies a block of space and each stretch of water would therefore be a block of water. Players can become an infinite water source near their base without running out of water. This is very easy to do and can help those players who have decided to settle far from any type of river, lake or ocean.

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A player will first need a bucket to collect the water from its original source and then transfer it to its new location. Then all that needs to be done is to dig a two-by-two hole in the ground, fill two opposite corners with water, after which the player can collect as much water as they need from any corner. It can also be created using a one by three grid, where two ends need to be filled with water; however, a player can only collect their water from the middle.

2/5 Obsidian

Obsidian doesn’t have many uses in Minecraft as well as creating a Nether portal and being used to create enchantment tables. A player won’t be required to collect that much, especially with how long it can take to mine, even with a diamond pickaxe, which is the only way to mine the block. A Netherite pickaxe can also be used, but a player would need a portal in the first place to collect the resources.

Players can use an obsidian generator to create a hands-free Nether Portal without having to worry about using a diamond pickaxe. This is done by creating a sort of mold out of a block of junk like dirt which the player will then fill with lava, put water on top of this and then transform it into obsidian. Gradually the portal will be built layer by layer until there is a complete portal.

1/5 Pebble

As the first generator that many players could build, it’s no surprise that it’s one that creates cobblestones. In fact, this simple block may be everywhere underground, but recent updates also include other types of blocks found below. Some players may be missing this very useful resource as it is used for much more than just houses.

A cobblestone generator doesn’t require a lot of things to put together. All players will need is a bucket of lava, a bucket of water, and a pickaxe to get it going. There have been many variations of this block generator, but the easiest way to create it is by ditching five blocks with a one block gap. The water should be placed at the end closest to the hole with the lava at the other. When the two items meet, they create cobblestones that the player can mine.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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