Top 5 Minecraft Parkour Maps for Beginners in 2022


Top 5 Minecraft Parkour Maps for Beginners in 2022

One of the most interesting aspects of Minecraft is its surprisingly deep movement system. While the game’s basic run-and-jump movement might seem rather clunky through options like elytra, Depth Strider boots and Riptide tridents add a level of complexity that almost seems out of place in Minecraft’s blocky worlds.

However, these movement complexities can make it difficult for new players to learn parkour. Below are five of the best maps for beginners to learn parkour and then build their skills over time.

Top 5 Minecraft parkour maps for beginners as of 2022

5) Parkour Spiral 3

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Parkour Spiral 3 is a truly gigantic Minecraft parkour map that will take players quite a long time to finish, especially if they try to complete it in one go. The map takes players through several different biomes and environments, including other locations such as flower forests, deep slate caves, desert towns, and end cities.

The map includes features like moving blocks in later sections to help with difficulty progression throughout the map. This map is ideal for both beginners and experts. While beginners can develop their skills naturally throughout the map, experts will be challenged to be consistent enough to parkour for a long time to complete the map.

4) Bennie’s parkour dream

A Bennie's Dream Parkour course (Image via
A Bennie’s Dream Parkour course (Image via

This is probably the most interesting parkour map on this list. Instead of being a random parkour build of a map where players can play through it, Bennie’s Dream Parkour has a plot that players can follow as they parkour through the map.

This is great for beginners, as the plot will encourage them to keep going and stick with the map, even if they’re having trouble doing parkour. Parkour Masters will also enjoy the plot as they can practice their skills without getting bored.

3) Pog jump

PogJump parkour map course six (Image via Minecraft)
PogJump parkour map course six (Image via Minecraft)

PogJump is a relatively short parkour map with 16 different levels, which increase in difficulty as you go, with the last three levels notably being the hardest. While there are no restrictions on map configuration or version, the creators recommend playing on 1.18 or later.

What really helps make PogJump such a fantastic map for beginning parkour players is that all 16 levels are small and small. This keeps the experience short and sweet, and helps players avoid frustration when they need to restart a long level because they can’t jump near the end.

2) Parkour by Zaz

One of Zaz's Parkour courses (Image via Minecraft)
One of Zaz’s Parkour courses (Image via Minecraft)

Zaz’s Parkour is a great map for beginners to be introduced to some of the more advanced technology found in many parkour maps, such as moving blocks, flashing blocks, throwing blocks, and more.

An interesting note from the creators about this map is that players should not use shaders, as doing so tends to break the map.

The only drawback is that the maps tend to be rather bland, although their design is much more focused on practicality than aesthetics, so it’s excusable.

1) The Labyrinth

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Laberun is a lab-themed parkour map, designed to be used in versions 1.17 and later. Players have a limited amount of time to go through each of the different stages on the map, and it’s a great option for parkour players with varying abilities. There are five difficulty levels, ranging from Child’s Play for beginners to Insane for parkour experts.

These difficulty levels will naturally encourage players to improve as they progress through different levels over time, improving along the way. There is also a tutorial video made by the map creator in case players get stuck on a particular level.

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