How to fix “Cannot connect to world” error in Minecraft


How to fix “Cannot connect to world” error in Minecraft

Minecraft comes to life when you have friends to play with, but nothing stops the fun when you try to connect to a friend’s world and get the “Minecraft can’t connect to world” error.

There are several reasons why this happens, and we’ll walk you through the most likely issues so you can get back to mining and crafting like real gamers.

1. Check your connection

Eliminate the possibility of network problems first before opening Minecraft. Go to How to fix intermittent Internet connection in Windows 10 or 8 Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Network Connection Problems to fix a spotty internet connection.

The fastest way to verify a connection is to switch to a different network. If you don’t have another network available, try using your phone as a mobile hotspot. If Minecraft starts working properly on a different internet connection, that’s a clue that your ISP or local network may be the problem.

2. Restart Minecraft (and your computer)

Classic troubleshooting advice is always relevant. Some things may have changed while your Minecraft session was running, or an error occurred in your PC’s network driver. Even if you’re playing Minecraft on a console, it doesn’t hurt to turn the machine off and on to see if that helps.

3. Check for updates

In general, you need the same version of Minecraft as the world you are trying to connect to. So both the world host and anyone trying to connect to that world must have the latest version.

4. Check for Windows updates

While making sure that Minecraft updates properly, you should also check for any pending Windows updates. If you haven’t updated Windows in a while, it’s possible that your copy of Minecraft is too new to work with older Windows components, or there’s a known bug that was fixed later.

5. Reload your private world

We haven’t used this solution ourselves, but players on the forums seem to have some luck with it. For some reason, reloading one of your private worlds allows you to connect to a friend’s world. It’s not clear why this would work, but one explanation is that loading one of your worlds overwrites a shared config file that may have been corrupted or have incorrect values. Either way, it can’t hurt to try it out:

  1. Start Minecraft and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  2. Select Play.
  1. Go to the worlds tab and start one of your own worlds (create one if you don’t have one).
  1. Open the game menu and select Save and exit.
  1. You should now be back at the main menu. Choose the Friends tab and try to join their world again.

If this was the issue, you should connect without issue.

6. Change your firewall settings

A firewall is a hardware or software system that controls which applications can send or receive data over the Internet. When you first run an application in Windows that asks to send or receive data, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to allow the program through Windows Defender Firewall.

If you accidentally said no or were never asked to allow a firewall exception, you can either disable Windows Firewall (not recommended) or create an exception for Minecraft. For detailed instructions, see How to adjust Microsoft Windows 10 Firewall rules and settings.

If it’s not the Windows firewall, another firewall may be blocking Minecraft. Your router will most likely have its firewall solution, but you’ll need to refer to the manual as the exact details on how to add exceptions will vary by make and model. If someone else is managing the network, you’ll need to ask permission to let Minecraft traffic through. Minecraft is widely used in education, so as long as you have a legitimate reason, it shouldn’t be a problem.

You may disable windows firewall completely to make sure it’s not a firewall rule causing the problem. However, if you don’t have another firewall solution (such as on your route), you should immediately re-enable it after completing the test. You may also have a firewall as part of your antivirus software, so make sure it’s disabled or add an exception for Minecraft.

7. Remove and re-add your friend

In some cases, it appears that the Minecraft friends list may get corrupted for some reason. To fix it, you need to remove your friends from the list and then add them back.

Before doing this, you can test if friend list corruption is the problem by trying to join a stranger’s world. If that succeeds, you’re likely dealing with a corrupted friends list. On the other hand, if the problem only affects joining people on your friends list, remove that person and send them a new invite.

8. Update drivers for your network card

Network problems can be attributed to outdated drivers, so it’s a good idea to check if new drivers are available for your network interface. One way to check for adapter problems is to switch to another adapter. For example, switch to Ethernet when using Wi-Fi and see if the problem goes away. If so, go to the website of the company that makes the problem adapter or visit the motherboard driver page for the latest driver.

9. Use a VPN

If the problem is related to the specific Minecraft server or the routing path to that server, use a VPN. By changing the location of the VPN server you are using, you can change the path your data takes on the network and get around the obstacle that prevents you from connecting to the server.

10. Stop using a VPN

If you were already using a VPN or proxy server when you got this error, you should do the opposite of the above and stop using the VPN. At least temporarily, to see if that’s part of the problem. If you’re trying to play Minecraft on a network that blocks it (like a work or school network), try switching to a different VPN, proxy server, or service.

11. Enable multiplayer

If you’re using the version of Minecraft purchased from the Microsoft Store (also the PC Game Pass version), your Xbox profile influences your online experience. You need to make sure multiplayer settings are enabled on that account or Minecraft won’t be able to connect.

1. Open a web browser and go to the xbox live official website.

2. Sign in with your Microsoft/Xbox credentials.

3. Select the tab that says Xbox One/Windows 10 online security.

4. Bass You can join multiplayer matchesmake sure that Allow is selected.

5. Select Sendand then close the web page.

Make sure to restart Minecraft before trying to connect again.

12. Install the Java version of Minecraft

These days, players use the Bedrock Edition of the game purchased from the Microsoft Store. This modern port of Minecraft is based on the mobile pocket edition of the game. It’s a complete rewrite of Minecraft and it’s the version that spans all the different platforms, from iOS to Android to Nintendo Switch to PlayStation to PC and everything in between.

The original game created by Mojang (before Microsoft bought it) was written in Java. Incredibly, the Java Edition of Minecraft is still maintained and played to this day. If you can’t get Bedrock Edition to work for you, try Java Edition on your PC.

there are essentials differences between these versions that affect how they look, feel and play. However, if you and your friends can’t get Bedrock to work, then the Java version is better than Minecraft. If you use Xbox Game Pass for PC, you can access both versions of the game through the Xbox app on Windows.

Change your Minecraft platform

If you can’t fix Minecraft on PC, consider playing it on another platform. Minecraft games are available on all mainframe consoles and mobile devices. You can even use a controller if you play Minecraft on an iPhone or iPad. If you’re sticking with a PC and have one of the latest graphics cards, you might want to spice things up by turning on ray tracing in Minecraft.