How to find and conquer the Nether Fortress in Minecraft


How to find and conquer the Nether Fortress in Minecraft

The Nether dimension in Minecraft is easily one of the scariest areas in the game. It is home to some of the most hostile mobs and deadly places. But, this dimension is also home to the Nether fortress, which offers one of the best loot spawns in Minecraft. It can be the biggest upgrade to your gear and skill set. With that, it’s time to learn how to find the Nether fortress in Minecraft and conquer it for some awesome resources. From mob hunting to spawning mechanics, there’s a lot of ground to cover. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

How to find the nether fortress in Minecraft (2022)

We will first cover the features of the Nether Fortress, followed by their spawn locations. Use the table below to jump straight to the methods you can use to easily find and collect loot.

What is a nether fortress in Minecraft?

The Nether fortress in Minecraft is a naturally generated structure that is made up of bridges, corridors, towers and small forts. As the name suggests, the fortress only spawns in the Nether dimension and is made up of Nether bricks.

Lower fortress in Minecraft

It has several exclusive features that do not exist in any other structure in the game. Some of them are:

  • Blaze mob spawners and Blazes only spawn in the Nether fortress
  • Blocks like Nether Brick Stairs, Nether Brick Fence, and Nether Bricks spawn naturally in the fortress structure.
  • Abyssal Wart Gardens are only limited to Abyssal Fortresses and Bastion Remnants.
  • Wither Skeletons, which are very dangerous creatures, spawn exclusively in Abyssal Fortresses.

Structures inside a nether fortress

The Nether Fortress does not always spawn as a complete structure. Sometimes you may only discover parts of the fortress. They include:

  • bridges
  • bows
  • lava pit room
  • corridors with chests
  • Stairs with nether wart gardens
  • Catwalk with Blaze players

How to find the nether fortress in minecraft

There are a variety of ways to locate a Nether fortress in Minecraft, from commands to natural in-game hints. We’ll go over each of them separately in detail, but here’s a quick overview:

  • Commands: Using the “/locate” command
  • Seed analyzer: Find All Nether Fortresses For Each Minecraft Seed
  • Natural search: Exploring the Nether dimension and finding the Fortress in common places

Commands to find the nether fortress

you can use the “locate” command to find the coordinates of the nearest Nether fortress in your Minecraft world. However, many players avoid doing this because it is considered cheating. However, if that doesn’t bother you, follow these usage commands to find a Nether fortress in Minecraft:

1. First, you have to enable cheats in Minecraft to use commands. To do so, toggle the button “activate cheats” option in the world settings in the Bedrock edition. In the Java edition, it appears in the LAN options in the pause menu.

Allow cheats in minecraft

2. After that, create a Nether portal in Minecraft and travel to the Nether dimension. The effects of some commands, including the “locate” command, change with dimensions.

Portal Particles and Nether
Portal Particles and Nether

3. Once you are in the Nether, open your chat and enter the following command in Minecraft:

//locate fortress structure (Minecraft 1.19+)

/locate fortress (Minecraft 1.11 to 1.18)

4. When the command is executed, the game will show you the coordinates of the nearest Nether fortress. You can then teleport in Minecraft to reach these coordinates or travel to the location manually.

coordinates of the nearest Nether fortress

Using the seed analyzer

Thanks to the large Minecraft community, there are several tools that players can use to get the most out of it. One such tool is called “Minecraft Seed Analyzer” which allows you to input any Minecraft seed and find out the location of key structures. Here’s how to use it to find a Nether Fortress:

1. First, you need know your seed code. If you are creating a new world, use one of the best Minecraft seeds from our dedicated guide. Otherwise, you can use the “/seed” command to check the seed code of your world.

Seed Command Result

2. Then go to Chunkbase Seed Analyzer Web page and enter your seed code in the “seed” column. Make sure the edition and version of your game are accurate. Then set the “dimension” as Nether.

Using Chunkbase to find the Nether fortress

3. After entering the seed, scroll down to the Nether map for that seed. Here, all the places marked by the blaze face icon they reflect a nether fortress. Click on one to find its coordinates.

Nether Fortress Location on Seed Map

Once you have the coordinates, visit the Nether fortress in Minecraft using that seed when creating a world. But as efficient as it is, if you want a purposeful survival experience, this method is far from it.

Tips for finding the nether fortress

Cheats and third-party apps aside, now let’s go over tips and tricks to easily find the Nether fortress in survival mode:

  • Fortresses spawn in every biome in Minecraft’s Nether dimension. But most of the time, they are next to the ocean of lava.
  • Minecraft divides the Nether into different regions. Some of them generate strongholds, while others generate fortresses. So it’s best to avoid searching regions with a stronghold in them.
  • You can increase your render distance in the video settings to view the fortress from a greater distance. But it can cause your game to lag or stutter.
  • Blazes and Wither skeletons only spawn in nether fortresses. If you find them, you can also find the nearest Nether fortress.
  • Lastly, due to the hostile mobs in the area, you need to bring the best Minecraft potions to help you survive.

How to pillage the fortress and conquer it

Now that you know how to find the keep, let’s go over what it spawns and how to loot it. In addition to mobs dropping precious items, the fortress is full of rare loot chests. These chests can spawn with the following items (at a random spawn rate):

  • Gold ingot
  • iron ingot
  • Diamond
  • nether wart
  • flint and steel
  • obsidian blocks
  • iron horse armor
  • golden horse armor
  • diamond horse armor
  • golden sword
  • golden breastplate

As for mobs unique to this location, Blazes drop fire rods, which are used to fuel brewing stalls in Minecraft and create Eyes of Ender. Meanwhile, Wither Skeletons drop skulls, which you can use to spawn Withers in Minecraft.

Items you need to survive in the Nether Fortress

In order to take over a Nether fortress and survive in this place, you must first prepare to defeat the powerful mobs of the Nether. For that, make sure you have the following items:

Steps to safely explore and defeat the fortress

With your team ready, follow these steps to conquer the Nether fortress in Minecraft:

1. First, try kill all Wither skeletons that spawn just outside the fortress. It will be difficult to take them all at once, so it is better to use a shield and kill a mob at once.

Wither Skeletons in Lower Keep

2. After killing the Wither skeletons, place some light blocks in each area to prevent more from spawning.

Illuminated Lower Keep

3. So if you notice a Blaze, then you know a Blaze spawner must be nearby. Find Blaze’s generator and place several light blocks around it. Alternatively, you can also break the generator.

Blaze generator disabled

4. Sometimes you may also notice zombified piglins in the fortress. But it is better not to interact with them, as they are not hostile until provoked.

zombified piglins

5. With these simple steps in mind, you will be able to fend off hostile mobs in the Nether Fortress and gather all the amazing loot in this location.

Frequent questions

How rare is a Minecraft Nether Fortress?

Due to the dangers and difficult to see environment of the Nether, the Nether Fortress can be difficult to find. But since they appear after every 200 to 400 blocks, they’re not that rare.

Does every Netherlands have a fortress?

All Minecraft seeds and Nether biomes can spawn a fortress.

Can the Nether fortress appear in Overworld?

Naturally, the fortress only appears in the Nether dimension. But you can also use the place command in Minecraft to spawn it in the overworld.

How many fortresses are there in the Nether?

There are an indefinite number of fortresses in the Nether. You can find them after every 200 to 400 blocks.

What is the fastest way to find a Nether fortress?

If you’re not using a command, it’s best to travel in one direction to reach a Nether fortress.

Explore the Lower Fortress in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to find, conquer, and seize a Nether fortress in Minecraft. But before you jump in, make sure you’re well equipped with the best Minecraft enchantments on your gear. Alternatively, you can also create a free Minecraft server and invite your friends to help you. Regardless of how you conquer it, what do you plan to use the Nether fortress for? Tell us in the comments below!