Fortnite permanently bans the controversial skin for its Nazi-style outfit


Fortnite permanently bans the controversial skin for its Nazi-style outfit

Given the superfluity of cosmetic outfits in Fortnite, it’s plausible that some aren’t as stylish as others. While the game has steered clear of any controversy, players have examined a handful of outfits that don’t align with the current world view. Rue is one of those skins.

The developers have finally banned Rue’s controversial outfit. Introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, Rue was a rare outfit, part of the Lil’ Red set, and could be purchased for 1200 V-Bucks. Due to her appearance, Rue’s outfit was mired in controversy and players soon established her as a Nazi-style outfit.

I was told 2 years ago that Epic saw and talked about a certain social media post that mentioned that this Rue skin looks like a Nazi. I just thought I’d mention this because a lot of people are wondering why she never came back.

Leading Fortnite leaker HYPEX took it upon themselves to share the news with the community. Since then, the outfit has become a hot topic among players and has attracted a large number of opinions. There have been no belligerent incidents and the community welcomes the ban on the outfit.

Fortnite’s Nazi-style Rue outfit will not return to the game

HYPEX recently revealed in a tweet the reason Rue’s team never got back into the game. According to her post, two years ago, Epic Games became aware of many social media posts highlighting Rue’s Nazi mannerisms. The team soon settled and was unavailable.

Upon close inspection, a strong similarity can be drawn between Rue’s outfit and a Nazi uniform. The coat looks a lot like something the Nazis used to wear. Emblems and patches are also placed similarly to Nazi uniforms. What adds to this is Rue’s mannerisms and her standing posture.

Rue’s item shop description says that her favorite hobbies include vengeance, vengeance, and retribution. While this doesn’t really indicate any Nazi affiliation, it does corroborate the fact that the outfit was a glitch and the developers of Fortnite shouldn’t have released this redemption.

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The post has certainly sparked a debate in the Fortnite community with players rushing to establish their opinion on the matter. There is unanimous consensus that the outfit resembles a Nazi uniform, and players have come to accept this as a blatant mistake on the part of the developers.

Many players argue that if the developers made adjustments like changing the color scheme and removing/replacing the badge, Rue’s outfit would become usable again. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some players who think that Fortnite has become too sensitive about skins.

@HYPEX I hate how sensitive Epic is about skins. She and Plague Doctor have nothing to do with the shit that has been said about them. There is more disapproval in the community of them no longer releasing those skins instead of choosing to continue releasing it.

Some players have spread rumors that this was done to protect the outfit and make it rare. Rue’s outfit was last seen over 850 days ago. The problem is multifaceted and certainly requires a smart approach. The community’s composure and understanding of the problem is noteworthy.

All that being said, the developers have yet to release any official announcement regarding their actions. Players are also unclear on the status of Rue’s outfit in her locker. They are hoping that if the developers decide to ban the item, they will get a refund.

It is anticipated that the developers will phase out the outfit, much like they did with the Icon Series Travis Scott skin.