Doja Cat and Jack Manifold’s Twitter Leaves the Minecraft Community Wanting More


Doja Cat and Jack Manifold’s Twitter Leaves the Minecraft Community Wanting More

A Twitter interaction between American rap sensation Doja Cat and Minecraft streamer Jack Manifold aka “JackManifoldTV” caught the attention of the gaming community. The Twitter thread blew up after Jack brought up the idea of ​​the rapper appearing as his teammate in the next iteration of the Minecraft Championship.

While she denied having anything to do with it, fans of the game bombarded her with requests to play it on Twitch.


Other top streamers like Tubbo, Classify, and TommyInnit also got in on the fun, taking the jokes further. However, Doja Cat had no idea about the game and flatly rejected the offer.

@DojaCat I may not be a real Doja cat, but it would be great if you played MCC with me. Just say

Exploring Doja Cat’s saliva comment after Jack Manifold’s Minecraft invite

The streamer was persistent and offered to teach Doja the ways of Minecraft in the DMs, but was still rebuffed. Responding with a “no”, some considered his response too rude.

@DojaCat Send me a DM and I’ll show you. This is about to be the best decision you’ve ever made

The solitary response didn’t sit well with Jack and he protested, saying that she was being rude. Doja’s response was simply emblematic of her personality:

@DojaCat Not even a “no thank you”???? damn it 😐

To JackManifoldTV’s credit, he didn’t take it lying down and clapped back with a smiley face emoji that drew the ire of many. Even TommyInnit responded, saying it was a good save, while Tubbo expressed his puzzlement.

Whereas Classify wanted to be next in line:

Fans react to the interaction between Doja Cat and Jack Manifold

For the uninitiated, the MCC is a Minecraft event where top creators in the community compete in various minigames in teams of four to win the prize. As was evident in his tweets, Doja Cat had no idea what it was all about and fans tried to explain it in some not-so-nice terms.

A Twitter user with the nickname “amy” described Minecraft as a “block game” played by “virgins” and acted dismissively. And since the pop star liked the tweet, it might as well have reflected her feelings on the situation.

Doja Cat liked the tweet. (Image via Twitter)
Doja Cat liked the tweet. (Image via Twitter)

Others like “Blue DNF fanart” took the time to explain how the tournament works, going into detail.

@DojaCat It’s a Minecraft tournament where you split into ten teams of four and compete in nine different games to get the most coins, then the top two teams at the end of those nine games compete in something called Dodgebolt, and whoever wins Dodgebolt , MCC wins. (Minecraft Champions)

The saliva comment caused quite a stir in the Jack Manifold community, with multiple fans threatening to block it. Many couldn’t believe that an international singing sensation like Doja would go on such a long Twitter thread with him and call him “baby”.

The gaming community was thrilled at the prospect of the singer playing the game, especially on Twitch. Here are some people imploring you to play Minecraft live:

@DojaCat @JackManifoldTV it’s an amazing opportunity to play this underrated game called minecraft in a tournament with people who like to dress up as princess and other characters during the same /j

With the 25th MCC wrapping up a couple of days ago, fans might be interested in some eye-opening stories about the history of the championship. In addition to being a huge success, the competition has also gained a loyal community.

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