Top 7 Starter Enchantments in Minecraft


Top 7 Starter Enchantments in Minecraft

Boots are the first piece of real armor you’re likely to acquire in an average Minecraft game on survival mode. They take the fewest components to create, just four pieces of leather, iron, or diamond. Armor is important for your general protection at night, in caves, or anywhere else monsters may lurk. But boots, especially, can play a huge role in their exploration of the world beyond just keeping their hearts full and happy. For example, you’ll want leather boots inside any type of snowy biome, as any loose powdery blocks of snow could cause you to sink into it.

The benefits of boots don’t end there, in fact they only really become obvious once you develop an enchantment table. But with so many varied options, which one should you choose? We’ll help you decide which shoes to wear for your next adventure in this guide to the best boot enchantments online. Minecraft.

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Top 7 Starter Enchantments in Minecraft

Our picks for the best boot enchantments on Minecraft sure to fit your needs. Let’s break it down.

1. Protection

Top 7 Boot Enchantments in Minecraft: 1. Protection
Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

Protection is mutually exclusive with all other forms of Protection Enchantment, as it is with all other forms of armor, including boots. But among the various types of protection enchantments like blast, fire, or projectile protection, the old regular protection enchantment will reduce the most overall damage from the widest variety of sources. The others are specific enough that if you have very special plans, like raiding other players in PvP, you might want to consider them, but overall the regular protection enchantment will definitely save you the most health. And it can also overlap with almost every other enchantment on this list, so it’s always a good choice.

Protection is very easy to acquire, being one of the most common enchantments that you will be presented with in the game. lovely table.

2. spines

Top 7 Boot Enchantments in Minecraft: 2. Thorns
Thorns is excellent for taking down ghosts. | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

The thorn enchantment causes any mob that hits you to take damage as well, with the downside that it also damages your team slightly more each time it deals damage. This can be a lifesaver in some big battles, especially if you’ve spread high levels of Thorn Enchantment throughout the rest of your armor. There is a slightly complex equation to determine how much and how often the thorns hurt an enemy.

Every time you get hit, each piece of armor you wear with spikes gives you a 15% chance to hurt the enemy for between 1 and 4 hearts of damage. Each level of enchanted thorns on your armor increases this chance by 15%, so if you wear even two tier III enchanted thorns armor pieces, you’ll have a 90% chance to deal damage each time you pick it up. The maximum damage a spike hit can deal is 4 total.

Thorns are a fairly common enchantment to find on the enchanting table, but the third tier of thorns can only be found as loot. Occasionally you will even find armor that is already enchanted with thorns.

3. Repair

Top 7 Boot Enchantments in Minecraft: 3. Repair
Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

Mending will always be one of the best enchantments in Minecraft, regardless of the item it’s applied to. Allows XP orbs to be absorbed directly into an enchanted item’s durability damage, rather than being absorbed by the player to enchant new ones. Adding repair to a pair of boots that already have a fair amount of desirable enchantments is a great idea. Mending can make your favorite items last forever, giving you a good excuse to give them hilarious names like any other magic-based RPG would.

It is also one of the most difficult enchantments to get. Can drop from chests, fishing, or trading with a Librarian Villager. If you’ve built a full set of shelves around your enchantment table, any level 30 enchantment you apply to a tool, weapon, or armor piece will have a 1% chance to include Repair as a secondary enchantment.

4. Feather fall

Top 7 Boot Enchantments in Minecraft: 4. Feather Fall
It’s a long way down… | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

Featherfall is one of the best boot enchantments in Minecraft for insurance purposes. It can help you take much less damage from a long fall, and it’s a unique enchantment for boots, making it a very important pick for world exploration. Every Minecraft player can remember a time when they accidentally dug too many blocks under them and fell into a deep, dark pit where they couldn’t even retrieve all of their hard-earned gear. With Featherfall, you take 12% less damage from a fall for each level of the enchantment you have applied to your boots. This can total up to 48% reduction, almost halving fall damage. It can be further reduced by stacking protection enchantments on various pieces of armor. At max protection, you can drop a little over 100 blocks at a time without dying, although we wouldn’t recommend a base jump like that.

Feather drop can be very difficult to acquire. His fourth tier is one of the rarest enchantments to appear on the enchantment table, with only a 2.7% chance of it appearing in a fully grown library.

5. Deep Strider

Top 7 Boot Enchantments in Minecraft: 5. Depth Strider
Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

The Deep Strider Enchantment is a must for all your underwater adventures. If you see a water temple or sunken ship in the distance, you’ll want a little more speed to avoid difficult guardians and mobs of older guardians. That’s where the depth strider comes into play. You’ll move much faster underwater with this boot enchantment applied, with 1/3 of the slow effect that the water applies being removed for each depthstrider level you’ve applied. This can be a huge advantage in some environments, as water temples are some of the most difficult places to navigate in the game. The Depth Strider only affects horizontal movement underwater, so it won’t make it easier to get to the surface faster. This is important to remember, especially if you are not wearing any kind of breathing aid in the water. It can also overlap with the dolphin’s grace perk, allowing it to greatly exceed the speed of a boat. You can become an Aquaman in blocks!

You can acquire a deep strider at the enchantment table.

6. Soul Speed

Top 7 Starter Enchantments in Minecraft: 6. Soul Speed
Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

Soul speed is an invaluable enchantment for venturing into the abyss. The massive chunks at the bottom are made of soul sand or soul dirt, like soul deserts filled with skeleton mobs. These areas can be difficult to traverse, as the soul sand slows your movement, making you more susceptible to being hit by blasts from the ghasts floating above you. The soul speed enchantment not only negates the movement slowing effects of soul sand, but also increases your speed when running on any of the “soul” blocks. The first level of the enchantment increases your speed by 40%, the next level takes you to 51%, and the third and final level increases your speed by 61.5%. You can use this to create quick passages for yourself, like corridors filled with soul soil between your nether portals. You can even place rugs on top of the soul blocks and still get the speed bonus if you want to hide the hideous appearance of the soul arena.

The Soul Speed ‚Äč‚Äčenchantment is most commonly found by bartering with the piglins inside the nether. You’ll need to throw a bunch of gold in their direction, in which case they’ll return random pieces of nether loot to you. Some of this loot could be boots with the soul speed enchantment or books that allow you to apply it to any boot you want on an anvil.

7. Frost Walker

Top 7 Starter Enchantments in Minecraft: 7. Frost Walker
Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

Frost walker may be the most useful travel enchantment you can add to your boots. Whenever you step on a block of water using your ice walking enchantment, it will freeze under your feet. It serves multiple purposes, such as transit between places surrounded by water, but it will also prevent you from being damaged by magma blocks at the bottom or caught on fire by walking over a campfire. The ice that remains will gradually melt after you move away from it, and will take longer to melt in the dark of night compared to the sunlight of the day. It’s worth noting that the ice walker does nothing to avoid lava damage, and any ice it produces will quickly melt around lava or other heat sources.

Frost walker can be difficult to get as it can only be accessed as a treasure drop. You can find it in the various treasure chests scattered among the jungle temples and fortresses, occasionally by fishing, or possibly by trading with a high-tier librarian.

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