Minecraft’s ancient cities could be hiding a new dimension


Minecraft’s ancient cities could be hiding a new dimension

Though Minecraft‘s The most recent 1.19 update had a lot to unpack, with players suspecting that Mojang is quietly laying the groundwork for an even bigger update to come. Although the update introduced the Guardian, one of Minecraft most intense mobs to date, new deep and dark biome and old city structures added more mystery. The origins of these ancient cities, how they came to be overrun by sculks, and why they appear to be designed with the Guardian in mind are being discussed.


The answer to these questions could be tied to a future update that could bring with it a whole new dimension to Minecraft. Although nothing official has been confirmed, fans have pointed out unusual details in the ancient cities of the deep darkness that seem to support this theory. Since these updates are still relatively new, it is possible that in the near future Minecraft it could go beyond the Nether and Overworld dimensions.

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A new Minecraft portal hidden in plain sight

Ancient cities of deep darkness offer great looting potential for players if they can handle the high stakes of traversing sculk-infested terrain. But players quickly noticed that dominating the ancient city was one structure in particular: an apparent rendition of the Guardian’s face in statue form. Lit from below with blue fire, this structure is impossible to miss, and also built over a secret redstone room that is often worth looting.

Beyond being an homage to the Guardian, players have pointed out the resemblance between this Guardian’s mouth and a Nether portal. The mouth part is made of reinforced deep slate, a completely unique type of block that players cannot currently obtain through crafting or mining, even with silktouch enchantments. Along with the flaming soul arena below the structure, some players believe these details point to the mouth being a portal.

Minecraft is riddled with environmental structures meant to subtly educate players. For example, Ruined Nether Portals can be found throughout the overworld with chests containing gold equipment and fire-generating items such as fire charges. Without explicitly telling the player what to do, Minecraft leaves all the pieces for one player to solve on their own. With the “portal” to the ancient city, the game may have an update to put it all together.

What could bring a new dimension to Minecraft

Since the Nether has been around since the earliest days of Minecraftplayers have come up with their own ideas and mods that introduced new Minecraft dimensions, with popular examples including the Aether as a realm opposite the Nether. Clearly, gamers see the potential in a new dimension and hope that one will be added in the future.

Some have speculated that since a new portal-like structure exists only within ancient cities, in sculk-infested biomes, this could have some connection to the new dimension. In the same way that you can see abyssal and lava around ruined abyssal portals, it is possible that these dormant portals were the cause of why ancient cities are abandoned deep underground. The portal could have been how Sculk and Warden got to the Overworld, implying that the new dimension is based on Sculk.

The new dimension could pave the way for more Warden-inspired mobs that rely on sound rather than sight, as well as introduce new building and crafting materials, such as different Minecraft wood types for new color tones or equipment beyond netherite. New structures could also be added, reminiscent of the old city, giving rise to the whole new tradition. Expanding on the premise of the deep dark biome’s stealth and sound mechanics, a new dimension that poses even greater risks with equivalent rewards could be an excellent addition.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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