How to farm glowing squid


How to farm glowing squid

Added in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, Glow Squids are one of the newest mobs added to Minecraft. They are similar to regular squid in behavior and shape, however they have a distinctive light blue glow. Instead of dropping black ink sacs, which are used for black dyes, glowing squids drop glowing ink sacs.

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Glowing Ink Sacks are a very special item, as they can be used to make glowing signs and glowing item frames. Players looking to make lots of signs like these will need plenty of bags of glowing ink, but exploring for hours on end looking for glowing squid underground can get tedious. Fortunately, there is a fairly easy way to breed glowing squid directly.


How to farm glowing squid

The spawning properties of glow squid are pretty straightforward. They will appear in groups of two to four, in complete darkness underwater, below height coordinate Y=30. Due to this Y=30 requirement, players will need to go moderately underground (at least 34 blocks below sea level) to build their farm. It is recommended that they find a large open cavern, such as a stalactite cave, so there is plenty of room to work.

Here are all the resources players will need to build a glowing squid farm:

  • two buckets of water
  • eight magma blocks
  • Single hopper mining cart
  • six rails
  • Two motorized rails
  • two levers
  • a hopper
  • a chest
  • a lot of building blocks

To get started, players need to set where they want their pickup point to be. Note that this spawner will extend ten blocks higher than the chest, so the chest must not be higher than Y=20, for the glowing squid spawns to occur at its maximum. Build a row of blocks eight blocks long up to this chest, with a hopper as one of the end pieces, leading to the chest. Lay rails across the entirety of this row, with a powered rail at each end. Place a block at the end of each side of the rail, then place activated levers on both blocks.

One block on each rail, place a magma block, then build a 7×8 slab of solid blocks on the back of these magma blocks, as shown below. Because players want this farm to be completely dark inside, players must use building blocks that do not allow light to pass through.

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Around the platform, build walls eight blocks high, as shown below. Then take the two buckets of water and use them to fill the chamber with water. Start by filling the bottom layer, placing two water fountains with an empty space between them, creating an infinite water fountain. Players can then pick up this intermediate water source and use it to fill more slots. By making two adjacent walls of water feature blocks, the entire layer will automatically fill. Repeat this process for the bottom. six layers.

On top of the top layer of water, lay a layer of solid blocks. These are only temporary and will be removed shortly. On top of these blocks, place water fountains along a camera side. Specifically, it should be the side opposite the rail system.

Destroys the temporary block layer and covers the top of the chamber, completely obscuring the interior. Finally, place a mining hopper cart on the track below and push it, so that it starts moving back and forth indefinitely. The farm is officially up and running.

To increase spawn rates, players should try to clear any other potential spawn areas nearby. If there are other water sources in the cave, players must either remove them or make sure they are well lit enough not to allow glowing squids to spawn.

To explain exactly how this farm works, glowing squid and axolotls will appear on this farm. Spawning axolotls will kill glowing squid, whose dropped items will float to the surface of the water. The upward flowing water will push the ink sacs above the magma blocks, creating bubble lifters that push items down to the chamber floor. The hopper mine cart below these magma blocks will suck the items through the blocks and deposit them into the chest.

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