Best Minecraft Pickaxe Enchantments


Best Minecraft Pickaxe Enchantments

the peak in Minecraft it’s the gamer’s most trusted tool and probably the tool you’ll use most often. It’s the iconic item from the sandbox survival and building game, best crafted with diamonds and upgraded to a Netherite pickaxe for best performance.

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Pickaxes can also be enchanted, similar to all other tools in Minecraft. However, the choice of enchantment can be difficult or confusing for players who are new to Minecraft or haven’t dabbled much with enchantments yet. here’s which one enchantments are better for spikes in Minecraft.


4 Silk touch

This enchantment is more of a niche choice for players, but it is a must for players who want to mine blocks and items without breaking them. In Minecraftthere are plenty of items that will just disappear when broken with a normal pickaxe, and Silk Touch essentially prevents that.

Silk Touch allows players to mine any block in its current form. This means they can safely mine glass blocks with a pickaxe, coral blocks without killing them, and even grass blocks. For builders in particular, Silk Touch is a vital tool, as players won’t be wasting blocks by breaking them and losing them in the process if they’re building something big and challenging.

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Silk Touch only comes in one iteration of itself. It has no levels unlike other enchantments in the game, though it does require players to be 30 levels before being able to unlock the random enchantment from the level 3 enchantment slot on the enchantment table.

3 Efficiency

none Minecraft The player knows that the most time consuming task in the game is mining for resources. With a simple iron pickaxe, the task of finding diamonds can be time consuming, especially after the world generation changes introduced in Minecraft 1.18 update. Now diamond is most commonly found deep underground, where deep hard shale is most prevalent. This material takes a while to extract with a normal pickaxe.

That’s why Efficiency is a great charm to pick a pickaxe. Players will now gain the ability to mine blocks at a faster rate with their enchanted pickaxe. Players who are concerned with strip mining and resource gathering will definitely want to invest in this enchantment above all else, and it’s also great for combining with other enchantments.

Efficiency comes in five levels. However, Efficiency V can only be achieved when players match two Efficiency IV enchanted books on an anvil. To naturally unlock Efficiency IV, players will need to be 30 levels before the enchantment has a chance to appear in the level 3 slot on the enchantment table.

two Fortune

Speaking of mining diamonds, the fortune charm is a Minecraft the player’s best friend when it comes to getting more resources with less effort. Fortune allows players to mine basically any ore block, which will then drop a larger amount of said resource. This means that potentially a single diamond ore block could produce up to 4 diamonds instead of the default. That’s a massive increase in earnings.

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Of course, even with Fortune, there is a degree of RNG involved in this. 4 drops are not guaranteed, but the maximum drop increases the stronger the player’s Fortune enchantment. This enchantment is one of the most desired, and for good reason, as getting it early will ensure that the player gets rich quick.

Fortune has three levels, each of which increases the winnings that players can earn while mining with each level. Fortune III is what players will want to get as soon as possible, and it’s the enchantment that gives them a chance to earn four ore pieces by mining an ore block. Make sure you have 30 XP levels before looking for it in the level 3 slot on the enchanting table.

1 Mending

Fortune and Mending are excellent enchantments, but Mending has a slight advantage over Fortune due to its ability to increase the life of any tool in Minecraft. The idea of ​​a pickaxe that never breaks is a dream come true, especially if players have gotten one with a lot of cool enchantments and don’t want to lose it.

Repair is the enchantment that will preserve the spikes. When applied to any tool, gaining XP will automatically fill your durability bar with some durability. This means that as long as players earn XP, they can keep their tools with repair enchantments forever.

However, there is a small catch: Mending is not an enchantment that players can earn through the enchantment table. It is one of the in-game enchantments that players must find in the world, either by trading with a villager or finding it in the form of an enchanted book in a loot chest.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and many other devices.

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