The easiest ways to get Ender Pearls


The easiest ways to get Ender Pearls

Throughout the endless adventures that take place in multiple worlds generated within the famous sandbox game. Minecraftthe only constant always lies in the need for the Ender Pearls to craft the necessary items to reach the “final boss” of Minecraft, the Ender Dragon. Eyes of Ender takes players to an underground Fortress with a portal that leads to the Dragon’s lair and are crafted from these essential Ender Pearls. Able to teleport players when cast, Ender Pearls are a rare essential item in Minecraft.


Usually the main way to get an Ender Pearl comes with a rare drop from defeating the mobs associated with them, an Enderman. Creatures that sporadically teleport and slide blocks to unorthodox places. Endermen do not attack unless directly looked at, and will go into a rage if a player makes that mistake. Although the easiest way to get Ender Pearls would be to challenge enough of these mobs to hope for a few drops, players may find them difficult to defeat, as an Enderman’s abilities in Minecraft turn them into tough opponents who aren’t worth your time.

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Ender Pearls have uses outside of creating Eyes of Ender for the journey to a hidden underground. Some innovative players have found ways to use pearls as instant teleportation methods by building an Ender Pearl Statis chamber. Since Ender Pearls can teleport players to a desired location, a stasis chamber stabilizes the convenience behind that mechanic, allowing for quick transportation across a map within range of the device. While it is a slightly more involved process, players would benefit from knowing how to make a Statis Chamber in Minecraft.

Get Ender Pearls easily and quickly in Minecraft

Depending on which version of Minecraft players are using, the easiest ways to get Ender Pearls in Minecraft they are through trade with an expert-level villager cleric, or through bartering with a Piglin. find a town in Minecraft with an expert level cleric it can be difficult for some, but thankfully in the most recent updates to the game, it has become easier to differentiate the types of villagers to discover exactly what is needed. Additionally, players using versions 1.9 to 1.15 of Minecraft specifically you can exchange five emeralds for one Ender Pearl, a quick and painless method that just requires a bit of mining as usual.

Trade with a Piglin in Minecraft is another matter, as players must make it to the Nether to encounter this particular mob. Between Magma Cubes and Ghasts, players must prepare for this most arduous journey to get to the mob in the first place. Piglins are aggressive creatures unless players have a single piece of golden armor equipped, as their love of shiny material opens up trade in the first place. Dropping a Gold Bar in front of a non-hostile Piglin will drop an item in exchange for the gold, one of which could be an Ender Pearl.

Running through the Nether to find a Piglin always carries risk, but players must also kill Blaze mobs there to obtain Blaze Rods. Minecraft for an additional component to make Eyes of Ender. The inevitability of the fiery alternate plane should encourage players to make the journey with some gold to offer to the Piglins. Gold is still a more common resource than emeralds for trade, but either option saves players from having to engage dangerous Endermen in a conflict to obtain Ender Pearls. In Minecraftsurvival is still the most important goal, so finding opportunities to trade with Villagers or Piglins is the easiest way to get Ender Pearls.

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