Disney Dreamlight Valley needs more purposes for Moonstone and Dreamlight


Disney Dreamlight Valley needs more purposes for Moonstone and Dreamlight

Currently, there are three currencies available in Disney Valley of Dreamlight, although only one of them feels developed. Coins are the easiest of the bunch and feel like they’re in a good place as players can use them to buy. Disney Valley of Dreamlight suits, furniture and crops. The same cannot be said for Moonstone and Dreamlight, however, as players will quickly find themselves with a large amount of both currencies.

Although this problem will be partially corrected once Disney Valley of Dreamlight leaves Early Access, it likely won’t be fully released for several months. Giving players more things to do with their Dreamlight and Moonstones would go a long way when they’ve completed their Star Path or unlocked everything in the game, something that will inevitably happen even once the game launches with a lot of content. Fortunately, it is easy to imagine alternative uses for both currencies.


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Disney Dreamlight Valley Limited Purposes for Moonstone and Dreamlight

Right now, Moonstone’s sole purpose in Disney Valley of Dreamlight is the Star Path progression. For those unfamiliar with the Star Path system, it’s essentially a battle pass, with players progressing through reward pages as they would in a game like Fortnite. However, players can easily progress through the Star Path by completing Duties, which means there is no need to spend Moonstone on Star Path currency. Also, although players have to spend Moonstone to access the premium Star Pass, they also earn something on each page. As such, it can take a long time for players to get past the 20,000 Moonstone that comes with Disney Valley of DreamlightUltimate Founder’s Pack of .

As for Dreamlight, players will get a large amount of this currency for completing the duties. With Dreamlight given to players on a regular basis to finish short-term and long-term challenges, they’ll find themselves racking up a lot very quickly once they’ve fully opened up the map. Although regions are expensive, players only need to purchase access to them once. After that, the only thing you can spend Dreamlight on are Realm gates. While many characters will be added to Disney Valley of Dreamlight Over time, players will likely have more than enough Dreamlight to spare after all the doors have been opened.

How Disney Dreamlight Valley Could Make Dreamlight and Moonstone More Valuable

When it comes to Moonstone, which is essentially Disney Valley of DreamlightSince players can only get minuscule amounts through random chests, Gameloft should give players access to an additional store where it can be spent. Like the game market for Obligations which allows players to spend COD Points on cosmetic packs, players should be able to access a Moonstone store with exclusive items. This can be accessed through Scrooge McDuck’s shop, which doubles as his item catalog where players can order items outside of the daily deals.

As for Dreamlight, which is much more plentiful than Moonstone and isn’t primarily accessed through real money, it makes sense to give it a game-related purpose. One possibility would be enchantments, which could see Disney Valley of Dreamlight players who enchant a mining location with 100 Dreamlight to guarantee some rare gems drop. Similarly, players can enchant each of their crops to grow significantly faster, limiting the need to wait and water.

While these issues will resolve themselves over time to some degree, as the game will receive plenty of Star Paths and new characters to unlock with Dreamlight, early access players are in a strange place. Those who jump into the game with its official release will have numerous doors to open with Dreamlight in addition to regions, so they’re unlikely to rack up too much Dreamlight quickly. Early access players, on the other hand, are experiencing what could be an issue going forward, so Gameloft may want to consider alternate uses for these two currencies.

Disney Valley of Dreamlight is now available in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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