10 Minecraft Crafting Recipes Everyone Should Know


10 Minecraft Crafting Recipes Everyone Should Know

Minecraft it has many elements. Over 300 now. And while there are a few flaws (the infamous “furnace minecart” being a particularly notable flaw), there are also plenty of items that are universal to all versions of the game and universally useful as a whole to new and old players alike.

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These items shine and stand out from the pack and are often top priorities for anyone starting a new world, whether for survival, convenience, or aesthetics. These items aren’t always difficult to craft, some are downright simple, but some are well known for making countless gamers search “how can I craft it again?” and again.

10 Spotting scopes provide a whole new view

Made from two copper ingots and an amethyst shard, a spyglass requires some setup before the player can craft one. However, requiring, at a minimum, a large number of stone pickaxes and significant time to explore, it may be best to work on the most pressing survival needs first.

Once the player has located an amethyst geode, which spawns deep underground, surrounded by a layer of soft basalt, they must be careful not to break any of the valuable budding amethyst blocks it contains, as they will grow slowly new groups that can be broken or touched with silk for decorative use.

9 Label or decorate with item frames

The frame of the article and its shiny counterpart can be suitable for decoration and more practical uses. For example, they’re a great way to label levers or chests instead of signs – a wall-sized map can make planning navigation much more accessible, especially in multiplayer.

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The staple frame requires eight sticks and a piece of leather, the latter easily obtainable once the player has access to wheat. But the glowing variant is a bit more complex, adding the ink sac of a glowing squid that dwells underground to work its magic.

8 Looms unlock a world of color

The loom is deceptively simple to make, requiring only two ropes and two planks. Once obtained, a veritable world of color awaits anyone who dives into the depths of the banner system. While it’s purely decorative, the customization possible is downright amazing and remarkably deep.

Banners are slightly more expensive and require six blocks of yarn on top of a stick, with their base color matching the yarn used. From there, up to six layers of color can be applied in various patterns ranging from basic shapes to icons like flowers, vines, and even the Mojang logo.

7 Campfire cooking is great for early games

After finding some sort of basic shelter, one of the first tasks players are faced with is food. While it’s possible to eat raw meat or even forage for berries if you’re lucky enough to spawn near a taiga, the ability to cook will prove vital to progressing through the game.

Given this, many players immediately gravitate towards an oven, using it to cook food en masse once they have the infrastructure. However, there is an alternative; the campfire, which offers endless cooking and signal smoke for the low cost of three logs, three sticks, and a single piece of charcoal.

6 Climb anywhere with stairs

The ladder is one of the simplest elements to manufacture in Minecraft, but should not be underestimated. For the cost of seven sticks, the player can get not only one of the most efficient ways to climb up or down a structure, but also a handy way to escape pits.

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Anyone using them should be aware of a few quirks: the top and bottom blocks can be left empty, and the tops of stairs can be stood up and traversed as a solid, albeit very thin, block, allowing a horizontal row of stairs serve. like a makeshift bridge.

5 Honey blocks are very, very sticky

Due to the difficulty of herding bees, a task not much easier than in real life, many players overlook honey and wax as resources. Useful as food and for candles, both can be made into solid building blocks. While the wax is merely decorative, the honey blocks have special uses.

Made from four honey bottles, a honey block slows the movement of anything pressed against it while also taking up a smidgen less than a full block, making them useful for both parkour and lifts. . The pistons will also push blocks stuck to the honey, further expanding the uses.

4 Powered rails equal fast transportation

While the basic rails are useful, they can only do so much, relying on gravity and the somewhat archaic “mining cart with furnace” to move things around. So the easiest and generally most effective upgrade is the powered rail, which not only speeds up cars but also allows them to go uphill.

Crafted from six gold ingots, a lump of redstone dust, and a stick, getting started on the powered rails can take some time, but the recipe yields six as a time to offset the expense. The electric rails can also be turned off, slowing down or stopping the mining carts if necessary.

3 Carry a map so you never get lost

Outside of the Nether or The End, there’s never a reason not to bring a map when exploring. By displaying a bird’s-eye view of the landscape, they can not only provide information about the immediate area, but also serve as a compass if the player falls out of range.

Maps are somewhat complex to make, requiring eight sheets of paper and a compass, which in turn uses red iron stone. However, the result is worth the materials and can be expanded on a mapping table to a massive 2048×2048 area, though at that point fine details can become difficult to see.

two Lightning rods protect important structures

The lightning rod is a relatively neglected and unassuming item. Made from just three copper ingots, they are cheap to make, but can save entire buildings from destruction. As their name implies, they attract lightning, taking hits that might otherwise hit trees or buildings, and redirecting them to a safer location.

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That said, anyone building with light bars needs to be careful where they place them. They generate a short but powerful redstone signal, which can activate any nearby wiring the player has placed. However, this can also be used to add atmospheric twinkling lights to a haunted house.

1 Light up the night or take to the skies with fireworks

A frequent victim of gamer forgetfulness, the fireworks recipe is deceptively simple; a sheet of paper and a unit of gunpowder. But that is only for a player looking for the bare minimum. The more gunpowder added, the longer the flight duration and the addition of a firework star is needed for any explosion.

Once made, a firework rocket has a number of uses. Not only are they nice to sit and look at, but they can also be loaded into a crossbow for a devastating attack or used to power an elytra’s flight, allowing the user to fly almost infinitely.

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