Creepers deserve variants in the style of Zombies and Skeletons

Creepers deserve variants in the style of Zombies and Skeletons
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Creepers deserve variants in the style of Zombies and Skeletons

Minecraft it may not have become what it is today without vines. These explosive mobs are crucial to the Minecraft brand, despite being among a variety of other iconic monsters like Endermen. Despite this, however, vines are quite scarce in terms of variants; Aside from the occasional Charged Creeper, players can always expect the same from a Creeper encounter. Meanwhile, Mojang has added variant forms of several basic Minecraft mobs, especially zombies and skeletons, mixing combat encounters and making some Minecraft biomes more different from each other. Looks like it’s about time Minecraft gives the vines some new variants in the same style as these other creatures.


Recent years have seen many classics. Minecraft the content is reworked. The Wild Update added a lot of new features to swamps, while other updates in recent memory restructured the other one and fundamentally altered the way caves and mountains are generated. However, that hasn’t resulted in equally frequent changes for older mobs; instead, Mojang has preferred to add new mobs like piglins and the Wild Update relief. Zombies and skeletons are blank boards that are ready for future changes. Minecraft expansions, but creepers have a lot less variety right now, so they should be a priority for future mob changes.

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How Mojang could expand into Creepers

At the moment, zombies and skeletons offer plenty of inspiration for future creeper improvements. Husks and stray dogs are the most obvious shots; husks inflict hunger and resist sunlight, unlike other undead mobs, while strays can slow the player down, making it difficult to close the gap. However, this is not all Minecraft has to offer. Baby zombies act as a much faster and thus possibly more deadly version of normal zombies, and both mobs sometimes appear mounted, from spider riders to skeleton riders. Thanks to all of these, the players who explore the entire Minecraft overworld can end in a wide variety of battles.

The husk- and stray-based creeper variants could apply all sorts of unique effects. For example, a red vine that sets players on fire when it explodes seems like an easy candidate, though it would have some overlap with fire-themed Nether mobs like llamas. Minecraft Potion effects also offer many options. Nausea would be a particularly deadly way to further handicap players after being caught in a creeper’s explosion, or Mojang could add a new deafness status effect that causes players to temporarily lose their hearing after a creeper sneak up on them.

In addition to affecting new conditions, vines could come in more shapes and sizes. Creeper babies could be a terrifying new threat in Minecraft, moving faster than their larger counterparts, but likely dealing less damage and destroying fewer blocks. Creeper Babies could also open the door to “Cluster Creepers” which spawn baby vines when they explode, much like the cluster grenades found in many other video games. On the other hand, the huge vines that move slowly but deal devastating damage would add a new and terrifying element to the rolling hills of Minecraft in the evening; this type of “siege creeper” could also be a valuable addition to Minecraft Raider raids as a cousin of Ravager.

Many of the biomes in Minecraft they’re short on unique mobs right now, and creeper variants would be a great way to start remedying that. It can be frustrating to run into vines Minecraft Survival and Hardcore, but if Mojang finds some way to make them more attractive to fight, they could renew their places as icons of Minecraft. The next spinoff minecraft legends it appears to allow players to attach vines to its cause while adding a lot of new mobs, so perhaps it will introduce some cool new creeper subtypes that will eventually make their way to the base game.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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