Adoption of ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ for game-based learning at Pinagbuhatan High School


Adoption of ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ for game-based learning at Pinagbuhatan High School

September 22, 2022 | 16:12

MANILA, Philippines – Pinagbuhatan High School (PHS) is one of the pilot implementers of Minecraft: Education Edition (M:EE), a game-based learning tool in Pasig City, Metro Manila.

Through the Microsoft Showcase School Accelerator program, the school worked closely with Microsoft, Acer, and Line Learning and Development Solutions to fuel its digital transformation with the right resources, training, and devices.

Advocating for excellence amidst challenges

Pinagbuhatan High School is full of hope. Despite the adversities they faced at the onset of COVID-19, all teachers and students remained resilient.

PHS is currently strengthening its teaching workforce as they transition from modular, textbook-based, and blended learning to a hybrid learning environment.

The school’s engagement with Microsoft, prior to the pandemic to date, has enabled the school to meet the challenges presented by the times.

With selected PHS teachers being Microsoft Education Ambassadors, Microsoft Innovative Educators, and Minecraft Global Mentors, it’s no surprise that the school body takes advantage of technology-enriched instruction like Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Flipgrid, Hour of Code, Office365 apps, and more. important. , embracing Minecraft: Education Edition within the classroom.

Adoption of 'Minecraft: Education Edition' for game-based learning at Pinagbuhatan High School

Microsoft Showcase School Accelerator Program. Acer Philippines delivers Acer TravelMate SpinB3 to Pinagbuhatan High School, Pasig City to support their digital transformation journey.

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bridging the gap

To support PHS’s educational transformation journey, the school was nominated to be part of the Microsoft Showcase School Accelerator Program.

This program is designed to empower schools in their digital transformation journey and help them become one of the Microsoft Showcase Schools in the Philippines. The Showcase School is Microsoft’s recognition for schools around the world.

“PHS is already offering hybrid in-person classes. Teachers will be better equipped in terms of strategies to better engage students thanks to the Microsoft Showcase School Accelerator Program,” shared Karen Villanueva, Public School District Supervisor, Pasig City School Division Office.

Adoption of 'Minecraft: Education Edition' for game-based learning at Pinagbuhatan High School

PHS school leaders embrace Minecraft: Education Edition to enrich the learning and teaching process in the classroom.

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A total of 40 PHS teachers underwent the training, including a hybrid session on M:EE. Acer TravelMate SpinB3 devices running on Windows were essential in providing a smart, pragmatic and goal-oriented learning environment that ensures access to all the benefits of this game-based learning tool. “

The good thing about Acer devices is that both students and teachers have the opportunity to keep up with our training programs, as some of the tools need a good quality device,” said Michael Morella, Master Teacher II.

prepare for the future

Minecraft: Education Edition remains comprehensive for students and teachers to stay connected, engaged, and motivated despite changes in the classroom landscape.

“I could see this as a good intervention or integration into different parts of our lesson, introducing my lesson, discussing the concepts, giving my students additional and extensive work, online or offline, face-to-face or virtual,” he shared. . Richelle Asaytono, Master Teacher II.

By adopting Minecraft: Education Edition into their teaching and learning processes, PHS teachers are better equipped to help their students better understand the lessons and theories, while enabling them to gain future-ready skills applicable to scenarios of the world. real life.

As a result of this program, PHS teachers continue to benefit from this learning journey by using M:EE as an immersive and inclusive tool using Acer Windows devices.

Adoption of 'Minecraft: Education Edition' for game-based learning at Pinagbuhatan High School

The TravelMate Spin B3 is designed for students and teachers to get the most out of their classes, whether it’s for remote learning, in-person classes, or hybrid learning environments.

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“Microsoft is here today because we are committed to and confident in Pinagbuhatan High School. PHS has what it takes to be a Microsoft Showcase School that we can be proud of; not just here locally, but also to the international education community,” said Michelle Pamintuan-Pastelero, Senior Account Executive, Microsoft Philippines.

“We want to be proud of the quality of education in the Philippines, especially public schools,” he added.

PHS recently earned its title as a Microsoft Showcase School for the 2022-2023 school year. With the successful implementation of Minecraft: Education Edition in its curriculum, Pinagbuhatan High School becomes an inspiration to other public schools in the country that educational transformation is possible with the adoption of the latest tools and technology.

Learn more about Microsoft Showcase Schools’ education transformation journey at Learn more about the Acer Academy program here.