Minecraft Everything you need to know about the glowing squid


Minecraft Everything you need to know about the glowing squid

Mojang has been hard at work adding new mobs to Minecraft with each update. With the mob vote also a thing, the community has been able to say which new mob should be introduced to the game next. The glowing squid is one of the winners of Minecraft mob vote.

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While the glowing squid may seem like just a new skin from the original squid, it does have a few features that make it much more unique and useful than the regular squid (which, by the way, needs a major facelift among other passive mobs). Here’s what gamers need to know about Minecraft shiny squid.


6 The glowing squid has many aquatic enemies

The life of a glowing squid is far from easy. Unlike so many other mobs in the game, the glowing squid has to deal with some natural predators that hunt it on sight. The Guardians and Elder Guardians seem to dislike him passionately and will attack immediately.

The same goes for the adorable axolotl, which was added to the game around the same time as the shiny squid. These cute predators will also hunt glowing squid viciously, which can be good if the player can’t reach them on their own.

5 Bedrock Edition has glowing squids

A ton of peat in Minecraft they have their own versions for babies. Pigs, cows, sheep, and the like all come with an adorable baby variant, which makes sense since they can be bred. The same can’t be said for the glowing squids, who surprisingly have a baby version of themselves in the Bedrock Edition. This, despite the fact that there is no characteristic to breed them.

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Bedrock players may randomly notice some of these glowing squid spawning in ideal spawning locations. Their spawning is actually completely random, so unfortunately there’s no real way to guarantee players get a shiny squid.

4 Glowing squid enjoy total darkness

The main feature of glow squid that distinguishes them from their regular squid counterparts is the way they reproduce. Unlike normal squid that can spawn almost anywhere there is water, glow squid require a specific level of light: total darkness.

This means that shiny squids are a bit harder for players to find. With that being said, with the abundance of massive caves with underground lakes and ponds, it is very possible that glowing squid will breed in abundance in these locations. The best way to find them is to just get out there and explore the gigantic new caves in Minecraft.

3 The glowing squid’s ink has a different color

Another difference that players may notice compared to normal squids is the ink that glowing squids spit out when they are scared and attacked by their enemies. Normal squids always spit out a cloud of dark ink, but the color of the glowing squid’s ink cloud leans more towards something turquoise.

Of course, there are other important differences as well, like the little glowing particles around the glowing squids and their texture. It’s a shame Mojang didn’t implement a glow on these glow squids, which would have allowed them to light up the area directly around them. I definitely would have done more atmospheric caves.

two It is possible to use a leash on a glowing squid

When it comes to passive mobs, most players are probably more than familiar with the leader. This item is a must if players want to control and tame certain mobs in Minecraft easily, as it allows them to bind enemies and drag them.

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Surprisingly, cables can also be used on glowing squids, against all logic. Even though the mob is not tameable, players can still use hints to manipulate them, should the need arise. Tracks can be made from four pieces of yarn and a ball of slime, which are dropped by the slimes.

1 Glowing Squids Glowing Ink Sack Drop

So what is the main purpose of the glow squid? Your main advantage is in your mob, which unfortunately means killing them. Glowing squids will drop a sack of glowing ink, which can be used in a variety of crafting recipes to make some interesting glowing items. This includes a glowing item frame, which will cast a bit of light while displaying an item, even in total darkness.

Not only that, players can use these glowing ink sacs to make the text on signs glow as well. This is a game changer for players who like to build in dark places and a boon with the new caves that are huge and a bit hard to fully light. It is no longer necessary to light signs with torches, as long as the player can find some glowing squids to farm for glowing ink sacs.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other devices.

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