Fortnite Crew Subscription: What is/is it worth buying?


Fortnite Crew Subscription: What is/is it worth buying?

Fortnite’s monthly subscription, called Fortnite Crew, is a lot of games for gamers, but is it worth it?

The Fortnite team started during week 6 of the second, in 2020. Since then, fans who purchased the subscription service have received a variety of unique cosmetics and many more.

So for those who are new to Fortnite or those who want to dive into the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass, Fortnite Crew could be an attractive option.

If you are new to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, you can take a look at the new Chrome Splash Mechanics before you play.

Table of Contents.

  • What is FortniteCrew?
    • How much does the subscription for Fortnite Crew cost?
    • What does the Fortnite subscription include?
  • How do you buy the Fortnite Crew subscription?
  • Are you lost in Fortnite Crew with cancellation?
  • Is the Fortnite Crew subscription worth it?
  • How can you cancel your subscription to the Fortnite service?
    • PC and mobile devices.
    • Xbox (via console)
    • Xbox (XVia website), Inc.
    • ps4
    • ps5
    • PlayStation (Via-Pazo Store)
    • nintendo switch

What is the Fortnite team?

Fortnite is a monthly subscription service within Fortnite that offers players a wide variety of in-game items and rewards.

Fortnite, just like Netflix or Xbox Game Pass, will charge users monthly. Members receive cosmetics, bags and other supplies in exchange for the subscription.

How much does a Fnite Crew subscription cost?

The Fortnite Crew subscription costs $11.99/$99/$99/$99.

It’s worth noting that Fortnite Crew subscription items are much cheaper when combined.

What are the ingredients for the Fortnite Crew subscription?

The Fortnite Crew Membership offers three unique rewards for players who won’t receive one each month: a $7,000 reward.

  • The Battle Pass is all-access.
  • The Pack with the workers is for you.
  • 10,000 V-Bucks.

The Crew Pack is, in fact, the unique item in Fortnite. There is an exclusive outfit pack that offers some cosmetics to players who can’t buy anything else.

Within the Crew Pack, you’ll receive an exclusive outfit and at least one accessory to go with it, such as a glider, pickaxe, or emote.

Of course, you get the Battle Pass even if you buy the Fortnite Crew Subscription. This means that you will unlock the first Battle Pass skin as soon as possible.

However, you should check out the new Battle Pass skins before you buy Fortnite Crew.

How do you buy the Fortnite Crew subscription?

The Fortnite Crew Subscription Service can be found in the Item Shop. Here’s how to buy them.

  • Go to the store where there is an item on the menu.
  • Scroll down until you find Fortnite in the search list.
  • If you want to know more about what they include, put their individual icons on them.
  • If you’re ready, choose the Add Fortnite Crew option.

Can you save your Fortnite crew items by canceling your subscription?

You won’t lose your Fortnite Crew items without a monthly subscription.

Your cosmetics are stored with the Crew Pack. You will also keep the 1000 V-Bucks you have earned from the subscription.

On the contrary, you will also be able to keep the Battle Pass and all your progress in it. You do not lose access to the Battle Pass and you can continue your progression until the end of the season.

If you get a full refund, you will lose all Crew Pack cosmetic items, Battle Pass and V-Bucks earned through the subscription.

Of course, if you simply restart your subscription, you will resume your purchase of V-Bucks and Crew Pack Outfits.

Is the Fortnite-Marine subscription worth it?

If you are a fan of Fortnite or want to get started, the Fortnite Crew subscription is definitely worth it.

Consequently, from a monetary point of view, the content of the Fortnite Crew subscription costs more than the cost of admission.

For example, the Battle Pass requires over a thousand V-Bucks, for $7.99/6.49. Fortnite Order comes with 1,000 V-Bucks and a Battle Pass, which costs around $16/13.

That doesn’t even take into account the outfit package you get, which would cost around two thousand dollars.

If you want a Battle Pass and a cool new outfit, then the Fortnite gear is the way to go.

How to cancel your subscription to Fortnite Crew, from May 21 to 23, How to delete your subscription to Fortnite Crew.

There is no way you can cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription, depending on where you play Fortnite. This is how you work with each platform.

Mobile phones and computers are all connected.

  • Go back to the Olympic Games page.
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on your username located at the top right.
  • select account
  • Click left or right to find the Subscription and select the Subscription.
  • Select the Configure icon next to the Fortnite Crew subscription.
  • Choose Cancel your subscription.

Xbox (Via-Moto):

  • Find the Settings app in your My Games folder.
  • On the left, select the Account option.
  • Select the enrollment tab.
  • Click on Fortnite Flight.
  • Choose Turn off recurring payment.

Xbox (Videosoft website)

  • Go to the Microsoft website.
  • Login in your account.
  • At the top, simply select the services and subscriptions option.
  • Select Manage your training with Fortnite Crew and find your subscription.
  • In the new window, select the option to disable recurring billing.

Do not select Cancel Subscription. This will take you to an email list where you can get a refund. This will cause you to lose access to all of your Fortnite Crew items.


  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Select Account Manager.
  • Choose Account Information and then PlayStation Subscriptions.
  • Buy a US device and turn off the auto-renew offer.
  • If you can sign in to your PlayStation account, simply follow the instructions on your computer.


  • Go to its tab in Settings.
  • Select users and other accounts.
  • Choose the one with the accounts, and then the one that has paid pays and the one that has paid for it.
  • Go to Subscriptions.
  • Find your Fortnite Crew subscription and turn off auto-renew.

PlayStation (via PlayStation Store)

  • Head over to the Playstation Store.
  • Lower your account to your account.
  • Select your account icon, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Choose Subscription Management.
  • Select Disable the “Auto-Renewal” section of Fortnite Crew.

nintendo switch

  • Go to Nintendo eShop on your HOME page.
  • Next, enter your password (if necessary).
  • Select your account icon. This is located right in the middle of the door.
  • Look for Subscriptions on the left side.
  • Choose your Fortnite Crew subscription and choose Turn on auto-renew.

Before you sign up, see why fans hated the Battle Pass this season.

And if you don’t feel like starting a Fortnite gear subscription for this season, why not wait until the end of season four?