How to grow glow berries


How to grow glow berries

Glow Berries are one of the most unique renewable resources in all of Minecraft. Not only can they be eaten, but along with lava, they are one of the few infinitely renewable light sources in the game. Glow Berries are found naturally in lush caves, where players can catch them to begin farming them at their home base.

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Glow Berries are easy to spot in lush caves, growing from luminous vines that hang from the ceiling. They emit light levels of 14, equivalent to those of a flashlight. They are grown much like vines, in that they grow downwards and the bottom of the vines can be harvested indefinitely, but unlike grapevines, this process can be fully automated.


How to find glow berries in Minecraft

The first step, of course, is for players to find their first glow berry. It only takes one for a farm to grow, but players are likely to run into a lot of them when they find a lush cave. Lush caves are found in high humidity biomes, at any height below ground. These biomes include dark forests, wooded wastelands, jungles, and ancient taigas, where they are most common, but do not include biomes such as plains, normal forests, or savannahs. They can also spawn under deserts or oceans, but that’s less likely.

Lush cave locations can be identified by treas azaleas, which spawn the tops of lush caves on the surface. If a player stumbles across an azalea tree, they can confidently dig down to find a lush cave and some glowing berries. To collect the glow berries, players simply need to break the vines from which they hang. By destroying the base of the vine, the entire vine will break and players will be able to collect glow berries more efficiently.

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How to manually grow glow berries

Once players have obtained some glow berries, they can start farming, and it’s a very simple process. Players simply place glow berries at the bottom of a block and the vine stem will appear. The vine will then begin to grow downwards over time. For every vine block that grows, there is a 1 in 9 chance that the vine will produce glowing berries.

Vines can grow up to 26 blocks long, so if players farm manually, they’ll want to leave plenty of room for the vines to grow below the root. If players have a mobs farm set up and are producing a lot of bones, bone meal can be applied to vine blocks without berries to produce glowing berries. Players can then destroy the second vine block from the top to instantly harvest all of the glowing berries below it.

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How to grow glow berries automatically

Luminous berry auto farms have very simple redstone wiring, much like a sugarcane auto farm. Observers will detect once a second vine block has grown, and a piston will push on the vine to destroy it. The item will then be picked up by a hopper and deposited into a chest. Players can also optionally add a bonemeal dispenser, which guarantees a yield of bright berries with every harvest.

Players will need the following resources:

  • a hopper
  • a chest
  • a piston
  • an observer
  • A piece of redstone dust
  • a bright berry
  • eight blocks

If players want to add bonemeal dispensers, they will also need:

  • Two more redstone powders
  • two dispensers
  • Two redstone torches
  • three more blocks
  • lots of bone meal

For starters, below is the version without a dispenser. Players need to start with the chest, as that’s the collection point, then place a hopper that leads to it. The glow berry vine will grow directly on top of this hopper. A spotter should be positioned looking into the air gap above the hopper, with a piston directly above. The observer will push a block with redstone dust on top of it, which will activate the piston. Finally, the glow berry must be planted directly on top of the hopper, one block higher than the piston.

With this design, the spotter will activate whenever the vine is three blocks long and the piston will harvest the bottom two. To avoid losing drops, players will want to enclose the vine column in blocks. Make sure the block directly above the chest is glass, so it can still be opened. The other blocks can be whatever blocks the player chooses, but we’ve opted to use glass instead.

Now, if players want to maximize efficiency, they will need to add bonemeal dispensers. These will activate to spawn glow berries just before the piston harvests them. These dispensers should be filled as much as possible, but will occasionally need to be refilled as bone meal runs out. The updated redstone is shown below.

Basically, two of the glass blocks are replaced with dispensers that face the vines. The observer activates the redstone powder that powers these dispensers, then two ticks later, via the redstone torch ladder, the piston is activated. This causes the vines to be harvested only after the vines have been hit with the bone meal.

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