How to get honeycomb in Minecraft (2022)


How to get honeycomb in Minecraft (2022)

Bees were added to Minecraft in the Java 1.15/Bedrock 1.4 update. Ever since these flying packets of pollen entered the game, their honey has been highly sought after. Players can use honeycomb to wax seal copper and create candles. But how do you find bees in minecraft and get honeycomb?

The easiest way to get a honeycomb in Minecraft is to use net curtains on a bee nest or beehive full of honey. Doing so will drop 3 honeycombs that you can use in various bee-related crafting recipes. However, collecting the honeycomb will irritate the bees if you don’t place a campfire nearby, turning them into flying hostile mobs.

To start with, you will need to find a bee nest in the wild.

How to get honeycomb from a bee nest in Minecraft

Using net curtains to get a honeycomb sounds simple, right? Like shearing a sheep. However, doing so will make the bees inside hostile – they’re not quite as ready to say goodbye to your honey. But fear not; there is a way to avoid having to fight a swarm of bees.

But before you even think about fighting the bees, you’ll need to find a bee nest. You will find them by exploring the following biomes:

  • Meadows (100% chance to appear)
  • Mangrove Swamps (5% chance to appear)
  • Plains (5% chance to appear)
  • Sunflower Plains (5% chance to appear)
  • Forests of Flowers (3% chance to appear)
  • Forests (0.2% chance to appear)
  • Birch Forests (0.2% chance to appear)

You will then need to wait for the nest to be filled with honey before collecting the honeycomb. You’ll know the nest is full when it starts to drip honey. At this point, you can use net curtains to collect honeycombs or a glass bottle to collect honey.

It is important to note that without a bee nest, you will not be able to find a honeycomb in survival minecraft. Exploring your world and finding the above biomes is your best chance of finding a bee nest. If you’re starting a new world, try these world seeds to find a bee nest fast.

Fortunately, once you have a honeycomb, you can create a hive, which will allow you to keep bees at home.

Alternatively, you can grow suckers in the hope that a bee nest will occur. To do this, plant a birch or oak sapling within two blocks of a flower. So the tree has a 5% chance of growing with a beehive attached.

The bees collect pollen and return to their nest.
The bees collect pollen and return to their nest.

What is the difference between a beehive and a beehive in Minecraft?

In a nutshell, a bee’s nest is generated in nature and a beehive is a block made by hand. Once you have found a nest of wild bees, you can use the honeycomb to create a hive. On the workbench, place three planks on the top row, three honeycombs in the middle, and another row of planks on the bottom.

Having a hive means that you can keep bees at home without running to the nearest nest to collect honeycombs. Having bees at your base has a couple of benefits:

  • Your buzzing friends will pollinate your crops
  • They produce honey and honeycomb
  • Aesthetically, they are nice to have in crops or flower fields.

How to harvest honeycomb in Minecraft

Remember we mentioned how bees get hostile when trying to get a honeycomb? Well, let’s talk about it. Bees have 2 hearts attack damage on easy and normal, and 3 hearts on hard. In addition, they have 10 health points. As a result, underestimating bees can be fatal early in the game.

To avoid running away from a swarm of bees, you will need to calm the bees before collecting the honeycomb. To do this, set up a campfire below or within a five block radius of the nest/hive. Once the bees are tame, you can use your net curtains to collect the honeycomb or a glass bottle to collect the honey.

However, you will need to choose to collect honey or honeycomb from a full hive. Harvesting will empty the hive and you will have to wait for the bees to refill the hive.

Use net curtains to collect the honeycomb.
Use net curtains to collect the honeycomb.

How long does it take to get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Obtaining Honeycomb in Minecraft takes about 2-5 Minecraft days. But how does it work and when do you know when it is ready for harvest?

Every time a bee returns to the nest/hive covered in pollen, the honey will increase by one level. So it takes 5 levels of honey for the hive to be full. The bees return to the hive at night and in the morning they fly out in search of more pollen.

Having more bees in your hive is the way you get a faster honeycomb. Hives and bee nests can hold up to three bees at a time.

You’ll know the hive is full when the holes turn a yellow-orange color. However, this depends on the shader package you are using. But generally there is a dripping animation you can look for when the hive is full.

Minecraft Honeycomb Recipes

There are various uses for honeycomb in Minecraft, from making candles and plating copper to changing the instrument of a note block. Here are the blocks you can craft using honeycomb:


As mentioned above, you can use honeycomb to craft beehives. Hives can be used for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Each hive can hold up to three bees and will display a dripping animation when full.

Make a hive to keep the bees at your base.
Make a hive to keep the bees at your base.


In the 1.17 update, Mojang introduced candles to Minecraft. These new light sources are lit with flint and steel and are made of twine and honeycomb. You can also add food coloring to the recipe to change the color of the candle.

Ropes and honeycombs make sails.
Ropes and honeycombs make sails.

honeycomb blocks

In addition to being used as a building block, honeycomb blocks cause the instrument to change when placed under a note block (Bedrock edition only).

The bees will fly towards honeycomb blocks and "chew" in them.
The bees will fly to the honeycomb blocks and “eat” them.

using honeycomb

Lastly, honeycomb can be used to coat any copper block. Regardless of the oxidation stage of the copper, waxing the block will seal it, preventing further oxidation.

Use honeycomb to make waxed copper blocks.
Use honeycomb to make waxed copper blocks.

final thoughts

We hope you’ve answered all of your Minecraft Honeycomb questions, from getting Honeycomb to using it. While not one of the most popular blocks in Minecraft, it has been used more and more since it was introduced.

Its popularity has gone from being used solely for making beehives to now making candles and sealing copper.

What do you think about the minecraft honeycomb? Do you use it often or is it something you have never looked for? Let us know in the comments below.