How to Farm Ender Pearls in Minecraft


How to Farm Ender Pearls in Minecraft

Sandbox building game by Mojang Minecraft It features a plethora of rare resources and treasures that players need to get their hands on if they want to get good gear, rare upgrades, or even enter new dimensions. When it comes to the latter, Ender Pearls are a necessary item that everyone needs to activate an End Portal within a fortress and to enter the End dimension.

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There are two main reasons for reaching the End: defeat the Ender Dragon for XP, and explore the End Islands to find End Cities for loot and the extremely rare Elytra. As such, Ender Pearls will become a major item for players to farm at some point in the game. This is how players can farm for Ender Pearls in Minecraft.


Trade with a cleric villager

A consistent way to get Ender Pearls is to talk to a village cleric. However, not all clerics will sell Ender Pearls. Players will first need to level up a Cleric until he reaches the expert level in his profession. After that, there is a small chance that you will sell Ender Pearls.

The cost of an Ender Pearl is 5 Emeralds. This can be quite a steep price, especially for just one item. However, players who have a lot of resources but don’t like to explore as much in the game can go for this option, as long as they have a lot of emeralds stashed away or traded with other villager trades.

build a farm

The obvious way to farm any mob spawn Minecraft is to build some kind of mafia farm. The tricky thing is that the best place to farm Endermen that drop Ender Pearls is End, the same place players try to get to in the first place. Therefore, building an Enderman farm only becomes a possibility after players have reached the End.

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It is still possible to make a general mob farm for mob drops, as Endermen will spawn on occasion, as long as players make the spawn room for these farms three blocks high for them to spawn. That said, it is possible to create some kind of Enderman farm within the Nether, according to Binary Vigilante and his YouTube guide on the subject.

Get a looting sword III

This tip is generally good no matter what mob drop the player wants to farm. Looting III is practically a necessity that guarantees that players will have a higher chance of receiving the luck of the mob. Endermen aren’t always guaranteed to drop an Ender Pearl on death, but with Looting III, that chance increases.

Looting III is only available as a sword enchantment. To obtain it, players must first accumulate at least 30 levels of XP, and then interact with an enchantment table with the sword they wish to enchant.

Given how rare and powerful this enchantment is, putting it on a Netherite or Diamond Sword is recommended, especially since Endermen are more tanky mobs that can deal a lot of damage if players don’t kill them quickly.

Trade with Piglins in the Nether

One of the best ways to get Ender Pearls in the game is a favorite of many. Minecraft speed runners This method has players enter the Nether dimension and interact with Piglins, which are mobs they can trade with since the 1.16 Nether update.

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Piglins don’t have a trade screen like villagers. When Gold Bars are dropped on the ground near them, they will run up to them, pick them up, and stare at them for a while before returning any items to the player.

One of these items is Ender Pearls. There’s a 2.18% chance that Piglins will drop between two and four Ender Pearls every time he examines a gold bar, so it’s not a guaranteed method, but it’s one of the most affordable trades in the game. Since gold doesn’t really have any better uses than this at the moment, and gold is easy to find, it’s a great method of quickly getting Ender Pearls.

Kill Endermen in the warped forest biome

Speaking of the Nether, it was previously mentioned that it was possible to create an Enderman farm in the Nether thanks to the existence of the Warped Forest biome. This is because, as of version 1.16, Endermen now spawn in abundance in the Nether, as long as players can find the correct biome.

The Warped Forest biome is colored turquoise, teal, and green. Players aren’t guaranteed to find one right away, but if they do appear in one, they’re in luck because Endermen will continuously spawn here.

Players can simply walk through the forest and kill as many Endermen as they need. Combine it with the aforementioned Looting III sword and they should be looking at some stacks of Ender Pearls within an hour or two.

Minecraft is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and many other platforms.

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