How to make a redstone door in minecraft [4 Methods]


How to make a redstone door in minecraft [4 Methods]

Once you get the hang of it, Redstone components in Minecraft can be the most useful part of your in-game creations. If we talk about some common scenarios, these components can help boost your Minecraft farms, make mine carts easier to use, and even use Redstone lamps for automated lighting systems. Now, before we move on to complex constructions, let’s focus on how to make a Redstone door in Minecraft. From simple house doors to secret auto walls, we cover it all in this guide. But it’s a long road, so let’s get started right away!

Make a Redstone Door in Minecraft (2022)

Depending on their complexity, you can make various types of Redstone doors in Minecraft. We’ve covered them all in this article, so use the table below to explore them based on your requirements.

make a simple minecraft redstone door

The simplest Redstone door in Minecraft is completely manual. You have to walk up to it and press a button to open it. Alternatively, you can also attach a pressure plate to the side to automatically open the door whenever you approach.

Items You Need to Make a Redstone Door

You just need the following items to make a simple Redstone door:

  • Button (any)
  • A pressure plate (any)
  • an iron gate
  • Building blocks (any)

Please note that we insist on using an iron door because wooden doors can be opened manually. That means various mobs can also open them and enter your house when you are sleeping peacefully.

Steps to Make a Simple Redstone Door

Follow these steps to make the simplest Redstone door in Minecraft:

1. First, create two pillars that are two blocks high with a one block gap in between. If you want to do a double gate setup, you should leave a two block gap here.

Two pillars of building blocks

2. Then, place a button on one of the pillars. Preferably, this button should be on the outside of your Minecraft house.

button on a pillar

3. After that, go to the other side of the door and place a pressure plate next to the empty space between the pillars.

Pressure plate for Redstone door in Minecraft

4. Finally, place the iron door between the two pillars.

Iron gate in Minecraft

5. Now on one side you can press the button and open the door to enter your base. Then, while walking, you can step on top of pressure plate to get off base.

make a simple redstone door

Make an Automatic Redstone Door with Sculk Sensor

Thanks to the Minecraft 1.19 update, we now have a family of Sculk blocks, which make the wireless Redstone mechanic possible. We’re going to rely on the same thing to make a unique Redstone door that senses your presence and opens on its own.

Items Needed to Make a Redstone Automatic Door

You need the following items to build a Redstone Automatic Door in Minecraft:

Steps to Create an Automatic Redstone Door

In this article, the design we are covering for the Redstone automatic door is a one door design. But you can also use a similar setup for a double door design. Follow these steps to make a Sculk sensor-based Redstone door in Minecraft:

1 First, dig a row two blocks long that’s one block deep.

two block hole

2. Then place a iron door on one side of the row, as shown in the image below.

Iron door next to the hole

3. After that, place a sculk sensor inside the row on the opposite side of the door. After, place a piece of Redstone dust just opposite and connect it to the door.

Sculk sensor for Redstone door in Minecraft

4. Finally, use the rugs to cover the Redstone dust and sculk sensor. You can create a pattern with the rugs to make them look more natural.

Sculk sensor based door with mats

5. Now whenever you walk towards the door, it will open automatically to allow you to enter from either side.

Steps to Create an Automatic Redstone Door

Note that this door can be activated by a variety of vibrations in the game, so it’s not great in terms of security. If you really want to protect your base, it’s best to design a somewhat hidden Minecraft Redstone door.

make a hidden piston redstone door

With the basic gates out of the way, let’s try something a bit more complex and interesting. If you’ve been on YouTube, you must have noticed the piston-based secret Redstone doors. These doors look like a normal wall but they open like a secret door. Here’s how to make one:

Items You Need to Make a Piston Redstone Door

To make a hidden piston Redstone door in Minecraft, you need the following items:

  • 6 sticky pistons
  • Building blocks (any but the same type)
  • 10 pieces of redstone powder
  • 2 pressure plates (any)
  • 4 redstone torches

Steps to make a hidden piston redstone door

You need the following items to make a hidden Redstone door in the form of a wall in Minecraft:

1. First, create two sticky piston pillars with a space of 4 blocks between them. The pistons of both towers must face each other.

Two Sticky Piston Pillars

2. Then put a building block behind the middle sticky piston behind both pillars. After placing the block, place a piece of Redstone dust on top of the block.

redstone on building block

3. Next, create two towers of building blocks right in the middle of the sticky pistons. These blocks will act as your gateway.

redstone gateway

4. Next, dig two rows in front of the solid blocks behind the sticky pistons. These rows should be three blocks deep and two blocks long.

Deep rows of three blocks behind sticky pistons

5. Then connect these rows by digging a new row one block away from the gateway. It should be only two blocks deep, forming a U shape, as shown below.

Area to connect redstone for wall door

6. Next, dust the newly dug row with Redstone dust and cover it with solid blocks.

Red stone dust under the blocks

7. Next, place a Redstone torch on each side of the bottom of this new row. After that, place a piece of Redstone dust right next to it.

Red stone torch in a hole

8. Leave the block next to the Redstone dust as it is and break the block directly above it. Then, place a Redstone Torch in its place and another Redstone Torch on top of the block above it. The second Redstone torch will be right behind the lowest sticky piston. Do this step on both sides of the door.

Placing Redstone Torches in Minecraft Redstone Door

9. Finally, to finish the setup, place two pressure plates right in front of the door, one block apart. Then cover the Redstone holes with solid blocks.

Piston gate ready to use

10. Then cover the entire structure with building blocks so it blends in with the world and walks up to the wall. And voila, the solid blocks in the middle will be pulled by sticky pistons to reveal the hidden passage.

Steps to make a hidden piston redstone door

More Redstone Door Skins for Minecraft

Now that you understand the basics and the three unique types of Redstone door designs in Minecraft, it’s time to unleash your creativity. Over the years, the community has created a variety of unique doors in Minecraft. Here are some of the ideas along with quick tips for building them:

  • Hidden water inlets: Pressure plates are not affected by water, so you can easily hide a pressure plate door design underwater or behind a waterfall.
  • Automatic hatch: Instead of a vertical door, you can also use trapdoors to create an automatic door that leads to underground bases.
  • 8 x 8 piston doors– Add honey blocks and slime blocks to the sticky pistons to increase the size of the door. Our Minecraft tree farm uses a similar element.
  • Appear-Disappear Doors: If you don’t mind cheating, you can use command blocks in Minecraft, along with the padding command to make doors that create and destroy themselves with each use. Such a design removes almost all Redstone from the design.

Frequent questions

How do you connect Redstone to a door in Minecraft?

You can place Redstone dust next to doors to create circuits to access them. But if you want to keep things simple, you can also put the power supply and switchable components right next to the doors.

How do you open 2 doors in Minecraft?

You can connect two doors to the same Redstone component by placing Redstone dust under them.

How do you make a button door in minecraft?

Button doors are quite simple to make. You just have to place the button on the block next to the door and it will automatically connect to that door.

Make an Automatic Redstone Door in Minecraft Today

Just like that, you are now ready to create a variety of Redstone doors in Minecraft. The best Minecraft maps on our list here use them in a variety of creative ways. However, you can also place them in most Minecraft house ideas. But if you really want to take gateways to another level, the best Minecraft mods can really push the game beyond its limits. Having said that, what kind of Redstone door are you going to make? Tell us in the comments below!