Why is Minecraft so popular today? Here’s a closer look


Why is Minecraft so popular today?  Here’s a closer look

Minecraft is a game that probably most people around the world have already heard about from popular YouTubers like Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye or from the kids who play it.

These facts alone are surprising because the game in question was released on November 18, 2011, according to the minecraft wiki. This date means that players still play the game even after ten years have passed.

So how did the game stay relevant in the gaming community? What are the reasons the game is still played today?

easy to play

Minecraft is an open world sandbox game where you control your character and do whatever you want without much confusion. According to the cold threadThe game is easy enough to understand for young children to play on their own.

However, the game can be difficult to master despite being easy to play.

The difficulty often increases once you decide to replace simple shapes with more complex methods to accomplish your goals, such as farming, traveling, and even creating pixel art from different colored blocks.

For example, in order for players to use electricity, they must complete electrical circuits and power their machines with equipment that uses redstone, a material needed to electrically charge various machines in the game.

Some players who have mastered (or at least vaguely understood) the game were able to create massive farming machines and even automatic ranking systems thanks to their understanding of the game’s machinery and use of redstone.

the spirit of adventure

Minecraft is first and foremost an open world game that allows players to roam wherever they want. It even has a creative mode that allows players to ignore the damage and do whatever they want.

However, not all matches will feature the same map and environment. If a player starts a new game, the game’s random world generator creates a whole new world for players to explore, meaning each save game has a different map to wander around and discover.

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Gamers with a passion for digital wanderlust will find the right game for their needs after starting a new game.

Regular updates adding more content

Similar to The Sims 4 Minecraft can stay alive and relevant to this day thanks to the constant free updates that Mojang Studios releases for the game. According to SportskeedaMajoang Studios’ devotion and dedication to the game resulted in the release of multiple additional content each year.

This additional content includes reworked terrain generation, new blocks, material types, and new creatures to watch out for.

one of the most recent releases for the game in 2022 saw the addition of the Mangrove and Deep Dark biomes. The former is home to a hostile creature known as a Shrieker, while the latter abounds in mud blocks, allowing players to create buildings from them.

A loyal fan base

Thanks to its smooth learning curve, randomly generated worlds, and regular content additions, Minecraft has amassed a loyal fan base that stays up-to-date with the latest news and updates on the game, whether through Mojang Studios or MineCon’s social media platforms.

MineCon is an annual convention that gives the Minecraft community the opportunity to come together and celebrate the success of the game and learn more updates about it.

Community generated content supported by developers

Very similar The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Minecraft it has also remained relevant thanks to the game’s many user-generated content.

In fact, Mojang Studios has given Minecraft modding community the opportunity to create mods and express your creativity for the game while making a career with it.

In this way, Mojang Studios promotes and supports its modding community by allowing them to earn money by creating mods for the game.

These mods include skins, accessories, and even graphic mods. According to PCGamingNthe most popular graphics mod for the game is Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders mod, which gives Minecraft soft natural lighting, procedurally generated clouds, and even the glow on every wet surface after a storm has passed.

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