Minecraft Dream streamer faces backlash for allegedly marketing childhood footage via custom-made bracelet


Minecraft Dream streamer faces backlash for allegedly marketing childhood footage via custom-made bracelet

Minecraft legend Dream is under fire on social media for selling a members-only bracelet on his official merchandise page. The reason? It’s also a USB stick that contains “baby photos” and digitized versions of your childhood memories, like emails and books you used to write in or had.

The bracelet is only available to members of the Dream Smile Club, which is a tiered subscription service. It aims to provide additional benefits to fans who regularly buy clothing or any other merchandise from its store.

To purchase the bracelet, one must have at least a Silver level membership, which is the lowest level of subscription and costs $15.99. The product itself costs an additional $25, making the effective cost of the product $40.99 before shipping.

Tweet from Minecraft content creator Jawsh criticizing the streamer (Image via Its_Jawsh/Twitter)
Minecraft content creator Jawsh’s tweet criticizing the streamer (Image via Its_Jawsh/Twitter)

According to the bracelet’s page on the official merchandise store, the item comes with a 4GB flash drive that has “special Dream content.” The content includes photos and old belongings of the streamer.

This is how the store describes the content:

“Content includes baby pictures, some old Dream book chapters, childhood emails, old game screenshots, Dream camera images/memes, and much more.”

Dream’s decision to use his childhood photos as a way to entice fans to subscribe to the service and purchase the bracelet has prompted many to call him out.

Many people are unimpressed with the move, and some have even suggested that selling baby photos for money basically amounts to a sex crime.

Streamer Jawsh tweeted about it, explaining that buying flash drives with those images is not only weird and creepy, but also almost illegal.

“ERM… THE FIRST YOU THINK WHEN YOU SEE PICTURES OF BABIES ARE PREDATORS???” No, but it’s definitely the first thing I think of when I hear people go online to buy a USB stick with baby pictures on it lmao.

Twitter debates whether Dream’s next baby photo bracelet is a step too far

It is not uncommon for content creators to make and sell their official merch through various marketing strategies. Sentinels Valorant player TenZ recently released his own merchandise after an elaborate promotion that involved creating an entire manga to build suspense.

With over 30 million subscribers on YouTube, Dream is one of the biggest creators of Minecraft content and has numerous fans who would want to buy their merchandise. To that end, he has plenty of stuff in his official merchandise store to cater to the community.

By the way, that’s one of the talking points of the current baby photo debate. Followers of the 23-year-old insist that celebrities are known for selling this type of content to their fans, and that the people who are angry at him for doing so don’t understand their customers.

Here are some fans who think the haters are making a mountain out of a mole:

@Its_Jawsh I hate to say it, but a lot of celebrities do it… just because the dream does it, is that weird?

@Its_Jawsh This was meant to be a “look how I started”. He was playing and writing stories since he was young. You guys turned it into something so evil. No one is doing this weird except people who automatically assume the worst. Baby photos ≠ pedophile content

@Its_Jawsh To tell you the truth, I don’t really care that he’s doing it, I guess the baby pics were just a “wouldn’t it be fun if I did this lol?” thought, I mean, it’s attached next to the memes. It is strange to assume that it is automatically pedophile to attach them in this

@oreo__boo @Its_Jawsh Seriously, I don’t understand why people are upset about this. Dreams item is like a special kpop membership gift, like a photo album or special clips taken by an idol.

Others refused to believe that it was anything more than a bizarre money-stealing attempt.

The content creator is known to hide his face. So it makes sense that die-hard fans would be willing to pay money to see it, even if it’s just him as a baby.

@Its_Jawsh “It’s not that weird” “Other celebrities do this too!” “When sleep does, then it’s a problem for all of you 💀”1. Regardless of who does it, it’s still weird.2. No one in their right mind wants baby pictures of people they like.3. I know that this word is tiresome, but it is still parasocial.

@Its_Jawsh Gen Z does not see any problem with the parasocial relationship to the point where it is becoming a disturbing problem. There is nothing wrong with seeking out and following a creator, but the fact that they fall into the trap of their “friends” with the creator is unsettling.

@Its_Jawsh Look, if you have the opportunity, why not exploit that market?

@Its_Jawsh I dream of feeding the parasocial and hyper-fixation relationship he has with his fans and at the same time repeating himself with excuses like “I can’t control everyone” and “only a small part of my fan base are obsessive”

@Its_Jawsh everyone asks if it’s real just want to know if it’s not ironic this seems like an inside joke designed to go viral on twitter and generate clicks from other youtubers who will make jokes and videos about it probably reviewing it lmfao.like belle dolphins bathwater tbh lmfao.

@Its_Jawsh People who say “but all celebrities do it” miss the point completely. Having Dream’s baby photos is weird. Having Taylor Swift’s baby photos is rare. Having ANYONE’S baby photos when you’re not a family member or close friend in real life is rare.

@Its_Jawsh To the stans defending this in replies: Dream is not your friend, he doesn’t know of your individual existence and probably never will. Create entertainment content that you consume through a screen. If you need a friend, there are online message boards for that.

The Minecraft star has yet to comment on the issue, with the merchandise store saying the wristbands will start shipping on September 28, 2022.

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