How to make a motorized rail using Redstone in Minecraft


How to make a motorized rail using Redstone in Minecraft

Mining and Redstone feel like two completely separate elements of the world of Minecraft. One aspect focuses on collecting resources and the other on using these collected resources with Minecraft farms and machines. But they are much more similar than you might expect. A common place where the two merge is the use of minecarts. And you can’t use minecarts properly if you don’t know how to make a powered rail in minecraft. So, that’s where we’re stepping in with this detailed guide on power rails. From mechanics to uses, we’ll cover it all in this Redstone Powered Rail article. With that said, let’s get started!

How to make a motorized rail in Minecraft (2022)

To make it easier to understand, we cover the mechanics, uses, and crafting recipe of Power Rail in separate sections. You can use the table below to explore each of them.

What is a motorized rail in Minecraft?

As the name implies, motorized rails are a block in the Minecraft rail family. They are used to change the speed of mining cars passing over them. You can use the motorized rail to increase and decrease the speed of minecarts. We’re covering how to use them in a later section.

Powered Rail as rest

Naturally, you can find power rails in the mine chests that are generated underground, under the overworld. You can also get other types of rails or even minecarts within the same structure. Once in place, like other rails, you can easily break a motorized rail with any tool or by hand.

Uses of a Redstone Powered Rail

You can use a motorized rail in Minecraft in the following ways:

  • Road: Whether it is activated or not, the powered rail always acts as a path for the mining carts to travel.
  • Power boost: If the powered rail is active when the mining cart passes over it, the mining cart instantly accelerates in the direction it is moving. But you can’t increase the speed to more than 8 blocks per second.
  • Break: If a moving mine cart passes over an idle powered rail, the mine cart slows down and eventually stops.

Elements needed to make a motorized rail

You need the following items to make a powered rail using Redstone in Minecraft:

To make a stick, you have to pfit two wooden planks vertically side by side in the crafting area. You can use any type of wood to make sticks. Meanwhile, we already have a guide to find Redstone dust in Minecraft. You can use this item to locate the Redstone ore that usually spawns in caves in the overworld. When mined, the Redstone ore drops a piece of Redstone dust.

Similarly, you can get gold bars by mining gold ore and then melting it down in a furnace or blast furnace. To find gold ores, use our minecraft ore distribution guide. However, a simple life hack is to explore wastelands that have the most gold and mineshafts.

Minecraft Powered Rails Crafting Recipe

Once you’ve collected the materials, follow the steps below to create a motorized rail in Minecraft:

1. First place gold bullion on both side columns of the production area. The sides of all three rows must be completely filled, leaving the middle column empty.

Gold in the crafting area

2. After that, put a piece of Redstone dust in the lower cell from the middle column. Next, place the stick in the cell right on top of the Redstone dust. East the stick must be in the center cell of the production area.

Powered Rail Recipe Crafting

3. And voila, you have successfully created a motorized rail. It looks like regular rail but with Redstone sleepers and a deep yellow track.

How to use a motorized rail in Minecraft

To understand the mechanics of a powered rail as a boost for mining carts, let’s try using it with regular rails in a simple format:

1 First, lay a motorized rail on the ground with three regular rails on each side (see diagram below). All of these rails should be facing the same direction.

Motorized rail and regular rails in a row

2. Then, put a lever next to the motorized rail.

lever next to motorized rail

3. Now, place a minecart at one edge of the row of rails. After, switch lever to turn on the powered rail.

Minecart on rail row

4. Then, push the minecart toward the powered rail and watch the speed increase. We have extended the row of rails to show the impact of the boost.

Motorized rail activated in Minecraft

Minecraft Motorized Rail vs Regular Rail

To understand the impact a powered rail has on your Minecraft builds, let’s compare a railway with a powered rail to another row that doesn’t have powered rails.

Motorized rail vs. regular rail

As you can see, the initial push makes the minecart go up about 8 blocks. But with the help of a powered rail, you can keep powering your minecart to go further, in multiples of 8 blocks. It acts as a second push for the minecart.

How to use the motorized rail to stop the mining cars

Follow these steps to use a motorized rail as a brake that stops the mining cart instead of giving it a power boost:

1. First, place the powered rail on the railway track where you want the Minecart to stop. Make sure the point you pick is no more than 8 blocks away from where the Minecart was fed. It stops automatically after traveling almost 8 blocks.

Powered Rail as rest

2. Next, make sure the powered rail is not active. When the rail is inactive or off, it is maroon in color and does not glow (on the left). There should be no Redstone signal source feeding the rail.

Comparison of active and inactive motorized lane
Motorized lane inactive (L) and active (R)

3. Finally, every time an active mining cart reaches the idle motorized rail, it will stop automatically. This mechanic can be used to make mining carts stop at train stations if you decide to make one in your village.

rail comparison

Frequent questions

Does motorized rail need Redstone?

All powered rails need Redstone to work as a boost. Without any power source, the powered rail acts as a brake and immediately brings the minecar to a stop.

How do you make a mining cart go faster in Minecraft?

Using multiple sets of powered rails can make your minecart go on indefinitely faster.

How many powered rails do I need to keep my minecart automatically active?

You must place a motorized rail on each block of eight so that your minecart remains fully automatic.

Make and use Powered Rail in Minecraft today

Just like that, you now have one of the most unconventional yet useful transportation tools in Minecraft. You can add motorized trains to your collection areas, common routes, and even transporters on mob and XP farms. These best minecraft maps have a variety of creative ways to use the motorized rail in the game. However, we’re more interested in what you’re going to do with a powered rail. So, share your ideas in the comments below!