How to earn coins on MCC Island


How to earn coins on MCC Island

Noxcrew’s MCC Island server allows players to embark on a journey to an island where they can play their favorite MC Championship (MCC) mini-games. Although it is in a closed beta state, many players have already been lucky enough to visit the bustling island.

MCC Island is a Minecraft The server is currently still being worked on while allowing players to join in on the fun so Noxcrew can figure out what needs to be fixed and changed. It features the minigames regularly seen in the monthly installments of the MCC event, which is a competition that features 40 creators as they battle through eight minigames with an epic showdown ending.

MCC Island currently has four of the Minecraft minigames from this tournament, with many more to be added in the future as well.

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In addition to the exciting Noxcrew Minecraft mini-games, MCC Island also offers players a plethora of other game content. This other content includes the ability to earn achievements by completing various tasks within minigames, a wide variety of quests to complete, items that can be crafted to change the color scheme of cosmetics or their entire look, and the means of earning. coins that can be spent on a wide variety of unique cosmetics.

In order to obtain the many distinctive cosmetics that can be found on MCC Island, players will first need to raise the funds to do so. Depending on what cosmetic players have in mind, a different currency may be required.

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There are three types of coins in total, each of which also has its own unique purpose and means of earning them.

  • exist coinswhich are the main currency of MCC Island.
  • exist game tokenswhich are a distinctive currency that is accumulated separately for each individual MCC Island minigame.
  • exist gemswhich are a premium and rare currency.

Because MCC Island is still in a closed beta state, it is possible that more means of earning or spending these currencies will emerge or that the existing ones will change. The money economy has already undergone a major change to make everything more expensive and more changes are likely to come as Noxcrew continues to tighten the Minecraft server.

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Players can check how much of each currency they have by opening their personal menu, which is the cell phone icon located in the second slot on the quick access bar. Hovering over each of the three coin icons under the category labeled “wallet” will show players how much of each coin they have accumulated.

How to earn coins on MCC Island

The main currency on MCC Island is coins, which can be obtained through two main means.

  • Coins can be earned by completing daily quests. Depending on a player’s rank, they can have up to 10 daily quests that they can complete for coins.
  • Coins can be earned by opening money bags, which can be purchased with game tokens, received as a faction reward for leveling up a faction, or occasionally received as a mini-game prize. The larger the size of the bag, the more coins players will receive when opening it.
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Noxcrew has also stated that world quests will be added in the future and that these new quests will also award players coins. For now though, players looking to get coins will want to collect as many bags of coins and complete as many daily quests as they can.

Where to spend coins on MCC Island

Coins can be spent in quite a few locations, and the number is constantly growing as Noxcrew expands on MCC Island.

  • Coins can be paid to Dani T. Offers in Posé Moda for various hats and accessories.
  • Coins can be paid to Crafty Withakay in Posé Fashion to create any Blueprint.
  • Coins can be spent on the nightstache to get a hairstyle.
  • Coins can be paid to the hidden vendors around the MCC island to get extremely rare cosmetics.
  • Coins can be spent on the sky lounge by those who rank Grand Champ or higher for Auras and Trails.
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How to Earn Gambling Chips on MCC Island

The easiest currency to earn on MCC Island is game tokens. These are earned simply by playing each of the MCC Island mini-games.

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Doing better in a game, which means something different with each minigame, but includes tasks like finishing a map in To Get to the Other Side (TGTTOS) quickly, taking out other players in Sky Battle and Battle Box, or surviving for a long time. period. of time in Hole in the Wall and Sky Battle, will award more game tokens.

Where to spend game tokens on MCC Island

Game tokens can be spent in the respective store for each game. Each minigame lobby has a shop with two different vendors.

  • there’s the Static Token Store, which markets a set of seven cosmetic active ingredients. Each minigame lobby has a unique set of themed items, such as Sky Battle with assets inspired by Thor and Zeus, while Hole in the Wall has slime cosmetics.
  • there’s the Spinning Token Shop, which sells seven rotating items that change regularly on a rotating basis. This includes items like wallets, Chroma Blueprints, and customization kits.
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How to earn gems on MCC Island

The rarest currency on MCC Island is gems. These can currently be obtained through two means.

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  • Gems can be obtained by buy a rank pack at the MCC Island store.
  • Gems can be obtained by opening bags of money that are medium, large, or overflowing.

Where to spend gems on MCC Island

Currently, only two stores accept gems as currency. This is likely because it is a premium currency only intended for very exclusive items.

Screenshot via MCC Island
  • Gems can be paid for Fae fashionista in Posé Fashion for customization boxes or variant blueprint boxes.
  • Gems can be spent by those who have the rank of Grand Champion or higher in the sky lounge for a select few Trails and Auras.