Top 5 Tricks for Beginner Speed ​​Runners in Minecraft in 2022

Top 5 Tricks for Beginner Speed ​​Runners in Minecraft in 2022
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Top 5 Tricks for Beginner Speed ​​Runners in Minecraft in 2022

Speedrunning has become a favorite pastime for some of the most famous Minecraft players and streamers. However, it is also an activity that many players, including beginners, try at least once during their games. Speedrunning involves completing the game’s main quest line in the shortest time possible, and it’s not a piece of cake for everyone.

Speedrunning is an art that involves following the entire Minecraft progression system, from getting wood, or at least iron, if not diamonds, various levels of weapons, armor, and tools, to acquiring fire rods, activating an end portal, and finally , defeating the Ender Dragon.

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A typical speedrun stops only when the player has jumped through the exit portal which only appears after the dragon has been killed. For people who have never tried it, it can be enjoyable and rewarding as it allows players to test themselves against some of the best sprinters in the world such as Dream, Illumina and more. However, it is not an easy task to accomplish and requires a combination of practice, skill, and patience.

This article will provide great tips for players who aspire to start running Minecraft.

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Minecraft: 5 speedrunning tips new players should keep in mind

5) master bridge

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This tip is designed to help the player get through the Nether dimension. However, it does help in sections of the Overworld that are situated at high altitudes or have uneven terrain.

Bridging is the process of crossing the aforementioned “high altitude” areas by bridging using blocks while the player keeps moving. This process saves a lot of time as players don’t have to traverse an area to reach their destination.

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As players know, the Nether has huge lava lakes and uneven terrain everywhere, making it necessary to build bridges. One of the best ways to close a gap is to go diagonally and not straight as the former is faster. However, they must be careful not to fall.

4) Practice Fall Injury Prevention

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Fall damage is one of the most common contributing factors to a failed Minecraft speedrun. However, there are many ways to prevent it, and while some of them can be tricky, all of them are possible with enough practice.

The easiest way to remove or mitigate fall damage is to land on something soft, like a bed, a block of hay, or in water. This will remove fall damage and allow the player to survive even the highest of falls. However, if there is no such surface around the impact area, players will have to be a bit more creative.

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The first of these methods is to place something under it a moment before the player hits the ground. The best example is the “MLG” bucket of water cheat used by many gamers and content creators. This involves placing a bucket of water just before landing to ensure a safe landing spot. Minecraft players can also do this with beds or hay blocks.

Another tricky method is to use stairs. Stairs must be placed on their side, so players can use them if they have access to an adjacent block while airborne. Dream pulling it off during one of his latest Minecraft Manhunt videos is a prime example of this.

3) Remap hotkeys (if needed)

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Hotkeys in Minecraft are designed to make players’ lives more comfortable by giving them the option to quickly access any gear they want. This option is valuable for speed runners.

Each player uses the keyboard in their own way, either placing different fingers on different keys due to force of habit or comfort. The purpose of a speedrun is to complete the game as quickly as possible, and rebinding in-game hotkeys to essential items can help save players a lot of time.

2) Know how to get fast chimes from ender

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Ender Pearls are some of the most critical items in Minecraft in terms of progression. Players need these items to create ender eyes, another rare item that allows players to find a stronghold and activate an end portal. They also help the player to teleport short distances. However, that action deals a small amount of damage to the player.

There are a few different ways to acquire ender pearls. However, the fastest and most efficient method is to trade gold bars with piglins, who, in turn, have a high chance of trading ender pearls for them. For those, players will have to head into the Nether. Piglins can be found roaming the hellish wasteland.

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However, if players find a bastion remnant along the way, their chances of getting a good trade will skyrocket, as piglins are the main residents of the structure. Once inside, players must catch piglins and throw gold bars at them to return some items, one of which can be ender pearls.

1) Beds and arrows

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This is an important aspect when running Minecraft. Players will remember that when beds are used in the Nether, they explode and cause a lot of destruction. Well, the same is true in the Final dimension. Players can use that same blast to kill the ender dragon.

Since the pillar in the center of the ender dragon’s lair is relatively short, players can use it to place and break beds. The resulting explosion deals a ton of damage to the dragon as it lunges and hovers over that pillar.

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Also, Minecraft players will need plenty of arrows throughout their sprints. The main reason is to avoid clashes with hostile mobs or quickly take them out from a distance. Aside from this, players will need bows and arrows to destroy the final crystals that regenerate dragon health in the final dimension.

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