The 5 weirdest Minecraft seeds in 2022


The 5 weirdest Minecraft seeds in 2022

Minecraft world generation is unlike any other game. The fact that each map in it is randomly generated makes for a different experience every time a player starts a new world. World generation affects everything from mob spawning and cave layouts to the size of some structures like nether fortresses.

Each world in Minecraft is given a specific number that is used to identify it. This string of numbers (or string of alphabets, in some cases) is known as the world seed.

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With the release of the Minecraft 1.18 update in November 2021, a significant part of the game world was revamped. Both the cave systems and the mountains were divided into new biomes and rebuilt to be more in conjunction with the rising height of the world.

The scale of these changes continues to modify world generation in all sorts of ways, which can lead to unusual world designs, like mountains cut in half or caves with gigantic cavities. This article will address some examples of such phenomena.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author’s opinion.

Minecraft: 5 strange cases of world generation (and its seeds)

1) Duplication Seed (Seed: 1669320484)

This Bedrock edition seed spawns players in a large biome of ice spikes right next to one that is very similar. To the east, players can discover a frozen river that is situated in the middle of a giant snowy plains biome, and leads them to an igloo and a village.

While the aforementioned characteristics of this seed might indicate that it is the recipient of a regular world spawn process, players will be quite surprised if they look to the west of the spawn location. There, you will notice a series of ravines that seemingly go on forever.

Each ravine is separated from those around it by 14-15 blocks. In addition to this, players will notice that this pattern doubles as they move from East to West or vice versa, sometimes spawning two lines of ravines instead of one.

2) Overlapping Bedrock Village (Seed: 2305438110318787475)

This Minecraft seed spawns the player in an ancient birch forest biome that is in the center of a seven biome pattern consisting of savannah, plains, forest, birch forest, dark forest, beach, and ocean biome.

If players venture 216 blocks to the southeast of the spawn location, they will find a ruined portal with a loot of gold inside its chest.

The best part of the seed can be found at the following coordinates: X: -3623, Z: 237. Here you will find a small desert town that merges with a bamboo forest biome. This will help protect the village against raiders, as mobs like raiders can’t get through the bamboo.

3) Unfinished Mountain (Seed: 1017731663112957275)

This Java edition seed shows the massive change that the Minecraft 1.18 update brought to the game. Spawn players in a large snowy area that has snowy plains and windswept gravel hill biomes, along with a frozen river in close proximity. A ravine and two different mine shafts are located to the east of the spawn.

If players head to coordinates (700, -350), they will find a large mountain that hasn’t finished spawning yet, which is likely due to a town spawning just below it. It contains a blacksmith and two clergy houses as well.

4) Java Mob Weird Generator (Seed: 2987005564668001064)

This Minecraft seed spawns players in a large jungle biome with the ocean in close proximity. To the east, you can find a ton of ravines that lead into the cave system, exposing many rare and valuable minerals.

A large savannah biome lies to the west, while a “mega gorge,” as calls it, is situated to the southeast of the spawn.

This seed also contains one of the strangest iterations of a mob generator one can find. What is supposed to be a mob spawner looks like a chest, spawner, and minecart merged into one. Players can find it at: -272, 3, 463.

5) Weird Bedrock World Generation (Seed: 2911996343665970461)

This Minecraft seed spawns players inside a forest biome that is surrounded by a long, meandering river. A jungle area can be found to the north, and a savannah biome can be found to the south of the spawn.

While this spawn may seem ordinary from the looks of the terrain and other naturally generated features in the vicinity of the spawn area, the most intriguing feature is found a ton of blocks away, at coordinates 4699888, 223, 4698528.

The player’s destination is a huge cavity in the terrain that appears to have been carefully carved out of the ground. You can find a small island in the middle of a lava lake in this area, along with many waterfalls.

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