How to make a sticky piston in minecraft [Easiest Guide]


How to make a sticky piston in minecraft [Easiest Guide]

Pistons are one of the most useful component blocks in Minecraft. They allow you to push pretty much everything in the game, and that unlocks a variety of complex and interesting mechanics. But you can take them to another level if you know how to make a sticky piston in Minecraft. This improved version of the piston can push, pull, and even carry items for you. Most of the best minecraft farms in the game wouldn’t even be possible without sticky pistons. So let’s explore the Minecraft Sticky Piston crafting recipe.

Craft a sticky piston in Minecraft (2022)

Before we explore the crafting process, we’ll first go over the mechanics of a sticky piston in Minecraft. You can jump to its recipe if you are familiar with its mechanics using the table below. We have tested all the mechanics of Minecraft 1.19 on Windows PC.

What is a sticky piston in Minecraft?

A sticky piston is a block of components that, upon receiving a redstone signal, can push and pull blocks that are next to The block it interacts with sticks to the face of the sticky piston. Naturally, the sticky piston only spawns in jungle temples and ancient cities in Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome. You can break it with any tool to make it fall like an object.

minecraft sticky piston

What can push and pull a sticky piston?

Sticky Pistons can interact with all monsters and players in the game, but can only push and not pull any of them. But when it comes to the blocks in the game, a sticky piston can easily push and pull most solid blocks. Well, there are obviously some exceptions, and here’s a list of blocks that can’t be pushed or pulled with a sticky piston:

Similarly, there are also some blocks that can only be pushed but not pulled. These include:

  • rugs
  • Glazed Terracotta
  • All brittle blocks like wheat and other crops etc.

Please note that our list only goes over the blocks that are present in the survival game. For an expanded list, you can refer to minecraft wiki. However, you won’t need it in most scenarios.

Items Needed to Make a Sticky Piston

You just need the following items to make a sticky piston in Minecraft:

Since a sticky piston is a modified version of a regular piston, you will first need to learn how to make a piston in Minecraft. Fortunately, with the help of our detailed guide, it won’t take you long.

Meanwhile, you have to kill small slime mobs to get slime balls. They typically breed within swamp and mangrove biomes. And if you want to take slime hunting to a whole new level, we also have a guide on how to make a slime farm in Minecraft. Also, for those who don’t know, frogs in minecraft eat slime, and you need to use slime balls and magma cubes to make frog light in minecraft.

Minecraft Sticky Pistons Crafting Recipe

Sticky Piston Crafting Recipe

The sticky piston in Minecraft has one of the simplest crafting recipes in the game. Just place a piston on the workbench with a ball of slime in the cell right above it. Due to the simplicity of this recipe, you can use it in any vertically adjacent cell.

How to use a sticky piston in minecraft

A sticky piston works like any other Redstone component. It requires Redstone signals to feed, and when it receives them, it pushes the block in front of it. When that signal is removed, the sticky piston retracts and pulls the block back. It can also pull a block that is one block away when it expands.

To better understand its functionality, let’s try to use a sticky piston with the help of a lever. This is what you need to do:

1. First, place a solid block on the ground.

solid block placed

2. Next, place a sticky piston right behind that block. The sticky piston should face the block.

Adhesive piston next to a block

3. Then put a lever next to the sticky piston or connect it to its back. But don’t attach it to the side or top of the sticky piston or it will break.

Lever next to blocks

4. Finally, once everything is in place, turn on the lever to activate the sticky piston in Minecraft. If he does, he will push the block right in front of him. When you turn the lever off, the sticky piston will push the block back to its original place.

Working Sticky Piston in Minecraft

Frequent questions

Can honey sticky pistons be made in Minecraft?

Sticky Pistons can only be crafted from Slime Balls and not Honey.

Can sticky pistons move obsidian?

Sticky Pistons cannot move Obsidian Blocks.

Can you make a sticky piston out of magma cream?

You cannot use honey or magma cream to make sticky pistons. Instead, you have to combine slime balls and regular pistons to make gooey pistons.

Make and use a sticky piston in Minecraft

With that, you now have one of the most powerful Minecraft components at your disposal. The only limitation is your own imagination in this world of blocks. And if you’re looking for ideas, our list of the best Minecraft maps has plenty of great options. But what do you plan to use the sticky piston for? Tell us in the comments below!