How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft on Windows


How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft on Windows

In this article we will try to show you how provide more RAM to Minecraft in Windows 11. Minecraft is a form of expression that has no true conclusion. As long as your imagination flows, the game continues. Many people who play Minecraft understand this, and those who don’t may wonder why Minecraft is the biggest game of this generation, it’s both a crafting game and a survival game, you can even record Minecraft videos on PC. More RAM (Random Access Memory) allows programs to start faster and complete tasks in a fraction of the time. A particular application on your computer may require more RAM to function properly, while others may not. For example, a word processing program does not require a large amount of memory due to low performance requirements. However, a detailed Excel spreadsheet or photo editing application will require as much RAM as you can get.

The same goes for games like Minecraft; In many cases, you need to allocate additional RAM to games. In Windows, if you want to prioritize one program over another for better performance, you need to allow the application in question more RAM. RAM allocation for specific programs is a way to prioritize and allocate more RAM to one program than to other applications. Here are the steps to give Minecraft more RAM on Windows 11.

How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft in Windows 11

How to give Minecraft more RAM

Step 1: Open the Minecraft launcher. If necessary, sign in to your Microsoft or Mojang account.

Step 2: On the launcher home screen, select Installations from the top menu bar.

Step 3: You should see your current Minecraft installation listed on the page along with any other installations of the game you have on your system. Select the one you want to allocate more RAM to, then click the three-dot menu icon on the right.

Step 4: Select Edit.

Step 5: Select More Options at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6: Below the JVM Arguments heading, you will see a bar with a text string. Near the beginning, you should see something like -Xmx2G or similar. The 2G part denotes the 2 GB of RAM that Minecraft has allocated to it. To increase this, all you have to do is change the value of the number.

Select the text box to place the cursor in it, then use your keyboard to remove the 2 and replace it with another number. In our tests, we switched it to 4G and allocated 4GB of RAM to our Minecraft installation.

Step 7: Select Save. You can then select the Play tab, followed by Play to start playing Minecraft with more RAM.

How to Allocate More RAM to a Minecraft Server

Step 1: Open the folder where you installed the Minecraft server.

Step 2: Right-click or tap and hold on any blank space in the folder and select New followed by Text Document.

Step 3: Open the document, and then copy and paste the following into it:

java -Xmx@@@@M -Xms@@@@M – server jar.jar nogui

Then change the @ symbols to the amount of RAM you want to allocate to the server. It should be written in the number of Megabytes of memory and should be a multiple of 64. So for around 2 GB of memory, put in 2048.

Step 4: Select File in the upper left corner and select Save As. Then set Save as type to All Files. Rename the file to launcher.bat file server and select Save.

Step 5: Select the file server launcher file to start your Minecraft server with the newly improved RAM allocation.

Last words

We hope that our article on how to allocate more RAM to a Minecraft will help you and solve all your problems. Minecraft is a creation game that allows users to create worlds or learn to survive in pre-generated worlds. Freedom. Expression. Creativity. infinite. These aren’t words you’d associate with traditional games you find in stores, play for a couple of weeks, and then toss on a shelf to collect dust.

I hope you understand this article, How to allocate more RAM to Minecraft on Windows.