Top 6 Minecraft RPG Modpacks to Try in 2022

Top 6 Minecraft RPG Modpacks to Try in 2022
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Top 6 Minecraft RPG Modpacks to Try in 2022

In Minecraft, modpacks are used quite often, especially in Java Edition. Modpacks are essentially a collection of mods that work together to improve the gaming experience and quality for players. In fact, with such a healthy variety of modpacks, Minecraft players are able to do whatever they want with the right set of mods.

In that sense, RPG modpacks are designed with the purpose of turning Minecraft into an RPG. Since the standard version of the game is a sandbox, turning it into an RPG is quite an interesting change.

Many RPG modpacks are quite popular as they provide players with a unique gaming experience. Listed below are some stellar examples to try right now.

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Minecraft: Totally Game-Changing RPG Modpacks

6) Pixelmon Reforged

Pokémon in the Pixelmon Reforged modpack (Image via reforged.gg)
Pokémon in the Pixelmon Reforged modpack (Image via reforged.gg)

Pixelmon is one of the most popular mods out there. Very few game franchises are as popular as Pokémon, so bringing the lovable Pocket Monsters into a Minecraft setting was definitely a great idea. For fans of both franchises, this is the ideal combination that players will be able to find.

Additionally, this modpack was also recently updated to ensure that all new Pokemon are available, including those from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This modpack is as close to ‘catch them all’ as Minecraft will ever get.


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The RPG genre generally allows players to take on the role of a certain character. Unfortunately, in Minecraft, that’s not possible as it doesn’t matter which skin is used in the game, and being Steve or Alex doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. the naruto RPG modpack allows players to play as naruto characters, automatically making it a lot of fun.

It’s widely considered to be one of the most popular anime of all time, so it’s no secret that this modpack is extremely popular within the community. Interestingly, it features iconic locations, weapons, and even characters from the hit show.

4) Life in the village

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Life in the Village is one of the most fun RPG modpacks available for Mojang’s popular sandbox game. With this modpack, players get the full experience of living life in a Minecraft town. Although this can be done in the normal game by simply taking over a villager’s house, it’s not that much fun.

Terrain Processing, Farm Processing, and Mineral Processing are all new features that can’t really be found in many other places besides this particular modpack.

3) Valhesia 2

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Valhesia 2 is easily one of the best modpacks available for gamers looking for something totally different. Not only does it add new features, but it retextures almost everything to make it feel like a whole new game. The mob behavior is different, and there are tons of new features, including magic, to create an amazing experience.

2) RL Craft

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RLCraft is one of the best general modpacks available for the sandbox. It brings together many different mods for an interesting and captivating game. Interestingly, this is a very difficult modpack to use as it prides itself on making the game that much more challenging. However, RPGs are generally quite a challenging video game genre, and this modpack stays true to that fact.

1) Vault Hunters

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Vault Hunters is perhaps the best Minecraft modpack currently available. With this, players can learn talents and skills, which can be upgraded as they progress. But what really sets this RPG mods pack apart is the sheer volume of additions and features it packs. It has a considerable amount of items that can be looted from vaults, which are some of the best changes in the game.

Many popular Minecrafters like CaptainSparklez and AntonioAsh use it, further cementing its authenticity as a top-tier modpack. With regular updates, gamers are never stuck with an inferior product.

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