The 5 most useful structures in Minecraft in 2022

The 5 most useful structures in Minecraft in 2022
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The 5 most useful structures in Minecraft in 2022

A typical Minecraft world, when fully mapped, uncovered, and placed in a side-by-side comparison with some of the most influential game maps of this generation, reveals its scale to be much greater. The kind of opportunity this brings to both players and game developers is amazing.

Today, players can do or do almost anything in Mojang’s sandbox title, coupled with the fact that its scope of exploration is unrivaled in all games. A map of such large proportions requires quality content to fill it. This is provided in the form of various biomes, mobs, terrain types, a dynamic weather system, and finally, structures.

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Minecraft’s many structures increase your replayability along with opportunities to score a ton of loot in the process. This article will list some of the most useful buildings in the latest version of Minecraft.

Ranking the top 5 structures to focus on when exploring a Minecraft world

5) Town

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Villages are some of the most beloved structures in all of Minecraft. They spawn on a fairly large section of land and consist of a few cottage-type houses. These, in turn, spawn according to the number of villagers that appear next to them, as each bed is assigned to a single entity.

Villages are one of the best structures Minecraft players can find after a long expedition through the Overworld, as they provide shelter, food, important blocks, and sometimes weapons, armor, and tools as well. In addition to this, they can participate in the trading process with villagers who have certain professions to acquire equipment that is even more rare.

4) Lower Fortress

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Since Nether Fortresses are located in the Nether dimension, Minecraft players will need to go through a few steps before they can get there in the first place. These steps will be to find and mine at least 10 obsidian to build a portal.

After this, players will need to light it up, which can be done using flint and steel or another similar method. Once you’re in the Nether, you’ll have to search high and low for a fortress.

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Entering the structure will expose players to a variety of dangers, including fires, withered skeletons, zombie pigs, and more. As for loot, you can acquire iron bars, gold bars, diamonds, and more.

3) Desert Temple

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Desert Temples are located in the large, arid desert biome, as the name suggests. One of the most profitable structures in the Overworld, they are found within an even larger structure known as the Desert Pyramid.

These pyramids can be easily identified and entered. But players must vary, as they do not contain a default light source, allowing hostile mobs like vines to spawn inside.

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After entering the pyramid, Minecraft players must use any means necessary to descend into the loot room. The treasure here can produce diamonds, enchanted books, iron and gold ingots, and other resources such as rope, rotting meat, and wool.

However, they must be careful not to step on the pressure plate in the center of the room, as it triggers a trap consisting of a ton of TNT that is buried under the temple.

Once inside, they must extract the pressure plate to mitigate any risk of death and proceed to loot each of the four individual chests in the room, as well as the nine blocks of TNT below.

2) Stronghold Remnant

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Bastion Remnants, like Nether Fortresses, are located in the Nether. However, unlike the latter, they come in four different types (bridges, hoglin stables, dwelling units, and treasure rooms), each with their own design.

Each layout is like a castle and residence for piglins and rough piglins. They are neutral mobs that can attack players if they are not wearing equipment items made of gold, or if they are seen looting chests.

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In terms of loot, strongholds contain many valuable blocks like gold blocks, golden black stone, and more. They also contain chests that can have items like lodestone, metal nuggets and ingots, spectral arrows, enchanted golden armor pieces, banner patterns, and even ancient debris.

1) End City

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End Cities are some of the rarest structures in Minecraft. They are located on the outer islands of the End dimension, and the type of loot they offer players is exceptional.

However, before they go in and start looting, they’ll need to find one of these elusive structures. For this, they must first enter the Final dimension.

To do that, Minecraft players need to find a fortress and fill the Eyes of Ender in the end portal found there. Once in the End, they must fight and defeat the Ender Dragon, after which a gateway to the outer islands of the realm will open.

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Finding a Final City will take time and perseverance. However, when players find this structure, they will need to climb it and loot any chests they can see inside. The loot present there includes enchanted iron and diamond armor, tools and weapons, gold and iron ingots, diamonds, emeralds, horse armor, saddles and much more.

If players find an End Ship nearby, they will also have a chance to acquire the coveted Elytra.

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