Best Naruto Crossovers


Best Naruto Crossovers

naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja outcast by his people, but he desperately wants their approval and dreams of one day becoming Hokage. Naruto, at the beginning of the anime, is a small brat who is sure of his goals to the point of alienating others in the village. At the end of naruto shippuden, however, he has earned the respect of both his peers and his enemies forever.

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the naruto The anime series began in 2002 and ran for 220 episodes. Following the original series, naruto shippuden began in 2007 and ran for a decade, ending in 2017. The spin-off/sequel series boruto started in 2017 and tells the story of of naruto son, who has mixed feelings for his father. Through the years, naruto he has appeared in various other media, from video games to other anime, and is no stranger to being mentioned or parodied in many forms of popular media.


6 Yu-Gi-Oh!

A popular anime and manga based on the story of Yugi Mutuo, a young man who is often teased and loves playing games. Yugi manages to solve an ancient puzzle called the Millennium Puzzle, and this causes a spirit to enter his body. Finally, it turns out that this spirit is an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who had lost his memory. Whenever Yugi was in trouble, the spirit would appear to challenge anyone who would endanger Yugi or his friends to Shadow Games.

Episode 187 of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series titled Let the Games Begin, Part One featured the KC Grand Prix. This is a tournament where participants are randomly chosen one by one to see who will face each other. It is during the tournament that Naruto crosses over into the world. During the match in the crowd, Choji Akimichi, Shikamaru Nara, and Ino Yamanaka can be seen watching.

5 apex legends

apex legends is part of Titanfall universe and one of the most popular Battle Royale games on the market. Game developers obviously have a love for naruto, one of Revenant’s Death Totem animations that made him perform a Summoning Jutsu from the show. In addition to the Jutsu animation for Revenant, Wattson had a skin called the legendary spirit of lightning which was also based on naruto.

naruto appears several times in apex legends​​​​​, most famously with the character Wraith. Eliminated for giving an unfair advantage, Wraith could do the naruto run, a style of running with the arms behind while the character leans forward to run. Iconic but nerfed, anyway, the naruto Run was sadly too unbalanced to remain as he was.

4 karate island

He may live in a pineapple under the sea, but SpongeBob is no stranger to martial arts. In Season 4, Episode 11, SpongeBob is invited to karate island to be crowned king of all karate. Traveling to the island, Sally suspects that something is wrong because she knows that SpongeBob is not as strong as she is.

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She was right, and SpongeBob was put in jail, leaving Sally to rescue her porous yellow friend. Making his way through floor after floor with a wink to kill bill along the way, Sally also ends up captured and caged. Here viewers see Sally wear naruto hand signals to perform what appears to be some form of Jutsu. After the hand signals, Sally manifests the power to break out of the cage and ends up saving SpongeBob, all thanks to a little naruto influence.

3 lars alexanderson

naruto it has had several video game adaptations over the years through many console generations. None is talked about as much as the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm series, a successful quadrilogy chart naruto and his friend’s path from the beginning of the anime to boruto.

The second title of the series, Naruto Shippuden: The Ultimate Ninja Storm 2featured one of the largest crossings in naruto history. In this game, players could play as Lars Alexandersson from Tekken 6 as a cross with Tekken Serie. Lars can use electrical attacks such as lightning releases causing chakra to flow through his body at the point of contact. Lars even had his own naruto costume design in Tekken 6 of ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Although his appearance in the naruto the universe was never addressed.

two Pokemon

everyone knows about Pokemonthe famous video game series that is going from strength to strength with no signs of stopping. Pokemon the anime is very popular and still runs alongside every entry of the game to increase the popularity of new ones Pokemon to the audience

Ninja arts are not the best defense for Pokemon trainers while using their fellow monsters to fight in their place. In Battle Royal episode 151, there is a cool reference to the naruto universe. Trainer Pikala has her own Pikachu, which is named Bolt; this Pikachu has a hairstyle that any anime fan would recognize. Bolt shares the same haircut as Naruto’s son Boruto, giving the electric mouse Pokemon a unique appearance and personality.

1 Fortnite

The main Battle Royale video game is known for its huge crossover events. Of Star Wars a Indiana Jones and even Dragon Ball, Fortnite attract gamers again and again with these high-profile collaborations. Some of these skins must be unlocked by completing missions, while others must be purchased from the item shop menu.

Naruto Uzumaki, the ninja who never goes back on his word, entered the arena hoping to achieve his victory royale. Accompaniment naruto In his adventure were his friends Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake. Quests would unlock items from all over the naruto universe and even allow the final valley and the chunin exam arena to be visited. Players could even explore the Hidden Leaf Village while this event was going on, making it the best naruto crusader of all time

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