15 Awesome Games Like Minecraft That You Must Play!


15 Awesome Games Like Minecraft That You Must Play!

There are a plethora of games similar to Minecraft, and with good reason! One of the most played video games in the world, Mojang’s Creative Hub allows players to use their imagination and creativity to build and explore their own unique worlds with friends.

There are many games that try to resemble Minecraft, but only a select few are worth the effort. The 25 best games that are similar to Minecraft include something for everyone. If you’re looking for a new game to play after playing Mojang’s Minecraft for a long time, there are plenty of options, from the survival-leaning The Forest, to the limitless possibilities of No Man’s Sky, to the quiet farming of Stardew Valley.

1 The Forest

In The forest, you are thrown into the woods (after crashing a plane) and must fend for yourself against a mysterious clan of cannibals who seem to only come out at night. It’s a lot like playing Minecraft, except the creepy hissing spiders in Minecraft were actually bloodthirsty savages trying to eat you. If the image above didn’t convince you, The Forest is much scarier than Minecraft could ever hope to be. Green Inferno-esque themes are present, with being alone in the woods and having to fend for yourself against the elements and hostile mutants armed with clubs. This is not a show suitable for children. an amazing 15 part game.

15 amazing game.

2 roblox

RobloxThe incredibly famous online sandbox allows users to build just about anything. Have you ever wanted to build a huge tower only to have it explode in spectacular fashion, or throw a disco party full of strobe lights and a live DJ? Yes do it. With the game’s sophisticated editing capabilities, the world is your oyster and anything is possible. Roblox has a strong emphasis on cooperative play, encouraging players to build and destroy with their friends (and there are plenty of them, with over 100 million active users as of 2019). Give it a try if you find Minecraft too lonely for you. an amazing 15 part game.

3. Terrariums

As in Minecraft, you will have to cut down many trees in terrariums‘s 2D world before you can start building a house. There are things that go bump in the night, and would very much like to kill you while you’re trying to figure out what to do with your ever-increasing stock of natural (and supernatural) resources, so this is a necessary sacrifice. Crafting is more than just a means of safety against the persistent dangers of the world, conquering bosses and dungeons along the way. Fortunately, Terraria gives you more options when it comes to getting rid of invading evil with a greater emphasis on battle and unique goods. There’s unlikely to be a better time to dive in, as the final big expansion, Journey’s End, won’t arrive until 2020. It’s a chunk of 15 incredible games.

4 History of the castle

Castle Story is a strategy game where you must strategically defeat your opponents while building a wide variety of buildings. Another similarity between Minecraft and real life is the requirement to engage in wholesale logging, albeit in the service of a lofty goal: building an impregnable fortress with nothing more than blocks of wood. The ability to create your own defenses adds a unique flavor to Castle Story gameplay, resulting in a highly addictive fusion of strategy and creativity. an amazing 15 part game.

5 Stardew Valley

It’s easy to lose sight of Minecraft’s emphasis on smaller achievements like tending to a garden or farm amongst all the massive construction projects. The video game Stardew Valley is based on a similar principle. However, there are many things that set it apart from other options. Stardew Valley allows players to interact with a fictional city and its inhabitants, learn about their daily lives, and even develop romantic feelings for some of their fellow citizens. The game’s hybrid nature prevents it from leaning too heavily into one genre thanks to its many influences, including Minecraft and other similar games like Animal Crossing and Japanese RPGs. an amazing 15 part game.

6 Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved is best described as “Minecraft with dinosaurs”, however this can be a bit simplified. You wake up on the shores of a mysterious island teeming with Jurassic animals, but it doesn’t take long for your survival skills to come in handy as you work your way to the top of the food chain and claim your rightful place as king of the jungle. Darwinism and the natural order are major themes in Ark. It’s best to start as naked prey and work your way up to becoming the top predator. The game gradually transitions from a survival experience to a fantasy of limitless power, replicating the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčevolution in a way that few other games have. an amazing 15 part game.

7 cubeworld

Cube World is a procedurally generated blocky MMORPG that focuses on building and leveling up a character. There is a heavy emphasis on visual customization, with players able to alter their armor and other accessories to express themselves in spectacular ways. However, Cube World also borrows ideas from other games like The Legend of Zelda. Cube World’s emphasis on exploration is reminiscent of titles like these, and the game’s skill tree reflects that. Once you choose a combat class and specialization, the game transforms from an exploration simulator into a substantial RPG adventure with quests, bosses, and spooky caves to explore. an amazing 15 part game.

8 treasure

Because it’s a voxel game, the similarities between Trove and Minecraft are striking. Trion World’s action MMORPG Trove contains mines and caverns teeming with opponents and the promise of untold prizes, and allows players to team up with others to advance their character and complete the game’s extensive to-do list. However, Trove’s wide selection of classes shows that the game is more interested in being an MMO than a Minecraft clone by allowing and even encouraging diversity of playstyles. This game deviates from the norms of its art inspiration by using RPG tropes like loot, bosses, and dungeons. an amazing 15 part game.

stellar 9

Starbound’s tagline, “survive, learn, explore, and fight,” provides a decent overview of the game’s content. Additionally, the game’s boundless environment provides a wealth of opportunities for the two-player team, both in terms of modifying the world and finding new areas to set up home bases. Exploring the game with friends is meant to be fun in and of itself, not just a means to an end, whether you’re just farming, trying your hand at space exploration, or crafting weapons for missions. Although it is a freeform adventure like Minecraft, the inclusion of quests and NPCs gives the game a sense of narrative and direction. an amazing 15 part game.

10 Survival Colony

Colony Survival is another game that, at first glance, looks a lot like Minecraft (although it’s a shadowed version of Minecraft), but it’s actually quite different. In this unique mix of tower defense and survival tactics, you’ll have to build a colony from scratch (or delegate construction to your colonists) and defend it from the hordes of monsters that attack your community every night. The meat and potatoes of the game are the settlers, who are more perceptive and adaptable than the standard muttering Minecraft villager and can work in a variety of vocations, from guards to farmers to miners. an amazing 15 part game.

11 Kerbal Space Program

The central purpose of Minecraft is to encourage innovation and ingenuity among its players. You decide you need a bed, so you gather the necessary items, prepare them, and build one. Similarly, Kerbal Space Program works the same way. You are not in nature building life-size reproductions of historical monuments; instead, he’s using his analytical talents to ensure the survival of the lovable cartoon animals as they face the perils of intergalactic travel. Kerbal Space Program, like Minecraft, has also been adopted as an instructional tool in classrooms. You can enjoy and learn with the games! an amazing 15 part game.

12 Don’t Starve

Monster Don’t Starve(opens in new tab collection) is close to dethroning Minecraft’s iconic Creeper as the scariest monster in a survival crafting game, but the Creeper will always be king. The survival mechanic of Don’t Starve, where you have to make do with very little food, water, or shelter, is very similar. However, the game’s beautiful gothic style, which looks like a children’s book crossover with HP Lovecraft, sets it apart. And as the name suggests, in this roguelike from Klei Entertainment, players face more than just hunger as they fight to survive. The fight to maintain proper nutrition has never been stronger, and fire has never been a more reliable ally. an amazing 15 part game.

13 Dragon Quest 2 Builders

Another game that is obviously influenced by Minecraft is the survival action RPG Dragon Quest Builders 2. The game transports you to a picturesque blocky fantasy world where you must escape from an oppressive cult. What exactly are the goals of the cult? To sweep away anyone who has the audacity to be inventive. As a result, the world is falling apart and it’s up to you to take on the cult and help the population rebuild what has been lost. Incorporating traditional themes from the series like slimes, hilarious dialogue, and a charmingly nostalgic soundtrack by series regular composer Koichi Sugiyama, this game builds on the decades-long success of the Dragon Quest series. an amazing 15 part game.

14 King Arthur’s Gold

Just like in Minecraft, you have complete creative control over your fortress. In this medieval RPG, you will use the ground around your home as a fortification by digging into it and using other environmental features to ward off attackers. King Arthur’s Gold shines when it comes to building for profit and destroying for laughs. Plus, King Arthur’s Gold’s multiplayer mode supports up to 32 players, making for a delightfully chaotic experience. Players will need to familiarize themselves with the game’s fighting gear mechanics, such as the catapult, as well as learn how to employ all three classes effectively. The presence of sharks is an advantage; shark rocks. an amazing 15 part game.

15 Lego worlds

It could be said that Lego Worlds and Minecraft share a lot of similarities, as the former is heavily influenced by the latter, which in turn is heavily influenced by Lego. In Lego Worlds, you can destroy entire worlds in one fell swoop and rebuild them with the game’s arsenal of powerful building tools to create spectacular creations. Plus, there’s a campaign mode, collectibles, traditional Lego gameplay, and Peter Serafinowicz’s fantastically dramatic storytelling. Lego Worlds has an infectious quality that consistently manages to charm anyone who plays in its brick-based biomes, thanks to the traditional Lego appeal it helped create. an amazing 15 part game.

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