Top 7 Light Blocks in Minecraft in 2022

Top 7 Light Blocks in Minecraft in 2022
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Top 7 Light Blocks in Minecraft in 2022

Lighting is very important in Minecraft. While most games have it as a feature that only affects a player’s visibility, this title uses it to regulate conditions related to hostile mob spawning and crop growth. For players who may not be aware, the lighting in this game comes in 16 levels, from zero to fifteen.

Until a recent update, hostile mobs could spawn in areas with light levels of seven or higher. However, in the current version of the game, they can only spawn in areas with zero light level, which makes each light-up block in the game that much more meaningful. There are several blocks that emit light in Minecraft. This article will list the most useful ones.

The 7 Most Efficient Light Emitting Blocks in Minecraft

7) Torch

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Torches are often considered the “default” lighting source in Minecraft, as they are extremely easy to make. All players need to do to craft this block is combine a single piece of coal with a stick.

Since both wood and coal are widely available throughout the Overworld, players can make plenty of torches to ensure they don’t get stranded in a dark structure. Torches have a light level of 14 and can be carried in stacks of 64, like many other items in the game.

6) rod end

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End rods are one of the rarest light-based blocks in all of Minecraft. The main reason for this is that they are only found in the final cities. The only way to access these cities is to go through the game’s entire progression system. This means starting by getting basic resources and ender pearls from the Overworld and fire rods from the Nether dimension.

Players must then combine fire rods and ender pearls to create ender eyes, find a fortress and an end portal, fill all the eyes, and then reach the Final Dimension. However, what lies ahead is one of the most famous boss battles in all of gaming involving the Ender Dragon.

Once the player has defeated the dragon, only then can they gain access to the outer islands to try and find a final city. End rods can be found throughout this structure, so players will have no problem acquiring them.

5) Sea lantern/shroomlight

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While these two blocks can be obtained from different locations, they both serve the same purpose of providing a lot of light to the player. Both blocks have a light level of 15.

Sea lanterns are found in underwater locations such as ocean monuments and ruins, and their texture and cast go hand in hand with the underwater “theme”. They can only be picked up with a Silk Touch pickaxe and offer a ghostly, pale blue-green light that complements the blue colored Prismarine block they are usually found next to.

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Shroomlight, on the other hand, is only found in the Nether dimension, growing on both crimson and twisted mushrooms. Unlike sea lanterns, this block is bright orange in color and allows redstone to pass through itself, making it an appropriate component in a redstone contraption.

4) Luminous stone

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Glowstone is another block in Minecraft that is similar to shroomlight and sea lanterns. However, there is one quality that sets it apart from the other two. When glowstone is mined with a pickaxe that isn’t enchanted with silken touch, it doesn’t drop as a block but as glowstone dust, which can be used as a potion ingredient.

Like some of the other lighting blocks on this list, Glowstone has a light level of 15, the highest in the game. As a transparent block, it allows redstone signals to pass through it. This makes this input effective on structures like logic gates and vertical redstone contraptions.

3) Fully Charged Respawn Anchor

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Most Minecraft players may know that respawning in the Nether is pretty much impossible due to the fact that beds, the default item players use to set their spawn inside the Overworld, explode inside the nether dimension if placed.

Respawn Anchors, however, allow players to return to life without the threat of being blown up. These blocks can be used four times before they need to be recharged. Once a respawn anchor is fully charged, it works at light level 15.

2) Conduit

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Ducts are some of the most useful blocks in Minecraft. When placed underwater, they provide the Conduit Power status effect, which also offers a bunch of different benefits to any player in its radius. The ducts also have a light level of 15.

1) Beacon

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Beacons in Minecraft are immensely powerful blocks that subject players to a ton of different status effects. They are often considered one of the most difficult blocks to make, as their recipe requires a nether star, a drop only obtained by defeating the fierce mob boss Wither.

The beacons must be placed in a pyramid-like structure that can be built from the following resources: iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks, diamond blocks, or netherite blocks. Players can combine each of these to make a single pyramid as well.

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