The best way to get emeralds in Minecraft Bedrock


The best way to get emeralds in Minecraft Bedrock

Emeralds are an important resource to trade with villagers in Minecraft. So what is the best way to get emeralds in minecraft?

Trading is one of the best methods of acquiring some of the most important and powerful items and enchantments in the game, such as the Mending Charm that you can buy from Librarian Villagers. In fact, you can trade for almost every item you need to finish the game!

As it is the main currency among villagers and traveling merchants, it is also rare to find emeralds in the world. Mining them is not efficient, as they spawn even less frequently than diamonds. So how can you make sure you have enough to buy all the tools you need to be successful? Let’s break it down.

find a town

Town from above- Emeralds in Skyrim
A spyglass helps, but what you really need is height! | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

The first step to acquiring emeralds quickly is to find a place to spend them. Ideally, to explore a town, you might climb a mountain and look down at night, looking for the torches and lanterns they use to light their homes and businesses.

Or, you can scan the shoreline on a fast-moving ship. Early in the game, getting on a boat can be quicker and easier, as you’re much less likely to be attacked by mobs while rowing a boat than climbing a mountain at night, and many villages spawn on shorelines.

Securing the village can be just as important as finding it, as hostile mobs from the overworld will apparently follow you and attack villagers if they see them. If all the villagers in a town die, there is no easy way to revive the town, as it can be very tedious to bring in new villagers as immigrants.

Therefore, you need to start a city walling and lighting project. Even walls made of wood easily repel invaders, breaking their line of sight. It’s a good idea to build these walls close to structures already in town and leave some open spaces in the walls to concentrate hostile mobs in a predictable area.

If you’re feeling creative and have resources to spare, it’s also a good idea to build a watchtower where you can see the whole town. This will be important later, when we invite a siege to our beautiful city.

secure your city

Pillager Tower: the best way to get emeralds in Minecraft
Image: Rockstar North, Rockstar Games via HGG

Another good security measure is to make sure that the village has at least one iron golem and at least one cat. The iron golem is a very capable fighter that will protect villagers from damage and can be repaired with individual iron ingots.

It is not uncommon for them to appear naturally within a village, either when the village first appears in the world or when a village has more than 10 inhabitants. Once a village reaches that size, the population will hold regular meetings in the town center, and during those meetings, the villagers will talk to each other about their concerns in the village.

They will gossip about the player’s actions, good or bad. During these gatherings, it is also possible for the villagers to express concern about any hostile monsters they may have seen recently, and each time they express this fear, there is a very small chance of spawning another iron golem.

Cats, like iron golems, are sometimes spawned naturally when a village is first created, but can also be imported by going to a jungle biome and feeding the local cats some fish. They will follow you into town and stay close. Cats are important to the upkeep of the village, as they chase away vines that might explode and slow down your hard work of building defenses for the city.

Construction of a trading room

Construction of a trading room
You don’t need to go that big, but it helps! | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

The next step to efficient emerald acquisition is to set up a trading room within your well-defended village. This large building will contain one of each of the twelve types of professions, along with twelve beds for the workers to sleep in, preferably contained within the same structure for their own safety. Think of this building as the keep of your castle, where your closest allies will work for your benefit.

The twelve blocks you’ll need to get to build a proper trading room are a blast furnace, a smoker, a mapping table, a brewing station, a composter, a barrel, a feathering table, a cauldron, a lectern, a stonemason, a loom, a blacksmith’s table and a grinding wheel.

The most important things you’ll want to get right away will be the Whetstone, Lectern, and Feathering Table. These three have the biggest reward when you’re finally ready to spend all the emeralds you’ll earn, and the workers at these stations also ask for some of the easiest items to acquire, so if you’re in a hurry to earn emeralds, start there.

Having one of each season is ideal, as you will have excess resources of many types after spending enough time in a world, and all of these resources can be turned into emeralds.

Farm, farm, farm some more.

Farm emeralds in Minecraft
Paper for days! | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

The next step is to collect as much sugar cane, charcoal, and sticks as possible. Fill a chest with a bit of each if you can. Turn sugar cane into paper, as you will need paper to trade with both the librarian and cartographer who lives in your trading room.

The coal can go to any of the metallurgists, such as the armorer or the blacksmithas well as the fisherman. And sticks you’ll want to switch to the feathering table. Don’t start trading with these villagers yet, as we have one more task to accomplish to take control of their economy.

You can find sugar cane growing along riverbanks or near the ocean, and you can replant it in any grass or sand block next to a water block. Let it grow before you cut it down, and you can replant it along the shoreline.

Coal is found underground and is very common. It is recommended to use a Pickaxe with the Fortune Charm when mining Coal to maximize your production. Sticks are one of the first items you’ll come across in Minecraft, and you’ll want to clear some forests of trees to get enough sticks.

Gathering other resources will also be helpful, but you’ll want to check with your other villagers to see exactly what they’ll want, as it can vary by villager, and sometimes by biome.

become the hero

Ravager - The best way to get emeralds in Minecraft
The devastating beast can be deadly to the unprepared. | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

The last step of our process will involve quite a bit of fighting, and it’s recommended that you get at least some iron armor and a few select weapons before proceeding.

You need to go out into the world and find a group of raiders, roaming mobs that look like your villagers, but carry crossbows and attack on sight. If you’re lucky, you can find them living in huge towers visible from afar, where you can usually get some good loot as well.

Once you find the raiders, you need to look for one that is carrying a flag with a menacing symbol on its back. This is their leader, and when you kill them you will receive a status effect called “A Bad Omen”.

The rest of the raiders are also worth killing, especially if you have a weapon with the raid enchantment attached, as they can drop emeralds themselves.

In search of the horizon

Once you have the bad omen on you, you will want to prepare for more battles and then head back to your village. When you reach the village borders, he will trigger a raider raid on your town as revenge for killing the raider captain earlier.

This will spawn a large number of hostile mobs like Evocators, Vindicators, and the dreaded Ravager. They will come in several waves corresponding to your chosen difficulty level, and any of these mobs you kill will also have a chance to drop emeralds.

This can also be a great place to pick up high level gear like Enchanted Books or the Totem of Immortality.

village hero
Victory! | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

When you successfully defend villagers from this attack, your bad omen will be replaced with a new status effect called “Village Hero”.

The villagers, unaware that you actually provoked this attack on purpose, will be so appreciative of your defense of their town that they’ll offer you a huge discount or bonus on any items you want to trade with them. This can greatly increase the number of emeralds you can acquire from villagers and also make spending those emeralds much more efficient.


It's time to get paid!  - Farming emeralds in Minecraft
It’s time to get paid! | Image: Mojang via HGG / Nathan Hart

While this method requires a lot of skill and some guts, it’s the best way to collect a lot of emeralds at once and give you a place to spend them at the same time.

Becoming a village hero is also a really fun activity in Minecraft as it involves many parts of the game at once, from creative wall building at the beginning, to exploring to find looters, to massive combat at the end. . When he’s ready to become an emerald tycoon, now he can take the higher ground.

Join the High Land

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