Minecraft’s Unused Giant Mob Deserves A Second Chance As Overworld Boss

Minecraft’s Unused Giant Mob Deserves A Second Chance As Overworld Boss
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Minecraft’s Unused Giant Mob Deserves A Second Chance As Overworld Boss

Mojang has scrapped some Minecraft mobs in their day, including a variety of humanoids that preceded modern villagers and a giant zombie-like mob that roamed the world. Nowadays, there is probably no place for humanoids in the game anymore; the villagers successfully play the role of humans in the overworld, and many of Mojang’s past ideas, such as Pigmen, have since been adapted to different mobs. The giant, however, may not be stuck in the past. Minecraft There may still be a place for this oversized zombie as a new boss can be found in the overworld, just like before.


Minecraft has a curious relationship with boss mobs. The Ender Dragon has been a major target for many years, while the Wither offers fans a darker, more explosive challenge, but Mojang hasn’t expanded the list of Minecraft boss mobs far beyond them. The Warden is the closest thing in a long time, but fans are not destined to fight this guardian of the Deep Dark. In order to give adventurers in the outside world a new challenge that doesn’t require a trip to Hell or the End, Mojang might consider reworking the old giant concept into a creature that can be fought, or outwitted, while exploring the map. world.

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How Minecraft could incorporate giants

Although the giants are well known for their huge Minecraft zombie model, Mojang would probably have to start by reworking the mob imagery if it wanted to add giants to the overworld. While it worked at the time, an enlarged zombie isn’t a particularly creative approach for a behemoth. Instead, Mojang could go for classic depictions of giants, making them appear more humanoid, possibly even resembling villagers or raiders. An imposing new mob with a bit of Nordic flair could be a great way to mix up some of Minecraftespecially if the giants gain special abilities depending on the biome they’re in, like a frost giant in a tundra that slows players down.

Giants would also be a great opportunity to introduce a new structure to the game. Ideally, a mob of bosses from around the world would stay in one place so players know where to find it, instead of wandering around, so reinventing giants could allow Mojang to introduce a new giant fortress or camp for players to explore. A giant-themed structure could also present a great new stealth challenge for the overworld; players could sneak through a giant fortress in search of Minecraft loot items and avoid a boss battle, or they could just approach the giant head-on.

The giants could also allow Mojang to invent some worthy new loot. For example, giants can drop weapons with exclusive Minecraft enchantments that cannot be obtained from villagers or enchantment tables, possibly themed around the giant’s home biome. Giants could also provide a new material for players to work with, such as a weaker alternative to Netherite that modifies iron armor instead of diamond armor. The overworld may already have its share of spawned structures with exclusive items, but a boss-focused structure would be something new for Minecraft.

All in all, it is clear that Mojang could get a lot out of a new adaptation of this unpublished Minecraft crew. It would be a great challenge for both the single-player and multiplayer worlds, offering fans a warm-up boss to fight before hunting down the Ender Dragon or summoning the Wither. Mojang hasn’t indicated reworking giants as a priority, but maybe giants can find a place in one of the future updates anyway. The studio has promised many updates related to old content, such as reworks of MinecraftThe oldest biomes in , so maybe it also looks at some of the game’s darker past features. If Mojang is willing to do the legwork, he could really benefit from the giants in Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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