Minecraft can now be played on its own without command blocks or mods

Minecraft can now be played on its own without command blocks or mods
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Minecraft can now be played on its own without command blocks or mods

Three Minecraft players have used Redstone Circuits, and absolutely no command blocks or mods, to create a working version of Minecraft.

a trio of Minecraft players have used Redstone courses to recreate Minecraft itself into an epic build that doesn’t use command blocks or mods. Over the years, fans of the game have done a lot with MinecraftRedstone circuits, building replicas in real life, but this new project is certainly a cut above the rest.

Redstone circuits work in the same way as real electrical circuits. There is a relatively small number of complex components available without the use of mods, but this hasn’t stopped players from building large automated farms and other such projects with ease. Furthermore, the components that exist, such as the Redstone repeater, are more than capable of creating even computer systems within Minecraft. The only caveat is space; Unlike real-life electronics, Redstone’s complex circuitry can cover large swaths of the game world. However, the end results can be surprising, with talented Redstone engineers having produced creations like a redstone-powered graphing calculator in Minecraft.


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Now three players have created a Redstone system that can actually run a limited version of Minecraft. players sammyuri, Uwerta and StackDoubleFlow collaborated to upgrade ‘CHUNGUS 2’, sammyuri’s previous 1Hz Redstone computer. These upgrades, which include the addition of additional memory and processing power, have brought CHUNGUS 2 to a state capable of running a stripped-down version of Minecraft, with 16 different types of blocks and their associated game mechanics. The system is particularly notable for containing no command blocks, which would greatly ease in-game programming requirements. Command blocks have previously been used to great effect to create recreations of games like Word in Minecraft.

The Redstone version of Minecraft is functional but slow

Of course, as impressive as this creation is, there are some issues when it comes to functionality. In particular, Redstone takes time to work, much longer than electrical circuits, which can lead to incredibly high lag. To make your Redstone version of Minecraft Playable, the team had to run the system on a special server that makes the game run over 10,000 times faster than normal. Otherwise, your monochrome screen would need days to display a single frame. Even then, the sammyuri demo video speeds up even more, to a blistering 2 million times faster. However, with the game properly sped up, players can explore a small 8x8x8 world that can support mining and crafting right up to the creation of iron tools. Although the system cannot offer all the features Minecraft has to offer, the effective alpha version of the game is still incredibly impressive.

This project is an incredible technical achievement for the three team members who carried it out. Recreate simple games and computer programs in Minecraft it’s difficult but entirely possible, especially if a player uses Command Blocks or modifies the game to ease the limitations of the standard version. But building a Redstone computer without any of those advantages that is capable of replicating the game itself, even in a simplified form, is an amazing feat. Despite the monumental lag imposed by the block-building game’s limitations, when sped up properly, it’s a fully functional game within a game. Where most projects use command blocks, such as a working clock face built by one Minecraft player, this exclusive Redstone build is without a doubt one of the most impressive creations out there.

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