Best Minecraft Seeds for Switch September 2022


Best Minecraft Seeds for Switch September 2022

Minecraft’s wild update 1.19 has introduced a host of new world-gen content to the game, including deep and dark cave biomes, underground ancient citiesmangroves and more.

While this update has synchronized the generation of environments between the Bedrock and Java editions, the generation of structures is still different between the two, so the seeds will continue to vary between platforms. In this list, we will highlight 10 great seeds for Nintendo Switch and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

Seed: -6709148406763899126

  • coordinates: at spawn
  • biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Flower Plains, Grove

This beautiful seed will spawn you in the snowy mountains overlooking a huge collection of structures. Immediately visible is a huge Woodland Mansion, right next to a small town.

What It is not Immediately visible is the fortress, located directly below the village. This seed gives you very quick and easy access to loads of materials and shelter, and a simple path to the end game.

Seed: 743444956032916314

  • coordinates: -3662 62 591
  • biomes: Icy Peaks

This is a very unique seed indeed. Here and there, Minecraft structures will generate a bit peculiarly, and this is an extreme case of exactly that. In this seed, you can find a shipwreck, a structure that normally spawns underwater, sitting on top of an iceberg.

Occasionally ships will appear that stick out of the water, but it’s incredibly rare for a ship to be completely above water. especially so.

Seed: -3832188667730420108

  • coordinates: -307 63 210
  • biomes: Mushroom

Mushroom biomes are among the rarest biomes in the game and are the only place you can find naturally reproducing mushrooms. These are cows that can be interacted with using bowls to receive infinite mushroom soup, making them one of the best food sources in Minecraft.

Mushroom biomes are also free from hostile mobs, making it an incredibly safe place to make your home. This seed spawns you very close to a mushroom biome island, providing a safe and abundant early game.

Seed: 618942075558609331

  • coordinates: 872 79 744
  • biomes: mangrove swamp, desert

One of the new biomes added as part of the Minecraft 1.19 The wild upgrade is the mangrove. This is an exceptionally rare biome, but with this seed, you can find one pretty easily, as it’s close to spawning.

Not only that, but the mangrove swamp completely encloses a small section of the desert, featuring a desert town full of zombies. This is without a doubt one of the most unique world generations you’ll see, and makes for a great (albeit dangerous) base of operations.

Seed: -4541735665408914819

  • coordinates: 272 82 249
  • biomes: plains

This seed is absolutely hilarious. Villagers and looters in Minecraft they are mortal enemies, however this seed spawns a Pillager Outpost inside of a village You will have to act very, very fast if you want to save the villagers from a quick death.

If you can save a few villagers in time, this area will become an easy to raid farm location. When the Raider Captains die, you will receive the ill omen effect, and will trigger a raid when entering a village. Since these captains spawn indefinitely, you can go absolutely nuts with raids on this seed.

Seed: -4165452041570647081

  • coordinates: 488 64 -712
  • biomes: Dark Oak Forest, Grove

This is a great seed for players who love a good PvE challenge. After a short trip, you can find an unusually tall Pillager Outpost on the edge of a snow biome, just a pearl shot away from a massive Woodland Mansion.

This will give you a lot of starting resources, but without giving them to you directly. You will definitely have to work for it. Better yet, you can travel a few hundred blocks and then dig to 552 -51 -584 to find an ancient city for even better loot.

Seed: 3546842701776989958

  • coordinates: 186 63 184
  • biomes: Mangrove forest, Beach

This seed may have the most extreme example of generating broken structures in all Minecraft. Very close to the spawn, you can find an outpost, a shipwreck, a temple, a village, and a ruined portal, all spawned on top of each other.

An outpost cage can be found inside one of the town houses, while a town house can be found inside the outpost. The magma blocks from the ruined portal will also set the outpost on fire, so act quickly.

Seed: 565535403532980236

  • coordinates: at spawn
  • biomes: deep dark

If you thought the last few seeds looked challenging, wait until you see this one. This seed begets you inside of a double Ancient City. That’s how it is. You don’t appear on the surface, but deep, deep underground and in immediate danger from two Guardians.

This seed is for the bravest of players only, as the lack of wood means you’ll have to rely on chest loot to survive. While the start won’t be easy, you can be sure of some phenomenal starting loot if you can pull it off.

Seed: 599282705

  • coordinates: at spawn
  • biomes: Warm Ocean, Badlands, Desert

Moving away from the structures a bit, this seed offers some of the best environmental settings you’ll see anywhere. Minecraft. Just north of the spawn, you can find a huge coral reef, surrounded by cliffs, with some lush cave openings.

This area offers plenty of building space for those who wish to build on water, and plenty of quick and easy resources through the lush caves. You can also head east of this quarry to find some towns.

Seed: -9036966008009856678

  • coordinates: -194 104 -221
  • biomes: Desert

Sometimes villages will spawn right on the edges of a massive elevation change, causing some houses to spawn high on a mountain or deep in a cave. In this seed you can find one of the most extreme cases of this.

A nearby desert town spawns right next to a huge mountain, creating a eight tier desert town. It really is a sight to behold. Some sections of the town are completely isolated from others, which makes the dynamics of the town very interesting.

That’s all of our Switch seeds for this month, but to see more seeds on other platforms, check out our Minecraft seed page!

Posted on August 31, 2022