What do horses eat in Minecraft?


What do horses eat in Minecraft?

Horses are great creatures in Minecraft! In addition to farming, breeding, and being a good source of leather, you can also ride a horse in Minecraft for better transportation! With the right technique (and luck), you can get a horse with a speed twice as fast as the walking speed of a Minecraft player, sometimes even triple!

So what do horses eat in Minecraft?

In order to tame or breed horses in Minecraft, you need to know the food they love. Horses in Minecraft eat sugar, wheat, apple, golden carrot, golden apple, and hay bales. And most of the food here can be grown automatically.

You can use any of the above foods to attract horses, making them follow you anywhere. Or you can feed them 2 tame horses and they will start breeding to create a foal. Please note that you cannot breed horses with Hay Bale.

Feeding a horse the correct food will not only increase its health points but also increase the horse’s temper attribute. This is important if you want to tame a horse in Minecraft!

How to get horse food in Minecraft

#1 sugar

Sugar is an ingredient made from sugar cane and honey bottle. For each sugar cane placed on the crafting grid, you will get 1 sugar. Each bottle of honey will give you 3 sugar, so farming honey is also an option.

Another way to get sugar is to kill witches. They drop 0-2 sugar on death and up to 5 sugar with the Looting III enchantment. But be careful, witches are dangerous!

#2 Wheat

Wheat is a staple crop in Minecraft that you can harvest from wheat crops, which are planted with wheat seeds on farmland. Wheat is also common in most structures, so be sure to look for loot chests!

#3 apple

The apple is a rare food that is dropped from the leaves of the oak variant. When a leaf block is broken or destroyed, it has a 0.5% chance to drop only 1 apple. You can increase this probability to 0.833% with the Fortune III tool.

That said, the best way to get apples in Minecraft is to trade with farming villagers. They sell 4 apples for only 1 emerald!

#4 Golden Carrot

You can get golden carrots in Minecraft in 3 ways:

  • Plunder chests in ancient cities, remnants of bastions, or ruined portals.
  • Craft a Golden Carrot from 1 Carrot and 8 Gold Nuggets.
  • Or being one of the hermits, he trades with the master farmer villagers. They sell 1 golden carrot for 1 emerald. This is known as one of the best methods to get the best food in Minecraft!

#5 golden apple

Golden Apple can be obtained by crafting and looting chests. To craft one, you need 1 apple and 8 gold bars, not nuggets like golden carrots. This is 72 times more expensive compared to making a golden carrot.

#6 bale of hay

The best food for horses! You can craft Hay Bale by putting 9 Wheat on the crafting table.

Frequent questions

What do you feed tame horses in Minecraft?

You can feed tame horses any of the 6 foods above. But the golden apples and carrots will make them go into love mode, allowing them to reproduce with each other.

Do you need to feed horses in Minecraft?

Like any other Minecraft mob, you don’t need to feed the horses in Minecraft. They don’t need it to survive, in part… But if your horses take damage, you should heal them by feeding them.

What color horse is the fastest in Minecraft?

There is no relationship between the color of the horse and its speed. When one spawns in the world or is created from spawning, its speed is randomized between 0.1125 and 0.3375. To get an idea of ​​how much this is, the player’s walking speed is 0.1.


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