Good Gaming Inc. partners with Meraki Studios BV for its Minecraft OP Prison game With a brand new look and immersive experience, Good Gaming will create an exciting integration between the MicroBuddiesTM game and Minecraft


Good Gaming Inc. partners with Meraki Studios BV for its Minecraft OP Prison game With a brand new look and immersive experience, Good Gaming will create an exciting integration between the MicroBuddiesTM game and Minecraft
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Kennett Square, PA, September 7, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Good Gaming, Inc. (OTCQB: GMER) (the “Company”), a leading interactive entertainment brand in the multi-segment gaming industry in the space since 2008, is pleased to announce its partnership with Meraki Studios BV to re-release the popular game Minecraft Prison inherited from the company. The Minecraft Prison game re-release will feature new content and a new look and feel developed by Meraki Studios, which promises to deliver a uniquely immersive Minecraft experience by enabling MicroBuddies.TM game players to integrate their GOOTM in the Minecraft game.

The company plans to re-enter the Minecraft space with its flagship game by reintroducing one of its highest-producing game modes, OP Prison, through a newly formed alliance with Meraki Studios. Meraki Studios, based in the Netherlands, was founded in 2017 with a mission to express your creativity by delivering stunning interactive entertainment using the Minecraft engine. Meraki Studios is proud to be the home of love, soul, and creativity within the Minecraft community. Meraki Studios designs and develops playable interactive games within the Minecraft ecosystem, ensuring that the end product is exciting and satisfying for its creators, customers, and players.

The Company’s new OP Prison game promises a revitalized new look, all new mines, and new gameplay elements such as a completely new GOO.TM which will allow MicroBuddiesTM players will have cross functionality between Minecraft and MicroBuddiesTM ecosystem. The Company looks to launch with a series of highly creative changes and development focused on further improving the quality and entertainment value of the game while delivering the hugely fun experience of its previous Prison game modes through fun new twists to new and old players.

Douglas “Fluxty” Wathen, Good Gaming Crypto and Gaming Director, stated: “We are excited to be working with Meraki Studios to provide exciting new maps, mines and features for our OP Prison game mode ensuring a new look and a great, more immersive experience. throughout the game. With this release, we hope to reinvigorate and expand our Minecraft player base as part of our broader strategy to increase interest in our MicroBuddies.TM IP ultimately, and by extension, the MicroBuddiesTM base game.” He also stated, “MicroBuddiesTM players will enjoy direct collaborations within our game, including the ability to spend GOOTM to receive RC, our Minecraft server’s in-game currency, which provides key utility and crossover within our Web3 vertical, which remains our #1 priority.”

Dion Wichgers, Director of Meraki Studios, stated, “We have been working with Good Gaming on their Minecraft Prison server to deliver a satisfying experience for their players. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship and bringing new and even more exciting content.” to your game.”

About Good Gaming, Inc.
Good Gaming is an interactive entertainment company leading the evolution of gaming from traditional games to creating digital playgrounds across a wide range of interconnected platforms. Founded in 2008, Good Gaming has continued to enable a strong sense of community, place, and purpose within our interactive experiences. Good Gaming believes that its communities and experiences will redefine the digital collectibles space and will be instrumental in the transition and perception of ownership of digital goods.

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About Meraki Studios B.V.
Meraki Studios BV, a leading developer of some of the world’s best-known Minecraft experiences, is proud to be the home of love, creativity, and soul within the Minecraft community. We design and develop playable games for the Minecraft ecosystem, ensuring that the final product exceeds the expectations of its creators, the client, and gamers alike.

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