How to make Minecraft potions with all effects in 2022


How to make Minecraft potions with all effects in 2022

Potions in Minecraft are very useful. They are often the difference between life and death. A fire resistance potion can be vital to surviving in the Nether, and slow decay potions are paramount in the end. Many potions are also the subject of achievements and advancements.

However, preparing them is not easy. It requires trips to the Nether and a lot of Minecraft items that can ultimately be very difficult to obtain. Tortoise Shells, Nether Warts, Ghost Membranes, Glittery Melon Slices, and other rare items can be used.

There are several potions in Minecraft that have different effects on the drinker and on which a splash potion is thrown. Here’s how to make them.

Brewing in Minecraft: A Complete Guide to Potions

What Minecraft players need

Required objects:

  • Brewing Stations
  • lower wart
  • fire powder
  • Water bottles

The first thing players will need to brew any potion is awkward potions from a brewing station. Stalls can be found in villages or can be crafted using a Flame Rod and three Stone Blocks.

Players can place the water bottles on the preparation stand (it can hold up to three) and prepare them at the same time. Putting the Nether Wart in the top slot and the Fire Powder in the fuel slot will start the process.

This will turn water bottles into awkward potions. Players will then need to change the brewing material to turn them into different potions.

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Awkward potions can stay in their slots, but the Nether wart has to change, or nothing will happen. If the fire powder runs out, it can be refilled as needed.

Crafting Ingredients

These are the brewing ingredients of which potions:

  • Sugar as a brewing ingredient will brew a speed potion.
  • A rabbit’s paw will brew a jump boost potion.
  • Glistening melon slices will create instant health potions.
  • A spider’s eye will create a poison potion.
  • For a water breathing potion, use a puffer fish.

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Going further, some of the potions require unique items:

  • Ghast’s tears are used for regeneration potions.
  • A tortoise shell brews a potion of stamina and slowness. This potion is called the Turtle Master’s Potion.
  • Ghost Membranes are used for slow falling potions.
  • Magma Cream is the ingredient in a fire resistance potion.
  • A night vision potion is made from golden carrots.
  • Blaze powder itself makes strength potions.
  • A ghast tear brews a regeneration potion.
  • Using a fermented spider eye will make a potion of weakness.

Corrupting Potions

To corrupt a potion, which often reverses the effect, players will need to use a Fermented Spider Eye. It only corrupts if used on an existing potion, otherwise it only makes the potion of weakness:

  • A slow potion can be made with the same brewing ingredient as a speed boost or jump potion.
  • A Damage Potion is made in the same way as an Instant Heal Potion or a Poison Potion.
  • A slow potion is simply a corrupted speed potion or jump enhancer.
Potions in Minecraft (Image via Cinder on YouTube)
Potions in Minecraft (Image via Cinder on YouTube)

To corrupt it, players must place the potion on the brewing stand and put a Fermented Spider Eye in the place of the brewing ingredient. This will automatically start the process.

Change existing potions

Using redstone increases the duration of the potion. Using gunpowder makes it a splash potion that can be thrown at players or mobs. Fermented Spider Eyes will corrupt any potion they are added to.

Dragon’s Breath can be used to turn a Minecraft splash potion into a lingering potion, which will put the status effect on air.

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