8 Things We’re Excited To See In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4


8 Things We’re Excited To See In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is just around the corner and the community is abuzz with leaks about the upcoming season. So far, many leaks and speculations have surfaced and each of them promises something different. Players are confused about what to expect and what to believe.

According to the leaks, players will be getting a bunch of new and different upgrades. From original skins to returning robots, leaks have hinted at a lot. While there is no way to determine which leaks are reliable, players are anticipating just about everything suggested to date.

Historically, only a certain percentage of leaks translate into features and additions. The superfluity of leaks has overwhelmed gamers. Despite this, gamers are expecting some crucial additions that will enhance the quality of the game. This list will take a look at the things players are hoping to see in the upcoming season.

Fortnitemares, Spide-Gwen, and other hyped additions players want to see in the new Fortnite season

1) Original skins

EXCLUSIVE: This cat skin first seen in the survey will be in Chapter 3 – Season 4 Battle Pass! #Fortnite This will be my last leak about Season 4 as I don’t want to spoil too much, it’s going to be a fun season! πŸ˜‰ https://t.co/fL8f1Iqsmu

A recent consensus suggests that gamers have grown tired of collaborative skins. Many gamers thought that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 was disappointing as it was fueled by collaborations. However, the community appreciated original aspects like Evie and Malik.

Players want the upcoming season to feature more original outfits instead of an over-the-top collaborative battle pass. Leaks suggests that you could get an original Battle Pass with a lot of skin.

2) Fortnitemares

First promotional image of Fortnitemares 2022!! πŸ”₯Epic used this in their new “Fortnitemares Callout” for creative mode. https://t.co/8zaIU9GLKD

Fortnitemares is an annual in-game celebration of Halloween. The entire game is overhauled to look creepy. With the upcoming season overlapping with Halloween, players are anticipating Fortnitemares 2022 or a similar event.

It is speculated that the next season could have a creepy theme. Fortnite even held Concept Royale 2022, where spooky outfits created by the community were chosen.

3) 5th Anniversary Celebrations

Would you rather season 4 be a Marvel season or a flashback season (for BR’s 5th anniversary)? https://t.co/IkQ6igMPLH

In September, Fortnite will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Every year the game celebrates its anniversary in a rather pompous way. Players get gifts and a plethora of new challenges.

Since its fifth anniversary, gamers are anticipating something boisterous. It is speculated that the celebration could be retroactively themed and players will be able to interact with items and points of interest from the past.

4) Mechanics

We’ve just received confirmation that the Hulkbuster is appearing in the upcoming Fortnite x Marvel comics in a Seven skin and we know that Epic has been working on a new Mech vehicle that can shoot, run and block. So he’s probably the next Mech πŸ₯΄ https://t.co/GZf2OC5b4X

In Season X, players, for the first time, were able to test the mechanics. Since then, players have been waiting for his return. It is speculated that the next season will feature mechs in a different avatar.

The Hulkbuster recently appeared in the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero Wars comic series. Players could once again control the giant robots. However, speculation about the Marvel collaboration was recently refuted. This could affect the introduction of Hulkbuster.

5) Spider-Gwen

Fortnite x Spider-Verse (Gwen) is in S4 Battle Pass. Which means Miles Morales arrives at the item shop later πŸ”₯ I got confirmation of this from several trusted people and @MidaRado I got confirmation from your side too! https://t.co/tchcxxQhg1

While most players are relieved that Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 doesn’t have a Marvel theme, players are still hoping for a Marvel skin. Spider-Gwen. the Spiderman The franchise has seen tremendous success in the game.

The developers have brought mythics, characters, and even points of interest from the franchise into the game. Players have been waiting on the skin for a long time. It’s unclear if the skin will be part of the Battle Pass or the Item Shop.

6) gene

Fortnite status on twitter for leaks of chapter 3 of season 4. https://t.co/o8lhn7tfcy

Geno has been playing hide-and-seek for the entire timeline of the game. Now that the game is approaching its fifth anniversary, gamers are waiting for the big reveal. Geno’s identity has yet to be revealed.

Over the years, he has intervened in the story many times, but was never revealed. Now that the lore has substantially evolved, players believe the time is right to finally introduce Geno. It is speculated that some other villain could soon topple Geno.

7) First person mode

At the start of Chapter 3 Season 3, it was leaked that the developers were working on a First Person Perspective (FPP) mode for the game. Since then, players have been anticipating how the mode will look and work.

Now that the season is wrapping up, speculation about the mode has once again begun to surface. Players believe that in the upcoming season, players will be able to play in FPP mode.

8) Concert

It’s been a while since the game hosted its last concert. In the past, icons like Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Ariana Grande have given spectacular virtual performances in the game. Players are looking forward to a fifth anniversary concert.

It is speculated that Lady Gaga could perform a show during the season 3 live event.