How to find Redstone in Minecraft in 2022 (4 ways)


How to find Redstone in Minecraft in 2022 (4 ways)

What makes Minecraft so unique? Is it the unlimited building capabilities, the infinitely massive worlds, or the always unpredictable Minecraft seeds? Whichever way you look at it, the truly unique feature of Minecraft is its red stone mechanics. They allow you to create amazing farms and automate almost everything in the game. The only thing stopping you is your imagination. But before you try unique minecraft house ideas and complex farms, you need to first learn how to get redstone in minecraft. Technically, it’s one of the many ores in Minecraft, but functionally, Redstone doesn’t work like any other item in the game. Let’s look at the different ways to find Redstone in Minecraft.

Best Ways to Get Redstone in Minecraft (2022)

Redstone, as an item, refers to the Redstone dust in Minecraft. So keep in mind that whenever we mention Redstone dust in this guide, it is the same as general Redstone. We have covered various methods to find Redstone in Minecraft. From the table below, choose the method that suits your style of play.

Obtain Redstone from chest loot

One of the Easiest Ways to Find Redstone in Minecraft it’s from chest loot that spawns around the world in blocks. You can find chests with Redstone dust in the following locations:

  • Dungeon
  • Mineshaft
  • Fortress
  • Village
  • forest mansion
Mansion in the Village with Underground Cabins
Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

according to minecraft wikitowns with temple chests have the increased chance of spawning Redstone Dust. Also, chests in fortresses and mineshafts usually have the most Redstone dust.

Trading for redstone dust

In both editions of the game (Minecraft Bedrock vs Java), novice-level cleric villagers give redstone dust in exchange for emeralds. In the Java edition, you can get 2 pieces of Redstone dust for 1 emerald. Meanwhile, in the Bedrock edition, you can get a better deal. You will receive 4 pieces of Redstone dust for a single emerald.

Alternatively, you can also get free Redstone dust by protecting villagers from a raid. In the Java edition, clerics throw Redstone dust at players with the “Village Hero” effect.

Kill mobs to get Redstone

Most Minecraft mobs drop some useful items every time they die. And even though it doesn’t work every time, you get redstone powder by killing a witch. The witch is a hostile mob that usually spawns in swamps and mangroves. You can get a maximum of 2 Redstone Dust from each witch.

Find redstone ore in Minecraft

Lastly, the traditional and fastest way to find Redstone dust in Minecraft is looking for redstone ore and mining it. Redstone ore is a block that usually spawns underground in the overworld of Minecraft. If you mine Redstone ore with an iron or a better pickaxe, ends up throwing Redstone dust. But if you break it with any other item, the block disappears without dropping anything.

Redstone ore in Minecraft

With that out of the way, use these tips to find Redstone ore in Minecraft 1.19 or earlier:

  • Redstone Ore usually spawns in groups. so you can find up to 10 redstone minerals In one single place.
  • You can find Redstone clusters between world height ranging from 0 to 10 and then again in the -63 to 15 range.
  • Unlike other minerals, Redstone minerals emit light. It’s not too bright, but you can easily see these ore blocks inside dark caves.
  • Finally, if you don’t mind getting some extra help, you can use spectator mode in Minecraft to easily spot the ore block.

Find and collect Redstone in Minecraft today

With that, you are now ready to find and mine all the Redstone ore in your world. And once you’ve had enough, our list of the best Minecraft farms will help you make the most of it. But if you want to push Redstone beyond the limits of Minecraft, we suggest you explore the best Minecraft mods. They can make Redstone do tasks that the developers have not yet imagined. That being said, what are you going to use Redstone for in Minecraft?