We tried Ubisoft’s Battle Royale: Wild Arena Survivors!

We tried Ubisoft’s Battle Royale: Wild Arena Survivors!
Written by ga_dahmani
We tried Ubisoft’s Battle Royale: Wild Arena Survivors!

Developed by Ubisoft France, here is Wild Arena Survivors, a free Battle Royale specially designed for mobile devices. As is often the case with iPhoneSoft, we were the first to spot and test it. A competitor to Fortnite, PUBG, and other Apex Legends on paper, Wild Arena Survivors (WAS) is closer to a hack & slash than the three aforementioned titles. Let’s find out why with our flash test.

What is Wild Arena Survivors?

Join the craziest Battle Royale! Choose your Survivor and participate in intense battles with 40 players. Find equipment, defend yourself from the wild animals of this exotic island and defeat other players to win!

As the App Store sheet indicates, there are not 100 but 40 players – called “Survivors” – who compete in real time on a hostile map. In the open sea, on a tropical island, you will have to eliminate your opponents, while you take care of finding weapons, equipment and other resources. But that’s not all, since you’ll also have to defend yourself from the fauna (or climb on it, you’ll see that it’s very practical for getting around). Yes, this is one of the peculiarities of the Ubisoft game that has also limited the time of the games to 10 minutes.

The other singularity lies in its filming. This is not an FPS or a TPS, but rather a top-down shooter in 3D isometric view, which completely changes the usual gameplay of the genre. So you never see very far on the map, and the fights feel more like Diablo than Call of Duty. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, although we do find the game a bit “soft” at the moment.

When it comes to characters, Ubisoft has built on MOBAs by offering thirteen survivors with very different looks and unique attributes (weapons, skills, style). The character design is nice, and obviously each protagonist can be improved, which is logically in line with the economic model.

The list of characters

Here are the various survivors:

  • dollar – The veteran turned bounty hunter joins the festival for his latest contract. Traumatized by war, he now serves justice his way. Violent but philanthropic, he happily spent his retirement without Siddina’s hindrance.
  • Angus – Gym-addicted Australian Shepherd As a rising high school football star, an accident ended his career hopes. Stuck in his hometown, he attends a festival to start a new life.
  • sergeant seung – A street kid who wants to support his adoptive mother, leaves the army after several violations of the rules and becomes a party entertainer. He now she is reunited with his past to earn a living, to the point of being hired as a hit man.
  • Giallo – A playboy who hides a big secret. Coming from a mafia family, his sadistic tendencies are the disgrace of his family. He ends up inheriting a battered empire that he can rule with his cunning, charm and pathetic ways.
  • Malice – A wealthy Parisian heiress and former model turned biochemist studies her own molecular demons. As Ward’s ex-girlfriend, she agrees to play mad scientist with him and further her macabre investigation.
  • joke – Flying influencer from South Africa. Growing up in a funeral home, he creates pranks to protect his daily life. A performer and then acclaimed content creator, she teamed up with Siddina to put together a huge number.
  • Crush – A daughter of the caravan and ex-convict has become a sensation-hungry stuntwoman. Spotted by a producer, she breaks into a movie theater and her stunt becomes a cult following. Ward hires her to lead a private militia, but she prefers to join the ranks of the fighters.
  • Icari – The manager of this nightclub is actually a hot-headed yakuza. The son of a corrupt cop, he ironically led a life of crime before joining one of the most feared organizations in the world. He plans to meet with Ward to settle the real estate dispute his way.
  • Sadov – A paranoid survivor. He has been traumatized and obsessed with self-sufficiency ever since his parents lost him deep in the Russian forest. A prolific editor of a conspiracy theory blog, he teamed up with Siddina to move from theory to practice.
  • party king – This discreet DJ may have performed at the biggest electronic music festivals, but nobody knows his true identity. Some suspect that he is hiding a dark secret. He was obviously hired to host the Wild Call Festival.

Watch the Wild Arena video trailer to get an idea:

If you now see what awaits you in WAS, know that all this can be done alone or in pairs. In addition to the SOLO mode, Ubisoft has come up with a DUO mode that allows you to play with someone and thus add variety to the game. The tactical side is even more predominant when you start as a team, probably the best feature of this new game.

Our opinion on Wild Arena Survivors

To try Wild Arena Survivors for yourself, simply download it for free from the App Store or Google play for Android. A good little game that we hope will improve in the coming weeks with the first updates like a faster pace, more weapons per character, etc.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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