Top 20 Minecraft 1.19.2 Seeds for September 2022

Top 20 Minecraft 1.19.2 Seeds for September 2022
Written by ga_dahmani
Top 20 Minecraft 1.19.2 Seeds for September 2022

Since Mojang released a stable version of The Wild Update in Minecraft 1.19.2, the community has been busy locating the weirdest underground places in this update.

Our top 20 list Minecraft Seeds for September 2022 showcases some of the wildest new seeds, including hidden structures in the ocean and inside caves, multiple instances of mob spawns, colliding underground structures, and many others.

There are also plenty of easily accessible villages and other sources of loot among this selection of seeds.

Seed: -5625436107969971169

  • coordinates: 100, -50.
  • biomes: Plains.

From time to time, it is possible to find a village with a blacksmith, but finding a village with two or more blacksmiths is even rarer. You will find a village with three blacksmiths in this Minecraft seed at coordinates -1000 and 850. You will also find a fortress below this village at coordinates -850 and 1050.

Seed: 347304989

  • coordinates: 900, 500.
  • biomes: Birch Forest, Ocean.

In this seed, you will spawn on a survival island next to a continent that is home to a town at coordinates 1450, 1400. Two ancient cities lie below the town at coordinates 1250, 1350 and 1550, 1150.

Between the towns is an abandoned mineshaft with a dungeon with two mobs spawners stacked on top of each other at coordinates 1350 and 1100.

Seed: 2218715947278290213

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Plains, Ocean.

This seed has four island villages with two blacksmiths in the spawn. The four villages are on survival islands that are very close to each other in the middle of the ocean.

There are also three mushroom islands south of the islands at the following coordinates:

  • 300, 800.
  • 1050, 800.
  • 200, 1200.

Seed: 4393401040520786190

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Ocean.

This seed will spawn you on a shoreline to the east of one of the most unusual sights in Minecraft: A mansion in the woods located in the middle of the ocean next to a shipwreck at coordinates -950, 350.

There is a small patch of dark forest biome that spawns in the ocean, covered by the mansion.

Seed: -4382999209735467788

  • coordinates: 200, 250.
  • biomes: Snowy slopes.

This seed is perfect for you if you like trying to survive in frigid biomes. You will find a pretty village on a cliff at the top of the snowy slopes.

You will find a frozen ocean in front of the cliffs that makes it easy to reach the other part of the continent.

Seed: 2168554369193377313

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Plain, Forest.

It is rare to find a town with more than 10 buildings in the overworld, but you can find a huge town with 25 buildings at coordinates -350, -350 in this seed. And they are close to spawning. At coordinates 250, 300, you will find a raider outpost.

Seed: 8658259388359648759

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Meadow, Snowy Slopes.

This seed features a village upon spawning, but is vulnerable to hostile mob attacks due to its location. If you want to move to a safer area, travel to coordinates 300, -950 for a village hidden within a ring of mountains, which also has a blacksmith.

Seed: 248068561

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Scattered jungle.

Although this seed features an abandoned mineshaft at spawn time, it’s not the best place for quick loot. Instead, head to the rare double dungeon hidden in the walls of the mine shaft, which contains four loot chests.

You can quickly grab them and safely venture through the jungle to the nearest town at coordinates -450, -350.

Seed: 2023719135843234397

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Badlands.

The fortress in this minecraft seed has a lot of loot and a portal that can send you to the ender dragon. There is also a dungeon with loot chests and an amethyst geode at coordinates -950, -1300.

Seed: 5502992265909086358

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Forest, Plain.

In this seed, you will spawn in a forest area with a village and a jungle temple (clearly not supposed to be there) at coordinates 300, 100. Here, you will also have access to a small part of the jungle biome next to the temple.

Seed: -4224181798742479536

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Ice plains.

It’s not every day you find a Minecraft seed with an igloo that has a secret basement that leads to a treasure chest. But this world has that in spawn. You’ll find a Pillager Outpost with several more chests full of weaponry above the igloo.

Seed: 5228617768977005272

  • coordinates: -200, -150.
  • biomes: Plains.

Despite Minecraft it’s all about mining and digging, sometimes you’ll want to skip that part. This seed is for those who don’t want to do either, with an exposed mineshaft right around the time of spawning. It’s really easy to get in and out of, gathering all that loot in the most convenient way.

Seed: -3295256987194859761

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Several.

This seed has a double village and raider outpost on spawn. It also offers a variety of biomes, including: savannah, plains, jungle, and forest.

You can find two different towns at coordinates 100, -250 and -150, 150. There is also a third town to the north, at coordinates 300, -300.

Seed: 1187705589963829162

  • coordinates: -50, 50.
  • biomes: Desert.

The best part about exploring minecraft seeds is that sometimes you can find mind boggling hidden wonders. You will find a secret desert temple hidden in a small flooded cave at coordinates -350, 650. It has an extended base, but you can still get to the bottom of the treasure pit.

Seed: 23172759

  • coordinates: -50, 50.
  • biomes: Meadow.

In this seed, you will spawn on top of a hill with a village at the foot of the mountain. There is also an exposed ruined portal that can take you directly to the three remnant bastion structures located at the following lower coordinates:

  • 100, -150.
  • -150, -200.
  • 50, 100.

Seed: -3203139759027577044

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Savannah, Jungle.

This is another seed with good biome diversity and two savanna villages at coordinates 150, 50 and 300, -200. There is also a temple in the jungle at coordinates 200, -400. All in all, this is a very good survival seed with a lot of resources.

Seed: -2969231855929396545

  • coordinates: 150, 150.
  • biomes: Ocean.

If you don’t mind traveling by ship to get to your destination, take the opportunity this seed gives you and go to coordinates -200, -700. There you will see a mushroom island that is located next to several ocean monuments at the following coordinates:

  • -300, -700.
  • -300, -450.
  • 250, -650.

Seed: -2679056177267018559

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Meadow.

Minecraft can sometimes spawn interesting and useful underground structures such as fortresses and dungeons. They are so deep that they collide with the deep dark biome that houses ancient cities.

You’ll find a completely submerged end portal in the deep dark biome at coordinates -950, 1300, which can be good if you want to jump to the End right after storming the ancient city.

Seed: 110411103080172361

  • coordinates: 50, 50.
  • biomes: Ice plains.

In this seed, you will spawn in a taiga forest next to a huge ravine. You will find two snow towns that are located on opposite sides of the river at coordinates 200, 50 and 250, -150. In addition to that, there is a Pillager Outpost at coordinates 250, 350.

Seed: -8198320669593360526

  • coordinates: 50, 100.
  • biomes: Ocean.

This Minecraft seed is a cheat. There is no way out except into the Nether. You will spawn on a survival island with an exposed ruined portal that will take you directly to the fortress below.

That’s all for the best of this month. Minecraft seeds for 1.19.2. see more Minecraft articles right hereincluding a huge catalog of amazing seeds for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!

Posted on September 1, 2022

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