Royal Rainbow Fortnite | Play Your Way Dreamer Skin, Items, and Quests

Royal Rainbow Fortnite |  Play Your Way Dreamer Skin, Items, and Quests
Written by ga_dahmani
Royal Rainbow Fortnite |  Play Your Way Dreamer Skin, Items, and Quests

Epic Games is showing some love for the LGBTQIA+ community with Rainbow Royale, the exciting event that has now started in Fortnite.

As well as giving players a number of free items and plenty of Play Your Way missions to complete, the Rainbow Royale event also sees the introduction of a Dreamer outfit (based on the DC hero of the same name).

Epic has urged players to “jump aboard the Rainbow Royale Battle Bus and join us as we celebrate the love, understanding, acceptance, and all the colors that make up the Fortnite community.” Read on to learn more!

When is Rainbow Royale in Fortnite?

Rainbow Royale 2022 kicked off in Fortnite on August 31 at 8pm ET for US players.

Here in the UK, this means that the Rainbow Royale event started in 1 am in September 1st.

How to get the Dreamer skin in Fortnite

The Dreamer outfit in Fortnite.

The Dreamer outfit in Fortnite. epic games/dc

To get the Dreamer outfit you will only have to buy it in the Fortnite Item Shop, although the exact date on which it will arrive in the store has not yet been confirmed.

If your skills are powerful enough, you can also try to participate in the Dreamer Cup on September 6. Only available to players whose account is above level 50, this Zero Build Squads tournament will allow its winners to get the Dreamer skin early.

When the release date of the Dreamer Outfit for the Fortnite Item Shop is confirmed, we’ll be sure to update this page. Hopefully, it won’t be long until you can start playing as Nia Nal aka Dreamer, who Supergirl fans will remember well.

How to get free Rainbow Royale items in Fortnite

To get the following free items as part of Rainbow Royale in Fortnite, all you need to do is head over to the Item Shop and claim them:

  • The immersive emoticon
  • Emoticon of each heart
  • Prismatic Memories Spray
  • Say It Proud Lobby Track
  • Mazy and the Echoes Loading Screen (art by Sophie Campbell)
  • Rainbow Royale 2021 Loading Screen

In addition to that, the following items can be obtained by completing Play Your Way missions in six new creator-made games (more on those in a second):

  • Brite Boarder Style of the Back Board Back Bling (Complete five missions)
  • Taco Takeoff Loading Screen (Complete five missions)
  • Cuddle Kickflip Style of the Back Board Back Bling (Complete seven missions)
  • The Cuddle Team Loading Screen (Complete seven missions)
  • Goofy Fin Style of the Back Board Back Bling (Complete nine missions)
  • Over the Clouds Wrap (complete nine missions)
  • Llamasploded Style of the Back Board Back Bling (Complete 11 missions)
  • Kaleido-Crusher Pickaxe (Complete 11 missions)

How to complete Play Your Way missions in Fortnite Rainbow Royale

Head to the “Discover” screen in the Fortnite main menu and you’ll see that six new Fortnite Creative Maps have been created to celebrate Rainbow Royale. In each of these, there are quests to complete that you can put toward the aforementioned rewards. Check out the map codes and what to do on each map:

Parkour World Escape

Map code: 6831-5416-6480

Play your way Missions:

  • Complete 3 biomes in Escape the World Parkour.
  • Complete Parkour World Escape

monster wars

Map code: 4164-3090-6037

Play your way Missions:

  • Spend 750 gold in Monster Wars
  • Survive 3 monsters in Monster Wars.

frozen survival

Map code: 2228-7588-2382

Play your way Missions:

  • Reach level 20 in Frostst Survival
  • Deal 10,000 damage in under 10 seconds in Frostst Survival
There are Fortnite: Play Your Way missions for every type of player.

There are Fortnite: Play Your Way missions for every type of player. epic games

Go to the goat! zone wars

Map code: 3305-1551-7747

Play your way Missions:

  • Destroy 50 structures in Go ATED!
  • Deal 5000 damage on Go ATED!

One shot gun game

Map code: 0345-9115-1287

Play your way Missions:

  • Eliminate 3 opponents without being eliminated in One Shot Gun Game 5 times.
  • Eliminate 55 opponents in the One Shot Gun game.

Rainbow Crossroads Minigame

Map code: 0487-8528-5944

Play your way Missions:

  • Complete 5 achievements in Rainbow Crossroads.
  • Complete 10 achievements in Rainbow Crossroads.
  • Throw 20 paintings in Rainbow Crossroads.

Fortnite Rainbow Royale Play Your Way missions will be available until 8am ET on September 6. That is 13:00 in september 6 here in the UK.

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