Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds for September 2022


Best PS4 Minecraft Seeds for September 2022

Minecraft 1.19 Savage Update has introduced some new biomes that fans absolutely love. In conjunction with 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Updateworld generation has really been amped up in the last couple of updates, and seeds are more interesting than ever.

PS4 players looking to start a new world in the wake of these generation changes have come to the right place, and we’ve got 10 beautiful and exciting seeds to dive into. These range from vast underground caverns and survival islands to seeds with an abundance of structures. Whatever your cup of tea is, there’s a seed for you on this list.

Seed: -2363055906115447481

  • coordinates: -943 67 334
  • biomes: Desert, Mangrove

This seed is packed with structures to explore, though you’ll have to walk a bit to get there. Nearby, you can find a desert village, a desert temple, a ruined portal, and a raider outpost, all within sight of a mangrove swamp.

Below the outpost, you can ride the waterfall into a massive cave opening, where an abandoned mine shaft is easily accessible. This seed gives you many options for shelter and resources.

Seed: -156227665

  • coordinates: -742 -3 -649
  • biomes: lush cave, deep darkness

This seed is intended for those who love to explore the underground. The surface is not also exciting, but those heading to the above coordinates will find one of the most beautiful and abundant cave systems.

This lush cave opens up and extends to the bottom of a deep dark cave biome, right into a Easily accessible old town. By simply following the water, you can enter the town and claim some of the best loot in the game, as long as you can avoid the Guardian.

Seed: -1818114357538776435

  • coordinates: 23 95 160
  • biomes: Jagged Peaks, Plains

This seed is more scenic than artful, and is intended more for builders who want glorious landscapes in which to make their homes. You will find a plains biome in a valley, with a blacksmith.

The real star of this seed is the gigantic snow-capped mountain that towers over the plains people. As a bonus, you can get some gold and obsidian from the nearby ruined portal. Admittedly, the ruined portal is a bit distracting, so you may want to deconstruct it entirely.

Seed: -7135175970849399448

  • coordinates: at spawn
  • biomes: Jungle, mangrove swamp

Survival Islands have been a fan favorite Minecraft seed type for as long as the game has been around, but this one comes with a 1.19 twist. This little survival island is half jungle, half mangrove, one of the new biomes added in the wild update.

For those unfamiliar with survival islands, they are seeds where you spawn on a small island and must use only what you have there to survive. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from physically exploring the ocean, but for those who like to follow the rules of survival island, this seed is perfect for you.

Seed: -8155984965192724483

  • coordinates: 230 58 312
  • biomes: Snowy Taiga

This one features a generation of peculiar structure, as well as some beautiful mountains that go along with it. After a short walk, you can find a small snow town parked right next to a Pillager Outpost. This is uncommon, but not exactly rare.

What it is rare is a completely submerged igloo, which this seed features right next to the outpost. We have drilled a small hole in the ice to show where this igloo is located. Of all the places to build an igloo, under an ice lake is certainly a bold choice.

Seed: 5454173288014282276

  • coordinates: 67 94 358
  • biomes: Mangrove swamp, bamboo jungle

This is another perfect seed for players looking to explore the newly added mangrove swamps. This seed features an incredibly massive mangrove swamp at spawn, bordering bamboo forests and jungle. You can even find parrots and pandas right from the spawn.

What really sets this seed apart is the massive Woodland Mansion that spawns just a few hundred blocks away on the edge of the mangrove swamp. It even has some mud on the roof. You can explore to find loot and allies.

Seed: 8486672581758651406

  • coordinates: 17 79 40
  • biomes: lush caves

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the coordinates are listed. This huge and lush cavern is Correct in spawning. Those coordinates are useful to find the entrance to the cave. What makes this cave so cool is that it appears on a carved out mountain. That is why it is so high above sea level.

Despite spawning so high, it extends down to the deep slate layer of the world, meaning right off the bat you’ll have quick access to a lot of rare resources. Being so close to the surface, it’s also a perfect place to call home, once it’s powered up of course.

Seed: -6429451387966046826

  • coordinates: 286 65 259
  • biomes: Plain, Swamp, Mangrove, Forest

Another hodgepodge of naturally generated structures. You can find a multi-tiered plains town courtesy of a dark world generation. Right next to it, a witch hut can be found, as the village is right on the edge of a large swamp.

On the other side of the town, another swamp can be found, but this time it is a mangrove swamp. This gives you easy access to mangrove specific resources which can be quite rare. There is also a ruined portal in the nearby lake.

Seed: 79067

  • coordinates: 160 63 207
  • biomes: Badlands, Windswept Savannah, Jungle, Desert

A short and sweet seed, this one spawns you in an incredibly diverse selection of warm weather biomes. Badlands, jungles, savannah plains, and deserts can all be found side by side in spawning, giving you plenty of options on where to call home.

The highlights of this seed are within walking distance. You can find a savanna village that has spawned on a lake, surrounded by mountains. Some pieces of this town appear in the middle of the mountain in a small alcove, while some houses appear at the top.

Seed: 11020382

  • coordinates: at spawn
  • biomes: Forest, Plain

We’re ending this list with another survival island seed, but this one comes with company. You will spawn at the forest end of this island, but after a quick trip to the other end, you can find some villagers who have also called this island home.

This plains town isn’t too big, but it’s got enough villagers to raise and trade. It also has a small pumpkin patch, which few survival islands include, and there’s even a ruined portal off the coast.

That’s it for PS4 this month, but for more seeds on other platforms be sure to check out our Minecraft seed page!

Posted on September 1, 2022