What is the ending in Minecraft?


What is the ending in Minecraft?

You just found a Stronghold and jumped through the End Portal in Minecraft. Now, you’re standing on a small obsidian platform just off the edge of the main island, with the Ender Dragon flying overhead. After more than a decade since its release, fighting the Ender Dragon is pretty straightforward, but why do you do it?

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Here, we are going to take a look at some theories about the end, as well as the mobs and structures you can find inside. First, let’s take a look at the Ender Dragon and what purpose they can serve for being in the End.


Who is the Ender Dragon?

Based on the game we know there is an Ender Dragon in the End, tethered to the main island with its ‘nest’ and egg. This begs the question, Is the Ender Dragon trapped, or is it the all-powerful being in this dimension?

User Endersnake 77 on Reddit believes that the Ender Dragon is simply the last of his kind of dragon, and he’s trying to survive. The End may have once had more dragons, but now, the Ender Dragon we know of is the last one left. This dragon has an egg that needs to be protected, so the dragon carried the egg to the central island and placed it in a ‘nest’ for safety.

The Ender Dragon has a name! in a Reddit thread from 2011Notch himself said that the Ender Dragon is named ‘Jean?’.

When the Ender Dragon is about to die, it heads to the center of the island, where the nest is. This could be from the dragon. one last try to save your future. Unfortunately, the player ends up killing the dragon and is able to take the egg. After exploring the End, most players return to the Overworld, which does not have the right conditions for the egg to hatch and remains dormant.

Tyrant Ender Dragon

Many players believe that the Ender Dragon is a tyrant over the End, and all that lives in it. Instead of being the last of his kind and desperately trying to survive, the endermen see the dragon as a deity that should be adored. Because of this, the Endermen are in a ‘pilgrimage’ until the end, to be able to see the Ender Dragon.

If the Ender Dragon is essentially the Endermen God, why don’t they attack you right when you attack the Ender Dragon? This theory proposes that The endermen know the strength of the dragon, so anyone who challenges it must be equally strong.

When the Ender Dragon dies, you get the ‘Free The End’ achievement. This could be in reference to freeing End from the tyranny of the dragon as a deity who has no qualms about killing his own subjects.

The end is the future

Instead of being another dimension, what if the End was the future? By jumping through the End Portal, you jump forward in time to the “end” of time.

In this future, the Ender Dragon is the last remaining creature along with the Endermen. According to this theory, the Endermen care about the Dragon and have the ability to travel through time without a portal, so you can see them in both the Overworld and the Nether.

A comment in this thread suggests that the Endermen may have once been normal people. An event (potentially caused by the Ender Dragon) turned them into Enderman, and now they are doomed to wander the barren world.

Based on this, we think that the Dragon may have corrupted the inhabitants of the End, turning them all into Endermen. The Endermen attack the Ender Dragon, which could be one last push to destroy what humanity took from them.

final cities

One of the main reasons we explore the Nether after defeating the Ender Dragon is to find End Cities. These are giant floating cities with powerful armor, weapons, and Elytras.

In a Minecraft Forum Threaduser bigbadaud21 suggested that before the start of the game, an ancient race of master builders lived in the world. This race became technologically advanced as well as masters in alchemy

Soon these builders ventured to the End through the Strongholds they created. According to the theory, these builders did not know that they could not return to the Overworld, and were trapped in the end

Now, this race had to adapt to the End, evolving to have long, skinny bodies to get to Chorus Fruit. While their appearance changed, they still kept their knowledge of technology, creating the End Cities we know before succumbing to the End and becoming the Endermen.

This theory fits with the idea that the Ender Dragon corrupted the End’s denizens. Perhaps the builders created the mooring pillars on the central island as a final measure to control the dragon.

Are the End Cities airports?

If these builders created End Cities, what are they? Other Minecraft Forum Thread by Byeforever2 suggests that these cities are actually ‘airports’.

End Cities float and emit the appearance of the ‘control towers’ often found at airports. Some of these cities have ships, while others do not. There is a possibility that End Cities without a ship has already been shipped, while some ships never made it. This explains why the ship is at the top of these cities, along with Elytras.


Shulkers doesn’t seem to fit any particular theory. Many threads dismiss the shulker as a creature that simply lives in the End.

Instead of just being creatures, What if Shulkers were created by these builders? Shulker shells have an uncannily similar pattern to Chiseled Deepslate, which could be evidence that Shulkers were made by the builders, and used as guards for their End Cities.

General, Minecraft does not officially confirm any of these theories. At its core, Minecraft is a sandbox game that lets you do whatever you want. With little narrative, you can decide the story for yourself, and adapt your world to what you believe.

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