The Fortnite Rainbow Royale event is likely to give players a free new skin, here’s why


The Fortnite Rainbow Royale event is likely to give players a free new skin, here’s why

Fortnite’s celebration of its LGBTQIA+ community is back. The v21.50 update is set to bring the Rainbow Royale event back to the game. Throughout the next week, the game will celebrate inclusivity and the diverse community that surrounds it.

To commemorate the event, Fortnite will be giving away rainbow-themed cosmetic items. According to a leaker, this time around, players could get a free skin. Players will be able to claim Mazy’s outfit and other items, such as wraps and back decorations, for free.

Launched in 2021, Rainbow Royale is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ members of the Fortnite community. During the celebration, every ten hours, a new free cosmetic item is added to the item shop. The celebration lasts a whole week. In addition to this, many game modes also receive some kind of commemorative update.

Fortnite will celebrate its diversity with a free outfit

FN News, a Twitter-based Fortnite leaker, recently tweeted that players will get the Mazy outfit for free. However, FN News maintains that this is just speculation based on previous Rainbow Royale cosmetics.

According to another leaker, Mazy’s skin does not have a store tag indicating that the outfit could be obtained in another way.

Another leak from iFireMonkey suggests that a new ‘Say it Proud’ music pack will also be released to commemorate the event. During last year’s event, players got free cosmetic items. For this year, it is plausible that they will get the Mazy pack for free. Includes a pickaxe, back bling, and weapon wrap.

While players have received a lot of free cosmetic items in the past, getting a free skin is a rare thing in the game. The developers don’t really give free skins. If they do, there is always a warning. This also refers to the supposed free Mazy skin.

Many players believe that the skin will not be available in the Item Shop, like other free cosmetic items. Instead, they may have to participate in an event or complete a series of challenges to earn the free skin as a reward. The Mazy skin will offer two different editing styles in the game.

If leaks are to be believed, the entire sky above the Fortnite island will be filled with rainbows. The game could also get a Rainbow Royale-themed battle bus. A promotional image from last year’s event featured the Shiny Bomber. However, the character did not arrive.

Hears, @GameFortnite Y @TimSweeneyEpic Will we see Brillant Bomber added for Rainbow Royale? We can see her in the promo art for Rainbow Royale and you’ve already released her glider and wrap. When will we get it? It would make a lot of sense to release her right now.

Many gamers have been anticipating its introduction ever since. Since it is only the second installment of the Rainbow Royale event, the developers will probably keep the previously established format. The event will likely be spread throughout the week and most things will be rainbow-themed.

NEW COSMETICS AND EDIT STYLES (rarity might be broken)

In addition to the Rainbow Royale event, the update is rumored to bring back the pump shotgun. Meanwhile, the fan-favorite Impostors LTM will finally be vaulted. On top of all this, the locker will be getting an overhaul and will be equipped with new outfits and packs like the Kroatomist locker pack and the typical player locker.